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See also Pippalaad

Dadheechi was a great Rishi. According to Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/1 he was the son of Atharvaa Muni and his wife was Chitti - one of Kardam Rishi's nine daughters. He was named as Dadhyang. Atharvaa Muni was the brainchild of Maharshi Bhrigu through his Tap. Of stout limbs and possessed of great energy, Dadheechi was the strongest creature of the world. He was the one who accused Daksh on the occasion of his great sacrifice. He said to him that the man who worships which ought not to be worshipped, or does not worship whom one should worship, is guilty of grave sin. He was known as Ashwashiraa also. (see below).

Skand Puraan (p 33) gives his wife's name as Suvarchaa, and her son was Pippalaad.

Dadheechi Had a Son Saaraswat
Seeing his Tap power Indra got frightened, so he sent a beautiful Apsaraa, Alambooshaa, to tempt him. At that time Dadheechi was doing his daily activities on the bank of Saraswatee River. Seeing that beautiful damsel, Rishi's semen fell into Saraswatee River's water. Saraswatee did not waste it and kept in her womb. She started caring for it. When the time came she gave birth to a boy. She took him to Rishi and told him everything as how his semen fell into her water and she kept it in her womb, and now she has given birth to his son. Then she brought him to Dadheechi and said - "This is your son. He is faultless, please accept him."

Rishi got very pleased to see him, and to show his gratitude to Saraswatee he gave her a Var that all celestials will be very pleased if the oblations would be given with her water. He named him after her name as Saaraswat and said - "This child be very powerful and will be capable to create new creation." Saraswatee got very happy to hear this and went back with her child.

Dadheechi Teaches Brahm Vidyaa to Ashwinee Kumaar
As he knew Brahm Vidyaa very well, he taught it to Indra also, but Indra did not want him to teach it to anybody else, so when Ashwinee Kumaar expressed their desire to learn it from Dadheechi, Indra warned him that if he did so, he would cut his head. When Ashwinee Kumaar heard this they said, "No problem, we have a solution for it." They cut his head themselves, fixed a horse head, learnt Brahm Vidyaa from his horse head; and when Indra had cut his horse head, Ashwinee Kumaar replaced it with his original head. That is how he taught Brahm Vidyaa to Ashwinee Kumaar and that is why he is called Ashwashir also.

Dadheechi Donates His Bones
He is the same Dadheechi who gave his bones to Indra to kill the Raakshas called Vritraasur because Indra was not able to kill him with any weapon. Then he himself went to Dadheechi and requested him to give his bones so that he could kill that Raakshas. Dadheechi happily gave his life for the welfare of Devtaa. Indra made Vajra (thunderbolt) out of his bones and killed Vritraasur. It happened in the 1st Chatur-Yug of this present Manvantar - Vaivaswat Manvantar.

Dadheechi Had a Son Pippalaad
Read his further story in "Pippalaad".



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