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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Sarg 1-Raam at Pampaa Pur

Raam got sad seeing lotus blooming in Pampaa Sarovar (pond), because they reminded Him Seetaa's eyes which were like lotus flower petals. Sometimes He got happy seeing beauty around, and sometimes He got sad feeling separation of Seetaa. Raam said to Lakshman - "See Lakshman,  How beautiful is this Pampaa Sarovar in which many kinds of lotus flowers are blooming. Its water is so clear and clean, but I am very sad without Seetaa and Bharat but still I like this Sarovar. There are so many blooming trees around, they are raining flowers as if clouds pour water. Many birds are flocking here and there, many bumble bees and honey bees are singing here, cool, slow and sandal-scented air is flowing. Air is shaking branches and showering flowers from the trees. Karnikaar trees are laden with yellow flowers as if people have worn gold ornaments. It can make any tired man fresh. Even this cuckoo's singing seems to me as if Seetaa is calling me. All birds are calling their mates.

These copper-colored leaves are fire-like for me, Hey Lakshman. This spring season is kindling desires in my heart. Hey Lakshman, If I don't find Seetaa in this Vasant Ritu (Spring season), then my life is useless, because Seetaa liked this season very much. Forests look so young. In this season Seetaa should have been with me. When I see these young blooming trees, my sorrow doesn't decrease, rather increases. See these peacocks dancing happily, because their wives have not been abducted, but for me it is difficult. The dance of these peacocks is making me love-sick. The sound of birds is inviting me for love. It seems difficult to live in this forest in this season without Seetaa.

If wherever Seetaa is now, this spring season is there too, Seetaa must also be sad without me in this season. Definitely this spring season is not there otherwise how can She live without me. But if it is there then She must be living dependent to somebody. My breeze is my Seetaa. She will also be thinking like me in this season.  She would be very sad in my separation. I love Her and She loves me. When She was with me, this wind seemed good to me but the same wind now pricks me.

See these Vaanar who are enjoying in the forest, but I am sad here without Seetaa. I don't want to live without Seetaa. My Seetaa had similar eyes as lotus flower petals. Trees, birds, wind, bumble bees, all are enjoying in this season. Seeing this my desire for Seetaa is increasing. When I see this beauty, I wish, my Seetaa would have been here with me, because without Her I do not like anything.

Whatever used to give me pleasure when She was with me, now is giving me pain when She is not there. Hey Lakshman, See, so many flowers are blooming on the southern hill terraces of Pampaa. On the mountains are Kinshuk trees with flowers all over. In fact various kinds of flowers are blooming all over. If I get Seetaa, and we have to live here the I will think about Ayodhyaa's dynasty not Indra's throne. Fortunate are those who are living here at Pampaa. What I will say to King Janak about lost Seetaa? Who came to me to live in forests, leaving palace comforts, where can I find Her? What will I say to my mother Kaushalyaa too? You may go back to Bharat because I will not be able to survive without Seetaa.

Lakshman consoled Raam saying - "Hey Raam, keep patience, you will surely get Seetaa. Wherever meeting is, separation is also there. Therefore you should leave Moh (intense love). Hey Raam, If Raavan, the abductor of Seetaa, is even in Paataal, he will not be able to live any more. Therefore we should find him soon. Either he should die or return Seetaa. Even if he goes in the womb of Diti, I will bring him out.

Hey Raam, Who are enthusiastic, nothing is difficult for them, because they do not worry about hurdles. And we will find Seetaa on the basis of the same enthusiasm. You have forgotten your Gyaan." When Lakshman consoled thus, Raam got some peace at heart.

Both brothers proceeded forward in the forest in search of Seetaa.  When they arrived close to Rishyamook Parvat, Sugreev saw them coming. He got frightened seeing them and could not decide what to do with them. Other Vaanar also got frightened seeing them coming. Because they thought that they were sent by Baali to kill them. [see Raam's Shaap here]



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