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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Sarg 2-Hanumaan Goes to Find out About Raam

Sugreev saw that these two brothers coming so he became doubtful. He looked all around, his monkeys were frightened. He himself was very frightened. He started thinking about his strengths and weaknesses. He said to his ministers that "This forest is unsurpassable, still these two people are coming this side only. They must have been sent by Baali to kill me. Hearing this his ministers went to another high peak. While they were hopping like thus all other creatures were also getting frightened. All monkeys gathered around Sugreev. Hanumaan said - "Don't fear. This is Malaya Parvat. There is no fear of Baali here. And from who you are fearing, I don't see that Baali here. You have become real Vaanar, that is why you are unable to think properly. Hey Sugreev, the king who does not use his intelligence, cannot rule his public."

Sugreev said - "Who will not be frightened to see these two brave men who have long arms and look like warriors. I still doubt on Baali, because Raajaa makes many friends and they might be his friends. It will be a mistake to believe anybody in official matters and one must be careful from the enemies also because by living secretly they may attack as soon as they get the opportunity. Therefore Hey Hanumaan, You go in disguise and find out about them that who are they and why have they come here in this forest. And if you feel comfortable with them and that they are happy with you, then convince them by admiring me." Thus Sugreev instructed to Hanumaan.

After taking permission from Sugreev, Hanumaan went to the place where Shree Raam was sitting with Lakshman.

Sarg 3-Hanumaan Asks Raam About Them

Keeping Sugreev's instructions in mind, Hanumaan took the guise of a Saadhu, because monkey is supposed to be fool [and nobody tells lies to a Saadhu, and Hanumaan wants their information, but he fails in it, because they don't speak anything and just listen to him, later Hanumaan himself had to reveal his secret] and greeted Raam and Lakshman and worshipped them properly and said - "You look like kingly saints, or a deity. Although you are sad but you are brave and mighty. How have you come here in this forest? You have bow like Indra and you look like enemy destroyer. This Rishyamook Parvat is blessed with your presence, but how are you here?

Your eyes are like lotus petals, but you are wearing Jataa, you look like warrior, it seems that you have come from Devtaa's world. Your broad shoulders are worthy to be decorated with all kinds of ornaments but for what reason they are not, I know that you can protect the entire Prithvi. Your swords are shining like snakes who have come out their old skin. I have been talking like this and why don't you speak up? [see Part 1 of Hanumaan here]

Here lives the king of Vaanar Sugreev, but his evil brother has exiled him. He just wanders around sorrowfully. I am sent by him only. My name is Hanumaan. My Swaamee Sugreev wants to extend his friendship to you. I am his minister and the son of Pavan. On Sugreev's desire I adopted Saadhu's form. I have come from Rishyamook Parvat and I can take any form I like and I can go anywhere I like." Hanumaan got silent after saying this.

Hearing this, Raam said to Lakshman - "This pious Vaanar is Sugreev's ministers and has come to us by his order only. Hey Lakshman, He kills enemies that is why you talk to him in sweet words. Who does not know Rig Ved and Yajur Ved, he cannot talk in such words. [see the Part 2 of Hanumaan here]. He has known grammar well and he has said a lot without misuse of any word. He spoke so softly that even an enemy will desire to extend friendship with him. The king who has such a minister, his all wishes should be fulfilled." [see the Part 3 of Hanumaan here]

Lakshman said to Hanumaan - "We have known the qualities of Sugreev and we have come here only to extend our friendship to him. So Hey Hanumaan, If Sugreev is ready to do this we are also ready for it." Hanumaan got very happy to hear this and he decided to make them friends.

Sarg 4-Lakshman Tells His Story

Hanumaan got very happy to hear Lakshman that now Sugreev would get his kingdom back because Raam has come here. He spoke to Raam - "What for you have arrived here in this fierce forest with your brother? Because these forests are impenetrable and are full of many dangerous serpents and animal?"

Lakshman said - "Dasharath was a very pious king. He was like Brahmaa to everybody. He performed many Yagya etc and gave many charities. This is his eldest and the most virtuous son. Deprived of His kingdom, He has come here to live in forest with me. His wife Seetaa also followed Him as Prabhaa follows her husband Soorya at daybreak. I am His younger brother and I am always in His service. My name is Lakshman.

When we were in a forest, a Raakshas abducted His wife in our absence. We do not know his whereabouts as who has taken Seetaa. When we were searching Her in the forest, we met Diti's son Danu who became Raakshas because of a Shaap. He directed us here saying that Sugreev would do our work. He is capable to do it, and he will surely find Her. After saying this he went to Swarg. Hey Hanumaan, We have told you everything whatever you asked. He has come here to take refuge with Sugreev. This Raam who has given so much in charities, who is the Swaamee of Trilok, now comes to Sugreev to seek his refuge. Raajaa Dasharath who used to give refuge to others, today his son is asking refuge from Sugreev. Who is renowned in Trilok, He is asking refuge from Sugreev."

Hanumaan said - "This is very happy news. Baali has abducted Sugreev's wife forcefully, has become his enemy, insulted him; and exiled him. Therefore Sugreev lives in hiding fearing him. He will surely help you in finding Seetaa. So Let us go to Sugreev. And Sugreev is eligible to help you too. You are a virtuous one, Sugreev will surely welcome you. Let us go to Sugreev now."

Lakshman appreciated Hanumaan customarily and said to Raam - "It seems that Hanumaan is enthusiastic and telling the truth." Hanumaan changed his Saadhu form to Vaanar form, lifted both brothers on his back and walked fast to Sugreev. At that time he was very happy thinking that now his Swaamee's work will be done.














































Kaamroop Vidyaa
This process of changing form at somebody's will and wish is called Kaamroop Vidyaa



Since left eye for a womwn is good omen, and for men is a bad omen, so the foundation of Raam and Sugreev friendship was the seedling of eradication of vice from the face of the Earth.

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