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Chapter 12

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12-Vastness of Creation

Maitreya Jee said - "Till now I told you the Kaal form of Bhagavaan, now you listen to how Brahmaa Jee created this world. First of all Brahmaa Jee created the five forms of A-Gyaan (Ignorance) - Tam (A-Vidyaa), Moh (attachment), Mahaa-Moh (Raag or intense love), Taamistra (jealousy), and Andh-Taamistra (intense jealousy). He did not like this Paapee (sinful) Creation, so he meditated again and created another Creation from his Tap. This time he created four Muni whose names started with San - Sanak, Sanandan, Sanaatan, and Sanat Kumaar and said to his sons - "Go, and create the world. But since they were born from Tap they were devotees of Shree Hari, so they did not like to do that and they went for Tapasyaa.

When Brahma Jee saw that his own sons disrespected him, he became very angry. He tried to control his anger but he could not control it and it came out from the midst of his both eyebrows in the form of a red and blue child. He was the Poorvaj (ancestor) of Devtaa - Bhav (Rudra). He cried first then asked his name and his dwelling place. Brahmaa Jee said - "Because you started crying as soon as you were born, you will be called as Rudra and I have already created some places for you to live - Hridaya (heart), Indriyaan, Praan, sky, air, Agni, water, Prithvi, Sun, Moon and Tap. You will be called as Manyu, Manu, Mahinas, Mahaan, Shiv, Ritadhwaj, Ugraretaa, Bhav, Kaal, Vaamdev, and Dhritvrat [by these 11 names]; and Dhee, Vritti, Ushanaa, Umaa, Niyut, Sarpee, Ilaa, Ambikaa, Iraavatee, Sudhaa and Deekshaa will be your 11 wives. You accept these names, dwelling places and wives and start producing people (Prajaa) because you are the Prajaapati (Swaamee of people). [Thus there are 11 Rudra, their 11 wives and their 11 dwelling places]

With the permission of Brahmaa Jee Rudra started producing people as he himself was. Now these Rudra, produced by Rudra, started eating the world, so Brahmaa Jee got worried. He told Rudra not to produce such people, but to produce good people after doing some Tap. So Rudra went to forest for Tap.

After this Brahmaa Jee again intended to create something, so he produced 10 sons more. They in turn produced many people in this world. Brahmaa's sons' names were - Mareechi, Atri, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Bhrigu, Vashishth, Daksh and the tenth one was Naarad. Naarad Jee came out from Brahmaa Jee's lap, Daksh from his thumb, Vashishth Jee from his Praan, Bhrigu from his skin, Kratu from his hand, Pulah from his navel, Pulastya Rishi from his ear, Angiraa from his mouth, Atri from his eyes, and Mareechi from his heart.

From his right breast came out Dharm whose wife Moorti gave birth to Naaraayan Himself. From his back came out A-Dharm and his son was Mrityu (death). Kaam (pleasures) came out from Brahmaa Jee's heart, Krodh (anger) from his eyebrows, Lobh (greed) from his lower lip, Saraswatee Devee from his mouth, Samudra (sea) from his penis, and Nir-riti (Paap places) from his anus. Kardam Rishi was born from his shadow. Thus this whole world was created from Brahmaa Jee's body and heart.

Hey Vidur Jee, We have heard that Brahmaa's daughter Saraswatee was very beautiful. Brahmaa Jee himself got attracted to her although she was innocent. Seeing his sinful intention his Mareechi etc sons said to him - "Father, you are so powerful, still you are doing this Paap (sin) of attracting to your own daughter. No Brahmaa  has done this before you, nor any other Brahmaa will do this in future. It is not right for you." Brahmaa Jee got ashamed of this. He immediately left his body. The directions took his body and that was called mist or fog or darkness. 

Then he took another body and created other things. First appeared four Ved from his four mouths (see 5-Bhaagvat, 3/6 (1) here) - Rig Ved from eastern mouth, Yajur Ved from southern mouth, Saam Ved from western mouth and Atharv Ved from His northern mouth. Then He created many kinds of knowledge - Up-Ved, knowledge of justice, Karm of the four Ritwij, four Aashram, Chhand (a kind of structure of poetry), alphabet, seven Swar (sounds or notes) etc. In the same he wrote Aayur Ved (Indian system of medicine), Dhanur Ved (archery), Gaandharv Ved (music) and Sthaapatya Ved (sculpture). These four Up-Ved were created by his east mouth. Then he wrote the fifth Ved - Itihaas and Puraan (Raamaayan, Mahaabhaarat and Puraan) (see 5-Bhaagvat, 3/7 (3) here).

Later he found that his ten sons were not able to produce as many people as he thought so, so he thought what to do now. In this thinking process his body was divided in two parts. "K" is the name of Brahmaa Jee. Because of being divide from his body this body is called Kaaya (body). The divided parts became a couple of man and woman - Manu and Shataroopaa. Since then this world's population started increasing by sexual method. Manu had two sons, Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad; and three daughters, Aakooti, Devahooti and Prasooti. Manu married Aakooti to Ruchi Prajaapati, Devahooti to Kardam Rishi (born from the shadow of Brahmaa Jee) and Prasooti to Daksh Jee (born from Brahmaa Jee's thumb). (see 5-Bhaagvat, 3/7 (2) here) Daughters of these three women produced many children."



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