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1-Daughters of Kardam Rishi

Maitreya Jee said - "Hey Vidur Jee, Manu had two sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad and three daughters - Aakooti, Devahooti and Prasooti. Aakooti was married to Ruchi Prajaapati according to Putrikaa Dharm. She gave birth to a couple. The man Yagya who was the Avataar of Vishnu and the woman Dakshinaa was the Ansh Avataar of Lakshmee Jee. Manu brought Yagya to his home. When Dakshinaa was of marriageable age, she expressed her desire to be married to Yagya Bhagavaan. Yagya was married to her and they produced 12 sons - Tosh, Pratosh, Santosh, Bhadra, Shaanti, Idaspati, Idhm, Kavi, Vibhu, Swanh, Sudev and Rochan. All these children became "Tushit" Devta in Swaayambhuv Manvantar. In the same Manvantar Mareechi etc were Saptarishi, Bhagavaan Yagya was the King of Devtaa (Raajaa Indra), and Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad were Manu's sons. So this Swaayambhuv Manvantar [this was the 1st Manvantar] was full of Manu and Shataroopa's descendents.

Manu's second daughter Devahooti was married to Kardam Rishi, and his third daughter Prasooti was married to Brahmaa's son Daksh Prajaapati. His descendents are also scattered all over the world.

Kardam Jee had nine daughters. Their descendents' description is as follows: 

(1) Kalaa and Mareechi had two sons - Kashyap and Poornimaa. Poornimaa had two sons - Viraaj and Vishwag, and one daughter - Devakulyaa (she appeared as Devanadi Gangaa Jee from the water after washing the feet of Shree Hari in her next life).

(2) Anasooyaa and Atri Rishi had three sons - Dattaatreya, Durvaasaa, and Chandramaa. They were Ansh-Avatar of Bhagavaan Vishnu, Shankar and Brahmaa respectively.

Vidur Jee asked - "Tell me, why did these three Devtaa incarnate in Atri Muni's house." Maitreya Jee said - "When Brahmaa Jee ordered Atri Muni to produce children, then he went to Riksh named Parvat to do Tap with his wife. At that time he stood on one leg for 100 years. He prayed that Eeshwar should give him children like Himself. Pleased with his Tap, the three Dev, Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh came to his Aashram. Since all the three Dev were there, Muni's heart got alighted with their glow. He greeted them prostrating in front of them them and worshipped them saying - "I greet you. Tell me who are you among yourselves to whom I called, because I meditated only one Bhagavaan for getting children? They how come that you three appeared before me? Tell me the secret of your coming here."

Devtaa said - "Hey Braahman, Whatever you think, it has to be true, so it should happen like that only. Of which Jagadeeshwar you were meditating on, He is we three. You will have three sons born from our part and all will be world famous." After giving this Var the three went to their Lok. So Chandramaa was born from Brahmaa's part, Dataatreya was born from Vishnu's part and Durvaasaa was born from Shankar's part. Now you listen to Angiraa's children.

(3) Shraddhaa and Angiraa had two sons - Bhagavaan Utathya Jee and Brahaspati Jee, (they became famous in Swaarochish Manvantar) and four daughters - Sineewalee, Kuhoo, Raakaa, and Anumati.

(4) Havirbhoo and Pulastya Jee  had two sons - Maharshi Agastya and Mahaatapaswee Vishravaa. Agastya Jee became Jatharaagni in his second life. Vishravaa and Idvidaa had a son named Kuber and his second wife Keshinee had three sons - Raavan, Kumbhkarn, and Vibheeshan.

(5) Gati and Pulah had three sons - Karmshreshth, Vareeyaan and Sahishnu.

(6) Kriyaa and Kratu had sixty thousand Baalkhilyaadi Rishi.

(7) Arundhatee (Oorj) and Vashishth had seven Brahmarshi - Chitraketu, Surochi, Virajaa, Mitra, Ulban, Vasubhradyaan and Dyumaan. His second wife also had Shakti etc several sons.

(8) Chitti and Atharvaa had one son named Dadhyang (Dadheechi) whose another name was Ashwashiraa.

(9) Khyaati and Bhrigu had two sons - Dhaataa and Vidhaataa and a daughter - Shree. Meru Rishi married his two daughters - Aayati and Niyati to Dhaataa and Vidhaataa. They had two sons - Mrikand and Praan. Mrikand had a son named Maarkandeya Rishi and Praan had Muni Vedshiraa. Bhrigu Jee had a son named Kavi, who had a son named Ushanaa or Shukraachaarya Jee. Thus I told you about Kardam Rishi's daughters' children. Whoever listens to it his all sins are destroyed soon."

Manu had two sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad and three daughters - Aakooti, Devhooti and Prasooti. Devahooti was married to Kardam Rishi. Prasooti was married to Brahmaa's son Daksh Jee. They had sixteen daughters. Among them, Daksh Jee married his 13 daughters to Dharm, one daughter to Agni, one daughter to all Pitra Gan and one daughter to Shankar Jee.

Shraddha, Maitree, Dayaa, Shaanti, Tushti, Pushti, Kriyaa, Unnati, Buddhi, Medhaa, Titikshaa, Hree and Moorti are the wives of Dharm. Shraddhaa gave birth to Shubh, Maitree gave birth to Prasaad, Dayaa gave birth to Abhaya, Shaanti gave birth to Sukh, Tushti gave birth to Mod, Pushti gave birth to Ahankaar, Kriyaa gave birth to Yog, Unnati gave birth to Darp, Buddhi gave birth to Arth, Medhaa gave birth to Smriti, Titikshaa gave birth to Kshem and Hree (Lajjaa) gave birth to Prashray (Vinaya) named sons. Moorti gave birth to two Rishi named Nar and Naaraayan. Later they went on Gandhmaadan Parvat. These Rishi are now Shree Krishn and Arjun.

Swaahaa was the wife of Agni. She gave birth to three proud sons - Paawak, Pavamaan and Shuchi who were like Agni in qualities. All these  three sons eat the food which is offered in Yagya. These three sons produced 45 types of Agni. So these 45 Agni with their three fathers and one grand-father are known as 49 Agni. These are the same 49 Agni for whom Vaidik Braahman give Aahuti in Yagya.

Agnishvaatt, Barhishad, Somap and Aajyap are Pitar. Among them are both Sa-Aagnik and Nir-Aagnik. Swadhaa was the wife of Pitar. She had two daughters - Dhaarinee and Vayunaa. They were very good at Gyaan and Vigyaan and delivered Brahm Gyaan.

Satee was the wife of Shankar Jee. They did not have any child as Satee left her physical body in youth because her father misbehaved with her husband.



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