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Chapters 7-8

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7-Brihaspati Leaves Devtaa and Devtaa Appoint Vishwaroop as Their Purohit

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavan, Why Brihaspati Jee left their dear disciples Devtaa? What mistake they committed to him?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "Indra got very proud after getting the wealth of Tri-Lok. Because of this pride he did not behave properly. One day he was sitting on his throne with his wife Shachee, 49 Marud Gan, 8 Vasu, 11 Rudra, 12 Aaditya, Ribhu Gan, Vishwedev, Saadhya Gan and both Ashwinee Kumaar. Siddh, Chaaran, Gandharv etc were all present there. At that time Dev Guru Brihaspati Jee came there. All Sur and Asur had a great respect for him. Indra saw him, but neither he stood up nor he greeted him. Brihaspati knew that this is all because of the wealth of Tri-Lok, so he immediately came out from his court and went to his house.

The moment he left, Indra knew that he had made a mistake - he had ignored his Guru Jee. He started abusing himself in the court itself and said - "I will go now and try to please him." Brihaspati Jee knew this [that as soon as Indra will realize his mistake, he will come to ask his pardon] so he disappeared from his house. Indra tried his best to search him but he did not find him anywhere. He found himself unprotected without a Guru and started thinking as what to do, but couldn't come to any conclusion. Daitya also knew about this incident, so they attacked Devtaa [thinking them unprotected] and many Devtaa got devoured in that fight. Then Indra with other Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee.

Brahmaa Jee said - "This is really bad what you have done to your Guru. See, These Asur became weak when they insulted their own Guru Shukraachaarya Jee, but now they have again become powerful because now they have pleased him. It seems that they will take my Brahm Lok also in a short time. Bhrigu Vanshee have trained them very well in Arth Shaastra so whatever they do, is not known to you. In this situation they can win any Lok including Swarg Lok. Therefore you go to Twashtaa's son Vishwaroop and serve him very well. He is a true Braahman. If you will serve him well, he might help you."

So Devtaa went to Vishwaroop Rishi and said - "Putra Vishwaroop,  God bless you. We are here as your guests. In one way we are your Pitar, that is why fulfill our wish in our bad times. Ved are in Aachaarya, Brahmaa is in father, Indra is in brother, Prithvi is in mother, Dayaa is seen in sister, Dharm is seen in guest, Agni is in an incoming person and see yourself in all the creatures of the world. At this time our enemies have victory over us. We are very sad. You can get victory for us with your Tap power. When you will be our Aachaarya, then we will get victory over our enemies. In need, it is not an insult to touch the feet of a younger person, and old age is not the only reason of greatness except Ved Gyaan."

Vishwaroop said - "Purohit's work degenerates Brahm Tej, therefore religious Mahaatmaa say it bad, but you are my Swaamee and in spite of being the Swaamee of Tri-Lok, you are requesting me for it, that is why I cannot refuse it. So I will surely fulfill your wish." Vishwaroop was a great Tapaswee. Although Shukraachaarya had secured Daitya's wealth still Vishwaroop took all their wealth from Asur and gave it to Devtaa. The knowledge Vishwaroop used to get victory for Devtaa, he imparted it to Devtaa later.

8-Naaraayan Kavach

Pareekshit said - "Bhagavan,  The knowledge Vishwaroop used to get victory over Asur, I want to know about that Naaraayan Kavach."  Shuk Dev Jee said - "Now you listen to that. Vishwaroop said - "When you have a fear, you should protect your body with Naaraayan Kavach. Its method is - First wash your hands and feet and then do Aachaman. Take a few straws of Kush grass and sit facing north. Then "I should not speak until the process is complete", intending thus with "Om Namo Naaraayanaaya" - 8-letter Mantra, touch feet, knees, thighs, stomach, heart, chest, mouth, and then head. Then with "Om Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya" - 12-letter Mantra, touch from right index finger to left index finger - knots of each of 8 fingers and two thumbs of both hands. Then with "Om Vishnave Namah" Mantra - with "Om" touch heart, with "Vi" touch Brahmrandhra, with "Sh" touch the center of eyebrows, with "Na" touch the "Chotee" and with "Ve" touch the both eyes, with "Na" touch all the knots of the body. Then say "Om Mah Astraaya Phat" and do Digbandh.

Doing Nyaas with this method the knower of this method himself becomes like Mantra. After this he should meditate on Bhagavaan, full of glory, wealth, Dharm, Lakshmee etc; then read the Naaraayan Kavach. [There are 23 Mantra of this Kavach] There is a Mantra here in which the worshipper asks for protection from Sevaa Aparaadh (service crime). Hey Indra, I have told you this Naaraayan Kavach. Now you protect yourself with this Kavach, then you will be able to win all Daitya. Whosoever wears this Kavach, if he sees somebody with his eyes or touch with his feet he also becomes free from all kinds of fears. Once in olden times, a Kaushik Gotree Braahman left his body in desert after wearing this Kavach. Gandharv Raaj Chitrarath was flying over that place where his dead body was lying, with his wives. As he flew over it, he fell down on earth with head down. He was highly surprised when Baal Khilyaadi Muni told him that it was the effect of Naaraayan Kavach. Then he flowed his bones in Saraswatee River which flows towards east."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Whosoever wears this Naaraayan Kavach gets free from all kinds of fears and everybody bows him. Shatkratu Indra obtained this knowledge from Vishwaroop and got his wealth and Swarg back.



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