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3-Aranya Kaand

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Page 28: Sarg 70-72

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Sarg 70-Kabandh Catches Raam and Lakshman

Kabandh said to them - "God has sent you to me, hence you consider yourself dead." Lakshman got very angry hearing this so He said to Raam - "We should cut his arms with our swords at his shoulder because he is devastating this world with the power of his arms." The Raakshas got very furious on this conversation so he started to gulp them down his mouth. Raam and Lakshman got very happy to see this as they were coming nearer to his shoulders. So as he brought them near his mouth both brothers cut his both arms with their swords. Immediately he fell down on the ground making a thunderous sound.

Seeing his arms cut and blood flowing from his shoulders, he piteously asked - "Who are you two?" Lakshman said - "He is born in Ikshwaaku Vansh and His name is Raam. I am His younger brother. My name is Lakshman. Sent by His mother to forest when Raam was living with Seetaa [his wife] and me, then in our absence somebody has abducted Her. We have come here searching for Her from forest to forest. But who are you who is lying on the ground like Kabandh - rootless and topless tree, broken legs. Your thigh is broken, your eye is in your chest. Why all this?"

Kabandh got very happy to hear all this as if Indra's words rang in his ears. Raakshas said - "I welcome you. I am very happy that I did your Darshan. I am now free [from my Shaap] after your Darshan. Now I tell you about myself."

Sarg 71-Kabandh Tells His Story

"Hey Raam, Before this my body was like Indra and Soorya. My bravery was famous in Trilok. Hey Raam, I used to frighten Rishi living in the forests in the form of Raakshas. One day Sthoolshiraa named Muni was plucking flowers for his Yagya. I frightened him too, so he gave me Shaap - "Go and wander on Prithvi in this form only."

I requested Muni to forgive me and asked about the end of it, then he said - "When Raam will cut your arms in a forest which is without humans and will burn you then only you will take your former beautiful body. Hey Raam, I am the son of Danu. Brahmaa Jee was very pleased with my severe Tap so he gave me longevity. I became proud of my powers so I thought now what Indra can do to me? and challenged Him for the fight. Indra's arrows pushed my head and thighs in my body. I wished for my death, but He did not kill me. he said - "brahmaa Jee's words will be true."

I asked Him as how will I live with this condition and that is also for so long? Then Indra created my two arms, each 1 Yojan long, and sharp teeth so that I can catch my prey and eat it. Since then I have been praying on wild animals and eating them. Indra also told me that when Raam would cut my arms and burn me then I will leave my this body. So today I got you. Nobody else can kill me except you, Muni told me this before. I will help you [regarding Seetaa] when you have performed my last rites, I will advise you like a friend."

Hearing this Raam said - "In our absence Raavan has abducted Seetaa from our Aashram. I know only his name, but I have never seen him and nor I know his stronghold. We will dig a hole and will burn you with dry wood, that is why you tell us now that where is Seetaa and who has taken Her away?"

Hearing this skilled in talking Daanav said - "Hey Raam, After you have burned me, I will get my real form and my divine knowledge also. At present I don't have that Gyaan [that is why I cannot tell you anything]. Perform my last rites before the sunset then I will tell you everything. There must be somebody who would have known that Raakshas. You can extend friendship with him and he will help you in every way. He knows about Trilok. Nothing is hidden from him. But I cannot tell you anything with this cursed body until you have burned me and I have got my divine body then only I can tell you about that man who can help you."

Sarg 72-Kabandh Uddhaar 

Raam and Lakshman threw his body in a mountain cleft collected wood, set fire and performed his last rites. As he burned, in a few moments, he appeared as a handsome man beaming all around, clad in beautiful clothes, adorned in all kinds of jewelry, ridden on a gold chariot yoked with swans. He went to the sky and said to Raam - "Hey Raam, Kings fulfill their wishes through six Sandhi Vigrah. When Kaal makes one suffer one has to suffer also, because of that suffering you and Lakshman are suffering so much. Your work cannot be accomplished until you have a friend. That is why you go  and extend friendship with Sugreev named Vaanar who lives on a mountain near Pampaa Pur. His brother and Indra's son Baali has exiled him so he lives with his four faithful Vaanar on Rishyamook Parvat.

He is very gracious, brave, powerful, truthful, polite and intelligent man. He is the son of Sun god. Go and make him your friend. He will help you in searching Seetaa. You don't worry about anything. Whatever has to happen happens, nobody can change it. Witness the fire of your friendship.

You never disrespect Sugreev, because he is faithful and at the moment needs help to get his kingdom back. But whether his purpose is achieved or not, he will help you. His mother's name is Riksh Raaj. Because of Baali he has been wandering around Pampaa Pur. Go and make him friend taking oath on your weapon besides fire. Sugreev is the son of Soorya. He can take many forms. He is familiar with the habitats of Raakshas.

As the thousand rayed Sun radiates he also radiates in the same way. Nothing in the lease is unfamiliar to him. He will send his monkeys to search for your wife. He will surely help you. He will find your wife for you."







































Here both Raam and Kabandh are not trusting each other, that is why Kabandh is insisting on his last rites first. The same thing happens with Sugreev also in Kishkindhaa Kaand that he clearly refuses that he knows Raavan. Later he says "Who doesn't err?"



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