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40-Indra Kills Vishwaroop

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Indra Kills Vishwaroop
[Valmiki Ramayan 4/24-25]  This story is given in detail in Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/4 also.

Twashtaa was one of the 12 Tushit Devtaa. He had a son named Vishwaroop from his Asur wife.

Once Dev Guru Brihaspati Jee came to Indra's court. Everybody respected and greeted him but Indra was lost somewhere else so he neither greeted him nor he respected him. Seeing this Brihaspati Jee got angry and went away from there. He left his house also in anticipation that Indra would surely come looking for him. As Indra came to know about his coming and his own ignoring him, he immediately went to look for him, but he couldn't find him. Brihaspati Jee got in hiding for some time.

Now it was necessary to have a Guru for many reasons, so Indra asked Brahmaa Jee as to who he should appoint Him as Dev Guru. He suggested Twashtaa's name. But Twashtaa appointed his son Vishwaroop as their Guru.

Now Vishwaroop's mother was from Asur family, so he had a soft heart for Asur. Once when he was doing a Yagya for Devtaa, he was offering Aahuti to Asur's welfare also. As Indra came to know this he killed Vishwaroop. But as he killed Vishwaroop, He got the Paap (sin) of Brahm Hatyaa.

As Twashtaa came to know about this, he pulled out a flock of his hair and hit it on the ground. It caused to born a Krityaa (Vritraasur) to kill Indra. Indra had to hide in a lotus flower. He hid there for one year. When it was intolerable for Him to hide there, He requested Devtaa to get Him out of that place.

Indra Distributes His Sin

He should get out of that place only when he was sin-free. So He requested Earth, trees, water and women to share his Paap. Then those four bartered some Vardaan from Indra for sharing His sin.

Earth got automatic refills for its dugout portions. Trees got re-growth of their cut-off branches. Water got an all purifying effect. And women got never decreasing sexual desire. Indra said - "So be it." That is why Earth got some sinful wastelands, trees exude, waters got froth, and women menstruate.



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