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Chapters 13-14

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13-Varaah Avataar

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Vidur Jee asked - "Hey Muni, What did Manu do after getting Shataroopaa? Maitreya Jee said -"Manu asked Brahmaa Jee politely - "We are your children, what should we do now so that we can serve you?" Brahmaa Jee said - "I am very pleased with you. You have asked the son-like question, it is good, I am very pleased with this. Now you produce children like yourself and take care of the Prithvi religiously. Hari and I will be very pleased if you produce people and take care of them." Manu asked - "I will obey your orders, but first you tell me the place to live for me and my people. The living place for all Jeev Prithvi is sunk in the Pralaya Jal (water) at this time. Get it out first."

Brahmaa Jee thought for some time that how Prithvi should be taken out from the Pralaya Jal. He was in the process of thinking thus, that a baby Varaah (Boar) came out of his nostrils. Within no time it grew up very large. Sankaadi Muni, Mareechi, other Muni, even Brahmaa Jee himself, got very surprised to see it and its sudden fast growth. It must be Bhagavaan, they all thought. The Boar shouted very loudly and entered the Jal and in a few moments brought Prithvi out of the water. When He was coming out of the water, Hiranyaaksh tried to stop Him to take that Prithvi, but Varaah Bhagavaan killed him there only. Rishi prayed Him. Then all people prayed Him. Varaah Bhagavaan kept the Prithvi on the Jal and disappeared."

14-Diti Expects Children?

Vidur Jee asked - "Hey Muni, I have heard this from you only that Hiranyaaksh was killed by Varaah Avataar. How did Bhagavaan meet Hiranyaaksh when He was bringing Prithvi out?" Maitreya Jee said - "Vidur Jee, It is good that you are asking about the Avataar of Hari. See, Uttaanpaad's son Dhruv won the Death only by listening to Hari Kathaa by Naarad Jee and got the highest Lok in the Universe. In earlier time Brahmaa Jee told this to Devtaa.

Once Daksh's daughter Diti expressed her desire to her husband Mareechi's Putra Kashyap Jee, to give her a son in the evening. At that time Kashyap Jee was sitting in meditation, he did not say a word. Diti again said - "Our father Daksh Jee used to love all his daughters very much. Once he called all of us and asked each one separately "who do you want to marry". We thirteen daughters wanted to marry you, so he married us to you. Now my sisters have children but I don't. So please fulfill my desire."

Diti was very restless for Kashyap Jee so she requested him several times. Kashyap Jee said to Diti - "I will surely fulfill your desire. Who is that man who will not fulfill such a wife's desire? Wife is the half part of a man. But you should wait for just one Muhoort because this particular Muhoort is not auspicious for that, because at this time your brother-in-law Shiv Jee can see everything through his Gan who roam around  on Prithvi so this time is not good." But Diti was so much full of desire that she wouldn't listen to anything. She pulled Kashyap Jee's cloth continuously and instigated him for giving her a child. Then Kashyap Jee prayed Bhagavaan and fulfilled her desire. He then took bath and again sat for meditation.

Later Diti was very much ashamed of her action. She said to Kashyap Jee - "I have sinned to Rudra, but he should not destroy my Garbh (womb). I greet him. Besides he is my brother-in-law also in relation because he is the husband of my sister Satee, for the same reason also he should be kind to me." After the meditation Kashyap Jee found Diti praying for her child's development.

At this Kashyap Jee said - "You didn't listen to me and you have ignored even Devtaa, therefore you will give birth to two very A-Mangal (inauspicious or evil) sons. They will be very cruel to everybody and only Shree Hari will kill them." Diti said - "I also want the same that if they are going to be killed then they should be killed only by Shree Hari, not by Shaap of Braahman etc." Kashyap Jee said - "But since you have repented for your sins, that is why one son among the four sons of your one of the two sons, will be respected by everybody. He will be a great devotee of Shree Hari. He will have no enemy. He will have Darshan of Hari also." Diti was very happy to hear that one of her four grandsons will be a great devotee of Bhagavaan and her sons will be killed by Bhagavaan Himself.



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