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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Sarg 11-Sugreev Tells About Baali's Bravery 

Sugreev admired and worshipped Raam and Lakshman and said - "I believe you that your fiery sharp arrows can burn the Prithvi, but I would like to tell you about Baali's bravery, so you listen to it and then you decide what you want to do. Baali goes from western coast to eastern coast, and from southern coast to northern coast before sunrise without any weariness. He uproots huge mountains and throws them in the sky and catch them in his hands.

There was a Dundubhee named Raakshas [in the form of buffalo] who was like Kailaash Parvat. He had the strength of 1,000 elephants. He went to Samudra (sea) with the desire to have a fight with him and challenged him for fight. Samudra said - "I am unable to fight with you, but I can tell you who can fight with you. His name is Himvaan, the king of mountains who is also the father-in-law of Shiv Jee. He can fight with you." So he went to Himvaan and asked him to have a fight with him.

Parvat Raaj said - "Many Tapaswee live on me. I do not know anything about fighting so I cannot fight with you, but I can tell you a name who can fight with you. He cannot tolerate anybody's loud shouting. He is Indra's son Baali. He lives on Kishkindhaa Parvat. He is fit for you like Indra to Namuchi." So that Raakshas came to Kishkindhaa and hit the ground with uprooted trees.

Baali was in his palace chambers with his wife Taaraa and other women. Hearing this Baali said - "Who are you making so much noise and why do you scrap the gate of the city?" The Raakshas said - "You fight with me. I give you the time up to tomorrow  morning. You may enjoy this night with your queens; if you want to give something to them , give them tonight; if you want to say anything to them, say it now; I do not want to commit any sin while you are with your women; and because you are the king of this kingdom, so better hand it over to able people who can run it after you; have a good look of your kingdom, satisfy your friends etc. Finish all this before sunrise."

Hearing this Baali said to him - "If you are not scared of fight, then I am also not a lusty man." And he got ready to fight with him after taking off his garland given by his father Indra. Baali revolved him in the air by his horns. And in a short time Baali killed him hitting him on the ground. So he attained the fifth state of life. Baali lifted him and threw him one Yojan far. When Baali threw him, his blood drops fell in Matang Muni's Aashram.

Seeing those drops, Matang Muni got very angry and said - "Who that wicked and evil-minded is who has done this to my Aashram?" He came out of that Aashram and saw a dead buffalo-like a mountain lying there. He knew with the power of his Tap that this was done by Baali. He said - "Who has broken the trees of my Aashram by throwing this buffalo, if he will ever come in this forest, he will be destroyed. If any of his ministers is living here, he should also go from here happily now. If they will not go, they will also be victim of my Shaap. I have taken care of this forest like my son, so if somebody will even touch the leaves of these trees, I will curse him. Even Vaanar from Baali's side will turn into stone for thousand years to come, if they are here. Today is the limit and I should never see them tomorrow."

Hearing this all Vaanar moved from here and told Baali about Muni's curse. Baali came to Muni's Aashram and fell on his feet, but Muni went from there without even looking at him. Therefore neither Baali comes here, nor he looks at it.

Knowing this fact I came here to live safely. This is the heap of Dundubhee's bones. Also these are seven Shaal trees standing here. Baali can shake them all together and make them without leaves. This is Baali's bravery. How will you kill Baali?"

Lakshman said smilingly - "How will you get convinced that Baali can be killed by Raam?" Sugreev said - "Baali pierced these seven trees one by one, so if Raam can break any of these trees into two with one arrow, then I am convinced that He can kill Baali. Baali could kick this pile of bones with his one foot up to 200 bow-lengths. His deeds are very obvious and are impossible even for Devtaa. He has not been defeated by anybody so far that is why I fear him and live here. Hey Raam, I know Baali's strength very well but I don't know yours. I don't want to insult you by testing your strength, but I am scared of Baali's strength."

Raam laughed at this and said - "If you don't know about my strength, I will show it to you in the battle field." And Raam threw Dundubhee's body 10 Yojan far only from His big toe without lifting His foot. Seeing this Sugreev said to Raam - "When Baali threw his body, it was wet with blood and flesh and he himself was very tired, now it is dry. I am sorry to say that, but I am not aware of your strength yet. If you can break one of these seven Shaal trees with your arrow, I will be convinced. That is why you do this for me to convince me.



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