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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page-4:  Sarg 8-10

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Sarg 8-Sugreev Tells His Own Story

Sugreev got very happy to hear Raam's sentence that "I will be blessed by Devtaa for whose friend is suchlike you is the friend of mine." Sugreev said to Raam - "I can even rule Devtaa's kingdom if I have a friend like you. By your grace, now I have become respectable among my relations and friends, because my friendship is now with Raghu Vanshee (from Raghu family) princes. You will also be convinced that I am also worthy of your friendship. I don't want to boast myself.

Hey Raam, Friends do not hide anything from each other. Whatever belongs to one friend, it should belong to the other friend too. A friend, whether he is rich or poor, sad or happy, for a friend he should be the same, because a friend can sacrifice wealth, happiness, country for his friend."

Hearing this Raam said to Sugreev - "You are telling the truth." Sugreev just looked around and saw a Shaal tree with large branches, so he plucked one branch of that tree, spread near him and made Raam sit on it. Hanumaan also plucked one branch and made Lakshman sit on it.

Sugreev said to Raam happily - "My brother Baali exiled me and abducted my wife and I live in hiding with fear. You protect me, because you can protect me. Raam said to Sugreev - "You don't worry about anything. I will kill him today only, whoever has abducted your wife My sharp arrows will surely kill him. These are my arrows gotten from the Shar Van (Reed Forest) of Kaarttikeya, and covered in gold" Sugreev got very happy to hear this.

Sugreev further said - "Raam, I am very sad, and because only you can remove my sadness that is why I am telling this to you. You are dearer to me more than my life and since I trust you, that is why I tell you my problem." And Sugreev broke into tears, he could not say anything loudly. 

Gathering himself he said to Raam - "Raam, First Baali insulted me with bad words then took my kingdom and banished me from there, Then he abducted my very dear wife, imprisoned my friends and he always plans to hurt me. Many Vaanar sent by him came to me, but I killed them all.

Because of this fear only, I couldn't come to you in the first place. I depend only on Hanumaan etc. In spite of so much fear I am still alive. If I go somewhere, then these Vaanar accompany me. And if I live somewhere these Vaanar also live with me. I have told you my story, now whatever you think proper you do for me."

Raam asked Sugreev - "I want to know the reason of your enmity and his strengths and weaknesses, then only I can decide of the course of my action. Till then I prepare my bow to shoot the arrow, you tell me everything because when I will release my arrow your enemy will be killed." Hearing this Sugreev and his four ministers got very happy.

Sarg 9-Baali Kills Maayaavee

Sugreev said - "Hey Raam, Baali is my elder brother. We both, my father and I, loved him very much. After the death of our father, with the consultation of ministers, Baali was crowned as king. I used to work for him as his servant. Baali had the enmity with Maayaavee Raakshas (Maya Daanav's son and Mandodaree's brother) because of his wife. One day Maayaavee came to fight with Baali in the night, Baali was sleeping in his palace. He could not tolerate his challenge and came out of the palace.

In spite of stopping him by his wife and me, he came out of the palace to fight with Maayaavee. I also followed him. That Raakshas started running away from us seeing both of us coming towards him. We followed him. He hid in a cave which was covered with grass. Seeing this Baali also entered the cave. I stopped him to do so, but he entered it saying - "You be here on guard until I come back." I wanted to go with him but held me back and he went after him. I waited at the mouth of the cave for well over one year, but Baali didn't come back. Doubts about some harm to him came to my mind because of my love towards him.

After some time, blood flushed out of the cave, and I became deeply saddened. I heard the loud cry of the Raakshas but I could not hear any sound of my brother. I got sure that my brother had gotten killed in this fight, so I put a big stone at the mouth of the cave to close it and came back. I hid this news from our minister, but he knew about it. Ministers, then, crowned me as king and I started ruling the kingdom. After some time Baali came back after killing the Raakshas. He got very angry seeing me as king. He tied my ministers. Although I could have punished him, but I didn't think proper. I greeted him affectionately keeping my crown on his feet but still he was very angry with me.

Sarg 10-Baali Comes Back 

[Sugreev further said] To please my brother, I said to him - "This is very happy moment that you have come back after killing the enemy. You are my Swaamee, I was like an orphan without you, therefore you accept this royal umbrella and crown. Brother, I did wait for you for one year at the mouth of the cave. Then I saw blood flowing out of the cave. I got sad, closed the mouth of the cave with a stone and came back to Kishkindhaa. Seeing me sad public crowned me as king. I did not desire the throne myself, therefore you are still the king of this country. I will stay here as I lived before.

Because you were not here that is why the public  appointed me as their king. Now I am giving your kingdom back to you happily. Please do not be angry with me. I was appointed as king so that other kings cannot attack this kingdom."

Baali scolded me and said to ministers - "You remember that night when Maayaavee Raakshas came to fight with me. We both came out and that Raakshas ran away seeing both of us. We followed him. He entered a cave so I asked my brother to wait for me until I come back. I could find him only after one year and as I found him, I killed him. His blood flowed out of the cave. It was impossible to come out of the cave because of his blood was so fiercely gushing out.

When I wanted to come out I couldn't find the mouth of the cave because it was closed with the stone. I called Sugreev, but when no reply came, I moved the stone and came out of the cave. He closed the mouth of the cave because he himself wanted to be the king." And he exiled me after giving me only one cloth and kept back my wife. Therefore I am living here because of his fear. He cannot come here because of another reason. This is the reason of the enmity. You can see that I am at no fault."

Raam said - "My arrows are Sun-like. They will hit him surely. He can be alive only till I see him. You are also in trouble like me. I will surely relieve you soon from this." Hearing this Sugreev got very happy.





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