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[Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/10,   4/1]

A detailed Kathaa of Kardam Rishi is given in Bhaagvat Puraan. Kardam Rishi was the son of Bramaa Jee, born from his shadow Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/6). He was married to one of the three daughters of Manu - Devahooti. His three daughters were Prasooti, Aakooti and Devahooti. Prasooti was married to Daksh Jee and Aakooti was married to Kalaa Prajaapati.

When Brahmaa Jee asked Kardam Muni to produce children, he did Tapasyaa on the banks of Saraswatee River for 10,000 years. Bhagavaan appeared before him and said - "For whatever you have done this Tap, I have made all arrangements for it. Presently Manu is ruling in Brahmaavart Pradesh. He will come to you to marry his one daughter, so you accept her and start your family. She will give birth to nine girls, you give them to Mareechi etc Prajaapati, and they will extend their family through them. I will also be born to you as my part Avataar and spread Saankhya Shaastra."

So as Hari said to him, Manu and Shataroopaa came to him and requested him to accept their daughter. Kardam Jee agreed readily saying - "Who will refuse to your beautiful daughter? Once when she was playing ball on her palace's roof, seeing her Vishwaavasu Gandharv fell from his Vimaan." Devahooti after her marriage served Kardam Rishi so well that she forgot to take care of her own body also. Kardam Jee got very pleased with her services that he gave her all his powers and asked her to ask for anything. She asked for children.

Kardam Jee created a beautiful Vimaan equipped with all kinds of luxuries. Then both enjoyed in that Vimaan for many long years. Then they came back to their Aashram and there Kardam Jee enjoyed with her with nine forms and produced nine daughters. After this he got ready to leave for Sanyaas. Devahooti said - "Hey Rishi, You are going to forest, then who will marry these girls? And what will happen to me?" Kardam Jee said - "You don't worry about that. You meditate on Bhagavaan, Hari Himself will be born to you. He will give you Moksh." After saying thus Kardam Jee went to forest.

Devahooti meditate on Bhagavaan and had Him as her son, Kapil, who preached her Saankhya Shaastra. In the end she left her body. Their nine daughters were --

(1) Kalaa named daughter to Mareechi, 
(2) Anasooyaa named daughter to Atri Rishi, 
(3) Shraddhaa named daughter to Maharshi Angiraa, 
(4) Havirbhoo named daughter to Pulastya Rishi, 
(5) Gati named daughter to Pulah, 
(6) Kriyaa named daughter to Kratu, 
(7) Khyaati named daughter to Maharshi Bhrigu, 
(8) Arundhatee named daughter to Maharshi Vashishth and 
(9) Shaanti named daughter to Atharvaa Rishi. 



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