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2-5-Raam and Baali

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Raam and Baali
See also  Baali's 13 Questions

see Valmiki Ramayan - Kishkindhaa Kaand, Sarg 14, Shlok 1

sarve te twaritam gatwaa kishkindhaam Baalipaalitam
Vrikshai Raatmaanamaa vritya Vyatishatan gahane vane.

There is no doubt that Raam killed Baali hiding behind the trees - "Vrikshyaratmaanamaa vritya vyatishatan gahanevane". Raam replies that He was not bound to fight with Baali treating him as a worthy combatant. This has to be considered highly improper. We may note that at a later stage when Hanumaan gets an opportunity to hit Raavan who was engaged in a fight with Neel, Raam declares that when a man is engaged with another, it is not honorable to attack him - "Neelen saha sanyuktam raavanam raksheshwaram, Anenaya Yudha mansyana yuktamabhi daavanam". In fact although Sugreev who had two grievances against Baali - appropriation of his wife Roomaa and driving him out of the Kingdom - he requests Raam to give him protection only. He does not pray for killing Baali at this stage. Raam offers him on His own to kill Baali saying "because he has taken away your wife."

Sugreev however requests at a later stage to "Kill Baali today". Raam declares -
Amoghah Soorya sankasha mamaithe nishitah sharah, Tasmin Baalini Dhruvrate nipathishaanti vegitah,
Tamadhya Baalinim pashya kruryrashi vishopameh."

This indicates that Raam contemplated at straight fight only at this stage as He mentions "a number of arrows:. The fact that He did not kill Baali during the first fight also indicates that He was in a dilemma. No commentator believes that Raam could not distinguish between the two brothers. Baali was a very strong person and had treated Raavan casually and carried him in his armpit to the oceans and later deposited him on the ground. Raavan himself acknowledges the great strength of Baali, So, if Raam had decided to fight with Baali openly, it could have taken a long time as Rama later took seven days to conquer Raavan who was much weaker than Baali. Raam could not have wasted that much of time and Sugreev would also become impatient. It is therefore clear that Raam swayed this way and that way and finally decided to take the practical step to shoot him with a single arrow from behind.

Why Did You Kill Me?

Baali asks Raam -
--I am not fighting to you and when fighting without you why did you use your arrow against me. All your good deeds are wiped out with this act.
--Everyone says that Raam is very Dhaarmik, and Dharm, Satya, Sattwa, Paraakram, punish people who commit mistakes. But you have erred by using arrow when I was fighting with Sugreev.
--You are a person who under the disguise of Dhaarmik are A-Dhaarmik, you are acting as Dhaarmik person. Tell me why you have used your arrow against me?
--I have not hurt you, I have not displeased you, never spoke ill of you nor abused you. I am a Vaanar I move on earth, air and trees. I am fighting with another monkey why did you use your arrow against me?
--A king should have Saam, Daam, Dand Bhed to be a Raajaa. Fights should be because of earth, gold, silver but we have no such conflicts between us. How did you use your arrow against me?
--You are Kaam Pradaan person, you have great anger. You donít have judgment of when to use your anger and no difference between Dharm and A-Dharm. You are holding arrows and want to use them on any one whom you please.
--My skin is not used for any purposes as of other animal skins. Satpurush do not use my hair nor my bones, my meat is not to be eaten. People cremate us as they cremate humans. For being hunted.
--You appear differently than you behave and how come you are born to Dasharath who have done Putra Kaameshti Yagya for getting Putra.
--If you were a great warrior you should have fought me directly instead of hitting me from the bushes. I came to know you were asked to kill me by Sugreev on friendship for tracing Seetaa. If you could have come to me and asked me to trace Seetaa, I could have pulled out Raavan and brought Seetaa here by now. Tell me why you behaved like this.

Raam replies -
"O Baali, This land belongs to the clan of Ikshwaaku, with the forests, hills animals and humans. A Dhaarmik Bharat is ruling this kingdom. I am in the forest and belong to that clan and it is my right to ensure all humans are following Dharm. Father, elder brother are equals. However you have treated your brother and his wife in different way. While you were at war with Dundubhi, hearing the sounds from the cave Sugreev thought that you were dead and offered obligations and when forced by ministers he took the kingdom. On your arrival he bowed to you and offered back the kingdom. Whereas you have driven him out of the kingdom and threatened to kill him. He stayed in a safe place at Rishyamook Parvat where you cannot enter. When your brother is alive you have carnal pleasures forcibly with you brothers wife who is equal to your daughter. As per Dharm you can take his wife only if he is dead. This is a major crime against Dharm. As per Dharm and on behalf of the king the only judgment is to kill you.

Sugreev is like Lakshman to me and is Dhaarmik. Hence upon your death I shall crown Sugreev as king and as per Dharm if your wife wishes, she can be Sugreev's wife. If you could have asked for forgiveness before I killed you you could have been pardoned.
I had taken an oath in front of Vaanar to kill you and hence I killed you. As you have received Raaj Dand or punishment from the king you shall go to Heaven as you had taken the punishment for sin.
Humans are different animals are different. Rules for fight for men and animals are different. While killing animal it is hunting. To kill an animal you can put net, kill him while sleeping, running, eating or from a hidden place. You are not human you are an animal so the Dharm to kill animal is different. I can kill you as I wish however it is possible and convenient to me. This is said in Shaastra and not my decision or your decision. I have hunted an animal not human hence you have no right to question the Dhaarmik sense in my killing you.
[read Baali's 13 questions he asked from Raam why did he killed him?

1. Was the animal required to follow Shaastra meant for humans
2. Was Raam an official representative of the Ikshwaaku Dynasty to oversee the Dharm Aacharan? [refer to the advice given by Seetaa earlier to Raam]
3. Could Baali ask for forgiveness when he had not even been informed of Raam's interference in the dispute between the two brothers?
4. When Raam Himself had asserted that humans are different and animals are different. How could He enter into the friendship agreement with Sugreev that too with Agni as Saakshee? [Can anybody enter into an agreement with animals who are fit to be hunted]
5. Why try to justify through Shaastra something which was a decision best suited under the circumstances for a person who was under terrible stress?



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