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3-1-1-Who is a King?

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A King Has Indra's Characteristics
[Taken from Valmiki Ramayan 3/1/19]
Branched from V-Raamaayan, 3/1/1]

"Indra" term is an allusion. It refers to seven more of Indra's associates (eight Digpaal - Swaamee of directions). So they are trying to tell Him that a king is made of eight aspects of eight rulers of eight corners of the universe. Those eight rulers are Indra, Vaayu (Wind), Yam (Death), Varun (Rain), Agni (fire), Soorya (Sun), Chandra (Moon) and Kuber (wealth). When Prithvi was heading towards anarchy, Brahmaa Jee is said to have created the king with one-fourth of each of the eight rulers.

Manu Smriti also prescribes certain rules for the king called as Vrat. Indra sends rain for four months to sprout seeds, in the same way king also sprouts people's hope.

Then Sun evaporates Prithvi's water so as to give rain again, in the same way king collects taxes slowly and insignificantly so as to spend that money again on public. (Soorya Vrat)

Air flows everywhere to keep people alive, in the same way king is also everywhere in the form of his agents as to see good and bad for his public. (Vaayu Vrat or Maarut Vrat)

Yam, Swaamee of time has no friend or foes so he ends the life of anybody whose life is to be ended, in the same way king punishes people without any favor or hate. (Yam Vrat)

Rain binds one and all and is the livelihood of everybody, in the same way king also binds his public for livelihood. (Varun Vrat)

Moon is a pleasant one and the presiding deity of medicinal plants so shall be the king too for his people - pleasant and helping them to keep their good health. (Chandra Vrat)

Fire is fiery and burns evil down, in the same way king also is fiery to his enemies. (Aagneya Vrat)

Prithvi sustains wealthy and poor, scholar and stupid, prosperous and pathetic alike, so shall the king will also bear all kinds of people. (Prithvi Vrat)



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