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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Sarg 5-Friendship With Sugreev

Hanumaan put them on Rishyamook Parvat and went to Sugreev on Malay Parvat to report him and said to him - "Raam and Lakshman have come to you. They are infallible and truthful. They are born in Ikshwaaku Vansh. Who did Ashwamedh Yagya, who ruled the whole Prithvi, they are the sons of same Raajaa Dasharath and have come to forest by the order of His father and mother. While they were living in forest, Raavan has stolen His wife. That is why they want to extend their friendship with you. Therefore you go to him and worship Him with Bhakti, because He is worth worship for everybody."

Hearing this Sugreev became dauntless and with a presentable face he went to Raam in human form and said - "You are very pious as Hanumaan told me. It is my honor that you have expressed the desire of making a monkey like me your friend. If you really want to make me friend, then I extend my hand for it. You may hold it."

Raam became very happy to hear Sugreev. Raam held His hand immediately and embraced him. Hanumaan also changed  his form from Vaanar and produced fire and worshipped it with flowers, kept between them. So they became friends in the witness of fire by circumambulating it. Both were happy to become friends. Sugreev said to Raam - "You are my best friend now and sorrow and happiness of both of us are equal to each other's."

Sugreev broke a branch of Saal tree, spread it like a mat and sat on it. For Lakshman, Hanumaan broke a branch of sandal tree which was full of flowers to sit up on. Then Sugreev said to Raam softly and sweetly - "Hey Raam, I am exiled from the kingdom and I wander here because of fear. My wife has also been abducted forcefully that is why I live here in forest in fear. Baali has exiled me. Kindly make me fearless. You are capable to make me fearless."

Raam said to Sugreev - "Hey Sugreev, Helping is the result of friendship. I will kill Baali who has abducted your wife. My sharp arrows do not fail. You will find Baali soon fallen on the ground." Sugreev got very happy hearing this and said - "Hey Purushottam, I will get my kingdom and wife back because of you only, but please do something that he doesn't trouble me again."

When all this was happening, good omens were occurring for Seetaa and bad omens for others - Baali and Raavan. Lotus-like left eye of Seetaa, golden ball like eye of Baali (because his complexion was golden) and fireball like eye of Raavan started fluttering

Sarg 6-Sugreev Shows Seetaa's Clothes 

Sugreev said to Raam happily - "Hey Raam, My minister Hanumaan told me that when you were living in forest, Raavan abducted your wife Seetaa in your absence. Even old Jataayu fought to protect Her, but he killed him and took Seetaa away. You don't worry about it, I will bring the abducted Seetaa back very soon like four Ved. She may be in Rasaatal or anywhere, but I will bring Her and give Her to you. You take my words as true. Even Devtaa, Gandharv, Asur, Raakshas cannot hide your wife from me. That is why you don't be sad. Your wife is like poisoned food, nobody can touch Her.

And I am sure that I have seen Her, She was crying "Raam, Raam" on Her way when he was taking Her. She was crying piteously and was trying to be free from that Raakshas' grip. Hey Raam, I was sitting on the Parvat with my ministers (Hanumaan, Nal, Neel, and Taaraa) at that time. She saw me and threw Her clothes and some jewelry below. We have kept all of them safe. I bring them now, you may recognize them." Raam immediately said - "Friend, bring them soon. What for you are delaying?"

Sugreev immediately went inside the cave and brought those clothes and jewelry to please Raam. Seeing them Raam started crying and fell on the ground. He hugged those cloth and jewelry many times and said to Lakshman - "See Lakshman, Seetaa threw Her upper cloth and ornaments  at the time of Her being abucted. They are perfect in their shape."

At this Lakshman said - "I do not know Her bracelet, I don't know Her earrings. Yes I know Her anklets because I have always saluted Her feet." (see Lakshman [4/3/6] here) Raam asked Sugreev - "Hey Sugreev, Which side he took my Seetaa? Where does he livebecause now I wish to destroy all Raakshas. He has invited his own death by abducting Maithilee. You tell me his whereabouts, I will send him to Yam Puree. [I will kill him]

Sarg 7-Sugreev Consoles Raam 

Sugreev also broke into tears seeing Raam's condition. He said - "I don't know the house of that wicked Raakshas, his lineage and how much powerful he is, but I take the vow that I will surely find out Seetaa, but you leave your sadness. I will see that you will kill Raavan with his family. Although I am also suffering from the same sorrow, but I am not so sad because of my courage. I am not so sad being primitive monkey and you being a great soul are so sad? Control your tears by your courage and you are capable of doing that.

In problems, or in financial loss or in a life-ending fear a courageous man does not dishearten himself but acts intelligently. That man is stupid who gets sad soon, who makes himself piteous to others, he drowns himself and his grace also fades away very soon. I fold my hands to you that you should not be so sad now. I have said all this as your friend, not that I am delivering any sermon to you, because you have regarded my friendship."

At this, Raam wiped His face with the edge of a cloth and said to Sugreev - "You have done your duty perfectly all right as a true friend should do it. It is really difficult to get a faithful friend like you at these times. But  searching Seetaa and Raavan is your endeavor now and tell me also as what I should do at time to time. Whatever I have said to you, I mean that."

Hearing this Sugreev got very happy and they talked at length about their pleasure and pain for some time. Then Sugreev got convinced that his work will be done.



























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