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Chapters 9-13

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9-Killing of Vishwaroop, Devtaa Go to Dadheechi, and Vritraasur Vadh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "We have heard that Vishwaroop had three heads. From one mouth he drank Som Ras, from the second mouth he drank wine and from his third mouth he ate food. His fathers were Twashtaa etc 12 Aaditya Devtaa, that is why he gave Aahuti for Devtaa standing and speaking loudly but politely. Because his mother was from Asur family, that is why he used to offer a share to Asur also in his Yagya. Indra noticed that, that thus he was deceiving Devtaa. Indra got frightened and he swiftly cut his all the three heads. Vishwaroop's head which used to drink Som Ras became Papeehaa, the head which used to drink wine became Gauraiyaa, and the head which used to eat food became Teetar [all three are Indian birds].

If Indra wanted, he could have washed his sin of Brahm-Hatyaa (killing of a Braahman), but he did not do so for one year. Then he divided his Paap (sin) into four parts and gave them one part each to Prithvi, water, trees and women. Prithvi accepted Indra's Brahm-Hatyaa Paap in exchange of a Var that wherever there will be any ditch it will automatically fill up. Because of this Shaap there are barren land lots appeared on Earth. Trees accepted Indra's second quarter of Shaap in exchange of the Var that their whichever part will be cut, it will be sealed itself and this Paap reflects in them in the form of flowing gum. Women accepted this Paap in the exchange of the Var that they could have sex anytime. That Paap reflects in them in the form of menses every month. Water accepted this Paap in exchange of the Var that it will always be increasing. This Paap reflects in it in the form of foam and bubbles, that is why people drink water after removing them.

After the death of Vishwaroop, his father Twashtaa did Havan with the purpose to produce more enemies of Devtaa. When the Yagya ended, then a very scary Daitya appeared from its Dakshinaagni. His body was black like a burnt mountain and he increased in his size daily. Twashtaa's this Tamo Gunee Putra thus covered all the Lok soon and he was called Vritraasur. Many Devtaa attacked him together, but he swallowed all their weapons. So they went to Bhagavaan and prayed Him. Bhagavaan appeared and Devtaa greeted Him and again prayed Him. Bhagavaan said - "I am very pleased with your prayer. Indra, now you go to Rishi Dadheechi and ask his body. His body has become very strong after doing so much Tap, Vrat, and worship. He has the knowledge of pure Brahm. He has delivered sermons to Ashwinee Kumaar also from horse's mouth, that is why he is called as Ashwashir (Ashwa = horse, Shir = head) also. With the effect of that knowledge, both Ashwinee Kumaar got Mukti. Dadheechi taught Naaraayan Kavach to Twashtaa, Twashtaa taught it to his son Vishwaroop and Vishwaroop taught it to you. Dadheechi will give his body to you on the demand of Ashwinee Kumaar. After getting his body, get a weapon made of his bones from Vishwakarmaa and then you will be able to cut that Asur's head from that weapon through my power. After the death of Vritraasur you will get your glory, weapons and wealth back."

10-Making of Vajra and Attack on Vritraasur

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Instructing thus Bhagavaan disappeared then and there. Devtaa went to Maharshi Dadheechi and asked for his body describing everything. Dadheechi smiled hearing the request and said - "Dev Raaj Indra, Body is like that people do not want to leave it until it is taken forcefully. They do not want to give it even to Bhagavaan."  Indra said - "True, but the beggars are very selfish, they don't think of the giver's trouble. In the same way if the giver also knows the intensity of the need of the beggar, he could not say no to the beggar." Dadheechi said - "I wanted to hear Dharm from you that is why I said such things, but I am ready to give my body to you."  He took Samaadhi and left his physical body. Now Vishwakarmaa made a Vajra out of his bones and gave it to Indra. Indra took it and rode on his Airaavat elephant and attacked Vritraasur with his full power. Vritraasur was also ready to fight with his army. It was the beginning of Tretaa Yug of the first Chatur-Yug of this present Vaivaswat Manvantar (the 7th Manvantar - we are running the 28th Chatur-Yug of Vaivaswat Manvantar at this time, so it happened 27 Chatur-Yug before).

The fight started  on the bank of Narmadaa River. Rudra, Vasu, Aaditya, Ashwinee Kumaar, Pitra Gan, Agni, Marut Gan, Ribhu Gan, Saadhya Gan and Vishwedev all were with Indra. Then Namuchi, Shambar, Anarvaa, Rishabh, Ambar, Hayagreev, Shankushiraa, Viprachitti, Ayomukh, Pulomaa, Vrishparvaa, Heti, Praheti, Utkal, Maalee, Sumaalee etc many more Daitya tried to stop Indra's army, but they failed. Devtaa's army was undefeatable for them. Their weapons were not affecting Devtaa at all. Now Vritraasur got frightened. His army got scattered. He had to call them back to fight.

11-Fight With Vritraasur

Shukdev Jee said - "But Vritraasur's army didn't come back. Then he alone stopped Devtaa's army forcefully and cried - "You are killing those people who are running away. This is not going to get you Swarg. Come and face me." Pareekshit, He was very huge and powerful. His voice frightened Devtaa army. He took his Trishool (trident) and started crushing Devtaa's army. He again said - "I am lucky that I am fighting with a person who has killed Vishwaroop who was his Guru, a Braahman and my brother. Today I will kill you. It will be my pleasure to kill you today. You may kill me with your Vajra you have brought for me. Then I will be free from Karm bondage. Vishnu Bhagavaan has also ordered you to kill me, so you kill me." Then he prayed Bhagavaan - "I don't need Mukti. I only wish that in whatever and whichever Yoni I take birth I should be with your devotees."

12-Vritraasur Vadh

Vritraasur wished to leave his body in the battlefield, because he thought that Bhagavaan was much better thing to get by death than to get Swarg by winning Indra. So he attacked Indra with his Trishool. Indra threw his Vajra but it missed the aim and fell near Vritraasur. Then ashamed of his bravery, Indra did not pick his Vajra, but Vritraasur called Him - "Indra,  Come and pick it up and kill me. Do not think about winning or losing. This is not the time to be sad. Only this Kaal is the cause of victory or defeat. If the Time is favorable, one can get everything, that is why one should be indifferent in all situations. Sat, Raj, and Tam - these three Gun are of Prakriti, not of the soul, therefore who knows them only as witness he doesn't get attached to their qualities and faults. See me, You have failed my weapons, you have cut my one arm, still I am ready to kill you." Hearing this call, Indra respected him and picked his Vajra and said - "Daanav Raaj, you are really Siddh. You are a great man. You are a real devotee of Shree Hari." Then Indra started fighting with him again. Vritraasur swallowed Indra with his Airaavat elephant. Since Indra had the Kavach on his body, he did not die in his stomach. He burst his stomach with his Vajra, came out and then cut his head. It took one year to cut his neck all around. A light came out of his body and got absorbed in Bhagavaan.

13-Indra's Brahm Hatyaa Paap Destruction

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Everybody was very happy to hear the news of death of Vritraasur, but Indra was sad. As the Daitya was killed, everybody went back to his Lok happily." Pareekshit asked - "Why did it happen so? When all were happy at Vritraasur's death, why Indra was sad? I want to hear its reason." Shuk Dev Jee said - "When all Devtaa, Rishi got frightened from Vritraasur, they requested Indra to kill him. Indra said to them - "When I killed Vishwaroop and I had the Brahm-Hatyaa Paap, that Paap was taken away by women, Prithvi, water and tress, but if I kill Vritraasur then how I will be free from his Hatyaa?" 

Rishi said - "Indra, you don't have to worry about it. We will do Ashwamedh Yagya for you and make you free from all Paap. Only singing His name can free even a Mahaa Paapee (killer of a Braahman, father, cow, mother or Guru are called Mahaa-Paapee - the greatest sinners) and even a Chaandaal who eats dog's meat." Indra got satisfied with this explanation and he got ready to kill Vritraasur. But after killing Vritraasur, this Brahm-Hatyaa again affected Indra. He saw Brahm-Hatyaa following him everywhere. She (Brahm-Hatyaa) was old and all her body parts were shaking with old age and she was shouting "Stop, Stop". Indra had been running here and there. First he went to the sky, but then he entered the Maan-Sarovar Lake located in the North-East direction. He hid in the stem of a lotus for 1,000 years and thought how to get rid of this Brahm-Hatyaa. He could not get food for all these years, because he ate through Agni's mouth and Agni could not go inside the lotus stem through water. Till he lived in the lotus stem, Raajaa Nahush ruled Swarg with the power of his Yog, Tap, and knowledge. But when he wanted to take Indra's wife Shachee forcefully, because of pride of being Indra, then Shachee proved him guilty of Rishi and Rishi gave him Shaap to become a snake.

When meditating upon Bhagavaan, Indra's Paap had got destroyed, he again went to Swarg. Lakshmee Jee was protecting Indra; and Rudra of North-East direction made the Paap weak so it could not attack Indra. Then Braahman did Ashwamedh Yagya for him. His all Paap were destroyed and he became worthy of worship.

Hey Pareekshit, This story tells about the victory of Indra over Vritraasur, being him free of Paap and Bhagavaan's dear devotee Vritraasur. It increases Bhakti in people. Intelligent people should read and hear this story, especially on special occasions. It increases wealth and fame, frees from Paap, gets victory over enemy and increases age and welfare.



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