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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 6:  Sarg 12-14

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Sarg 12-Sugreev Invites Baali For Fight 

Hearing this Raam tok His dreadful bow, and shot an arrow at Shaal tree. All directions echoed with its sound. That arrow went to Paataal tearing all the seven Shaal trees (not only one tree as asked by Sugreev), a mountain peak and the seventh Lok too and came back to Raam. Sugreev went into a stunning astonishment seeing this. He bowed to Raam with his palms folded and said - "Hey Raam, Now I am convinced that our sharp arrows can kill even Indra. Who can pierce seven Shaal trees together, a mountain and the earth; who can stand against Him in the battlefield. Now my all worries are over. To please me destroy my enemy today."

Raam embraced Sugreev and said to him - "We all will to go to Kishkindhaa today. But you go first and call Baali." So all went to Kishkindhaa and Raam and Lakshman hid behind a tree. Sugreev shouted and challenged Baali for a fight. Baali came outside like a dusking Sun. Both were fighting bravely lie Mangal (Mars) and Budh (Mercury), but Raam couldn't differentiate Baali from Sugreev, because they looked exactly the same like Ashwinee Kumaar (Twins of Gemini - Castor and Pollux), so He could not shoot at Baali. Baali defeated Sugreev and made him run away.

Sugreev didn't see Raam there so he ran towards Rishyamook Parvat. He got tired of running so he entered Rishyamook Van, that is why Baali couldn't catch him. Baali said - "Go, I spared you today, because I cannot enter this forest because of Muni's Shaap. 

Raam and Lakshman also came back at the same place. Seeing Raam coming, Sugreev got embarrassed and said  - "By your order I fought with Baali with my highest strength then why did you get me beaten from my enemy. If you had said before that "I will not kill Baali" then I wouldn't have gone from here."

Raam said - "Listen to me too, I tell you its reason. When you were fighting I couldn't identify Baali, because you both look exactly alike in physique ans appearance. That is why I didn't shoot my arrow lest you are hit by mistake, and if that happened, it would have been my childish or foolish act. It would have been a sin to kill the protected and fearless one. You are our protector in this forest and we depend on you, so go and fight again, do not doubt me. You will see him dead only by my one arrow. You make some mark on your body so that I can recognize you."

So Lakshman put a garland of Gaj flowers in his neck and Sugreev again went to Kishkindhaa to fight.

Sarg 13-Sugreev Tells About One Place

Now Raam and Lakshman also again went to Kishkindhaa along with Sugreev. In the front was Raam, after Him were Lakshman and Sugreev, and after them were Hanumaan, Nal, Neel and mighty Taar. All were going fast as they wanted to arrive there as soon as possible.

At one place Raam said to Sugreev - "This is very beautiful place, tell me something about it. Sugreev started telling about it while going - "This Aashram provides comfort to tired people as it has very sweet fruits, water etc. Some time before, here lived seven Muni (named Saptjan) - their head downwards and legs up. They drank only Vaayu (air) after passing seven days and seven nights. That was their only food.

After 700 years they went to Swarg with this mortal body. With the power of their Tapasyaa the boundary of this Aashram is of trees. Even Indra etc Devtaa or any Raakshas cannot pass through it. There are no birds or animals here. Even if any bird or animal enters it, it cannot come out. One can hear the sound of jewelry and singing and playing musical instruments. Its smell is divine and one can see the flame of Agnihotra (Yagya). Its tree tops look like full of sunshine. That is why it looks like Vaidoorya Parvat."

Hearing this Sugreev said to Raam and Lakshman - "You greet Rishi joining your palms and we also greet those Rishi too whose bodies do not die." And after a little distance more they saw Kishkindhaa Nagaree.

Sarg 14-Sugreev Invites Baali Again For Fight 

Raam hid behind trees along with other Vaanar. Sugreev again challenged Baali. Sugreev said to Raam - "Now we are in Kishkindhaa Nagaree, the city of Baali. We will fight now, so please remember your vow about killing Baali." Raam said - "Don't you worry about it, since you are wearing this Gaj flower garland. This garland is beautifying your neck. Today I will kill him definitely. Show me your enemy and you will find him dead today. If he remains alive today you may abuse me and you may put me at fault. I think you trust me after I have pierced those seven Shaal trees together with one arrow. I will fulfill my promise today. You don't worry at all.

Now you call Baali with gold necklace. I am sure that he will come to fight with you as he has never got defeated from anybody." So Sugreev gave a loud cry.

Sarg 15-Sugreev's Coming Back and Taaraa's Advice to Baali

All hid behind the trees and dense creepers. Hearing Sugreev's fight invitation cry, Baali got severely angry. His eyes were burning like fire. He came out very soon thumping the earth as though shattering the earth. At that time Taaraa, his wife, embraced him dearly and said - "Hey Swaamee, Don't be angry now and please do not go out today. I don't feel good about it. I know it very well that your enemy is weaker than you, but you may fight him tomorrow morning, not now. Your quick exit is not looking good to me. I tell you what I have heard and by what reason I am stopping you.

Sugreev came to fight with you yesterday also and ran away defeated. But coming just next day for fighting after the defeat, creates doubt in my mind. His coming like this is not trivial in reason. It seems he has some kind of backing who is mightier than you, that is why he is making so much noise. He has always been intelligent. If he has extended his friendship with somebody then he must have tested Him before. I have heard from Angad that Sugreev has made two new friends. They are king of Ayodhyaa Dasharath's princes named Raam and Lakshman. They always protect sad people and they have taken the responsibility of protection of Sugreev also. It is better not to oppose them. [see the green text here in Baali]

If you don't mind, I want to say something to you. It is not good to fight with younger brother, that is why perform his Raaj Tilak (coronation) today. Pacify your anger, make Raam and Lakshman your friends and love Sugreev as he is your younger brother. It is not good to insult him. Wherever he lives, he is your brother after all. I don't see any other brother like Sugreev on this earth. He is your dear brother. At this time only brotherly love can spare your life." Taaraa tried to advise Baali thus.



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