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[Branched from V-Raamaayan, 4/7/18]
[Taken from Valmiki Ramayan, 4/18]

There are three kinds of giving - grudge giving, duty giving, and thanksgiving. Grudge giving says ' I have to...'; duty giving says "I ought to...'; and Thanksgiving says "I feel like to...'. The first comes from a constraint; the second comes from a sense of obligation; the third comes from a full heart. This being the saying by an Unknown: Baali gave torture to Sugreev because he had to, Raam gave punishment to Baali because he ought to, and Sugreev gave himself to Raam, because he felt like to.

Raam extended His friendship with Sugreev only to take his help in searching Seetaa, because Danu Raakshas, after release from his curses, advised Raam to do so. The killing of Baali is incidental to that friendship, but not preconditioned by Sugreev in any way. By taking help of Sugreev, he is to be uplifted from his nasty state, and the abuser of tradition is to be resolved.

In Saar Kaand of Aanand Raamaayan, another treatise of Raamaayan, told in absolute mythological import, it is said that Raam not only accords salvation to Baali but also accords a boon to become a tribal man and kill Him in Krishn’s incarnation in Dwaapar Yug, as retaliation to the present killing of Baali.

But Bhaagavat Puraan or Padm Puraan do not quote this sort of sanction by Raam. It is only to extol Raam’s kind-heartedness.



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