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4-7-17-Baali's 13 Questions

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Baali's 13 Questions
[Taken from Valmiki Ramayan, 4/17]   See also  Why Raam Killed Baali from behind?

Baali's killing is a puzzle from the viewpoint of Imperial politics and Dharm. Hence Baali questions logically about it even at his dying stage. The questions are as below:

(1) By killing one who is facing away, what worth is achieved by you?;
(2) You have not punished the wrongdoer;
(3) Killed one who is combating with another and an unvigilant one;
(4) In your country or city I did no misdeed;
(5) Non-guilty being is hurt;
(6) Fruits, tuber eating being is killed;
(7) No dispute of land, gold or silver;
(8) Your primary aspiration is to kill without probing into good or bad;
(9) How will you face criticism by scholars?;
(10) Unnecessary killers are hell-goers;
(11) Un-wearable is my skin uneatable is my flesh;
(12) Five kinds of five-nailed animals are usable by humans;
(13) I would have brought back Maithilee in one day.

For all these questions Raam answers in the next chapter and speaks as to how justified was his elimination, to Baali and to all of us.



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