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3-Aranya Kaand

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Page 29:  Sarg 73-75

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Sarg 73-Kabandh Guides Raam to Sugreev

After saying this Kabandh further said - "Hey Raam, Go to westward. That path goes to Pampaa, and that is the best path. After this, you will find a forest full of flowers and fruits - mango, banyan, Peepal, jackfruit, rose-apple, Neem, Ashok etc. You may enjoy those sweet ambrosial fruits. After crossing this Van another Van will come which is as beautiful as heavenly Nandan Van (Indra's Van) and replica of Uttar Kuru province. Its trees bloom in every season as they bloom in Chitrarath Van (Kuber's Van). Those trees are very tall but fruits make their branches bent down. So Lakshman can pluck some sweet fruits for you.

After trekking mountain to mountain you will find Pampaa Sarovar (pond) full of lotuses. Its land is flat without pebbles and it has blue and red lotus flowers. Birds and animals who live there are not scared of human beings and sing and speak in sweet words because they do not know killing by bird-killers - since there is no bird-killer there. Lakshman may hunt for huge fishes, broil them on the iron rod of His arrow and after removing their scales and fins will offer you in Pampaa and feed you with them. You eat those fishes and drink Pampaa's clear and clean water in lotus leaves.

Near that lake live well-built Vaanar who come there to drink water in evening time. Lakshman will show you those Vaanar. You will feel very happy to see the flowering trees of Pampaa Sarovar, because they never fade away, nor they fall from trees. Its reason is that there lived Matang Rishi's disciples. When those disciples go to collect anything for their Guru from that forest, whatever sweat comes out of their body, its droplets fell on the ground and from there they were lifted by trees and were converted into a string of flowers, by the power of their Tap, that is why they are never destroyed (since they have emerged from their sweat drops they are imperishable). Now all Tapaswee have left that place but their maid-servant Tapaswinee still lives there. The same Shabaree will go to Swarg after doing your Darshan.

When you will go on the western bank of Pampaa, you will see many hidden Aashram. Elephants cannot attack them because this Aashram belongs to Matang Muni, and this forest is known as Matang Van. After Pampaa there is Rishyamook Parvat. Climbing it is difficult because baby elephants guard that Parvat. Brahmaa crafted that Parvat purposefully. Any human being who sleeps there, sees wealth in dream, then he gets that wealth in reality. If any wicked person sleeps on that Parvat, Raakshas eat him.

You will see many varieties of elephants there who come to drink water. There is cave nearby. Entering that cave is difficult. On its right at its eastern opening there is a cool water lake. Vaanar Raaj Sugreev lives there only with four Vaanar. Sometimes he goes on its peak also." Kabandh said goodbye to Raam and went to his Lok. Raam and Lakshman also started for Pampaapur. Kabandh said from sky - "Don't forget to make Sugreev your friend."

Sarg 74-Raam Meets Shabaree

Raam and Lakshman proceeded towards Pampaapur on the path told by Kabandh. After staying on the Parvat, both arrived at the western bank of Pampaa. There they saw Shabaree's Aashram. Both went in the Aashram which was surrounded by beautiful trees. Seeing them coming in Aashram, Shabaree stood before them joining her palms, then fell on their feet. She offered them water to wash their mouth and washed their feet and worshipped them with several things. Raam said - "Shabaree, Your all grieves are gone. The power of your Tap is now increasing. Whatever discipline, sacred commitments, you are following, it is successful now."

Shabaree said - "My life is successful after doing your Darshan. I have got Swarg today. Whoever Rishi I served they all went to Swarg in their Vimaan (airplane). I knew about your coming when you came to Chitrakoot Parvat. They said to me that Raam would come to my Aashram along with Lakshman. You serve Him with Shraddhaa and Bhakti then you will go to higher Lok. So please now give me that Lok from where one doesn't come back to life. I have collected fruits and flowers which grow on Pampaa Sarovar's side."

Raam said to Shabaree - "Shabaree, You are full of knowledge. I have heard about your life style from Danu's son Kabandh, but I wished to see it myself." Shabaree showed them that forest and said - "This forest is famous as Matang Van. My Guru used to do Havan, Yagya etc. This is Pratyak Sthalee Vedee (Altar of Fire) on which my Aachaarya offered flower garland to Devtaa. Because of the power of their Tapasyaa this Vedee is spreading its light all around.

Hey Raam, See these seven seas. They were called here by imagination only, because Aachaarya was very weak to go there to take bath. Whatever clothes our Guru wore at the time of taking bath in those seas, they spread them for drying on these branches. Those clothes are still not dry. Whatever lotus flowers were offered to Devtaa, these garlands are the same and these flowers are still not faded. 

I have showed you what you wanted to see, and I have told you what you would have known about it, now I want to leave this body with your permission. And this is my earnest wish that I should go to those Rishi only whose Aashram it is  after I have left my body." Raam said - "You have worshipped me with a great love and devotion, so you can leave your body with your wish and go to the worlds where you want to go." Shabaree burned herself in the fire and went to her Lok alone.

Sarg 75-Raam Arrives at Pampaa Sar

When Shabaree was leaving, both were thinking about her. Raam said to Lakshman - "Today I saw these holy Aashram through Shabaree. Here many birds and animals live fearlessly. I took bath in this Pampaa Lake which is formed by the water of the seven seas and even holier is to do Tarpan from that water. I am very happy. It seems that our good time is coming. Let us go to Pampaa side where Rishyamook Parvat is there and Soorya's son Sugreev lives with the fear of Baali. I want to see him soon as he is the only person who is going to help me in searching of Seetaa." Lakshman said I also want to see him soon."

So Raam and Lakshman started towards Pampaa Lake looking at the dense forest full of various tall and thick trees. As Kaam Dev saw Raam going he rendered Him with an impassion. Raam saw a lake, Matang Lake, from a distance and He desired to have a plunge in that lake. Raam came near that lake area which has various kinds of flowers. Lake was full of red, pink, white and black lotus flowers. Its scenery was picturesque.

After crossing the forest they came to Rishyamook Parvat which was abounding with colorful ores and fruit and flowery trees. And there lives Riksh Raaj's son Sugreev.  Raam said to Lakshman - "O Lakshman, See, that Rishyamook Parvat is here only. Now you go to Sugreev and meet him." And He further said - "How can I live without Seetaa?"

Iti Aranya Kaand



























Rishyamook Parvat was very difficult to climb, that is why Hanumaan took Raam and Lakshman on his shoulders. Brahmaa purposefully crafted it as the only shelter for Sugreev.











Kaam (lust), Krodh (wrath) and Lobh (avarice) are the three doors to hell. Let a man shun all three. [Geetaa 16:21] So Shabaree had shun all three.






Raam took about two hours to enter such a hermitage of Muni Agastya, that also with Muni's permission. Here this low-caste woman (Bheel) was telling that with all technical names.




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