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Chapters 15-19



15-Sanakaadi's Shaap to Jaya and Vijaya

Maitreya Jee said - "Diti feared that her son will trouble Devtaa, that is why she kept her fetus in her womb for 100 years. But Kashyap Jee's Tej was so much in her womb that Soorya's light got dimmed in all the ten directions and even Indra's powers got dimmed because of that Tej. Then Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "Hey Bhagavaan, do something, light is very low all around because of Kashyap Jee's semen in Diti's womb and that darkness is creating disorganization in the world."

Then Brahmaa Jee told Devtaa that once your ancestors, my Maanas Putra Sankaadi Muni who wander around all over arrived in Vaikunth Lok. There they felt very satisfied because there live only those people who always worship Bhagavaan. There Hari adorns His own idol with Tulasee so other trees regard Tulasee's Tap more than their own. That Lok is full of gem studded airplanes. Lakshmee Jee lives there leaving aside her all faults. When those Muni arrived at the seventh gate, after crossing six gates, with the desire to see Hari, they saw two very handsome young men there guarding the gate. But without caring for them they went inside that gate too. Although these Sankaadik Muni were the oldest in their age but they looked like five year-old children and lived without any clothes.

When those two young men saw them going like this, they stuck their stick across the door and stopped them from going inside. At this behavior Sanakaadi Muni said - "Although you are Paarshad (servants) of Bhagavaan but your intelligence level is very low. This is Bhagavaan's Lok, and on who you are doubting? Therefore we punish you for your betterment that you get out of this Vaikunth Lok and take birth in those Paap Yoni where only lust, anger and greed are there."

Hearing this those Paarshad got frightened, fell on Muni's feet and prayed - "This is very appropriate punishment for our crime, but please at least be so kind to us that even in those Yoni, we do not forget our Bhagavaan." When Naaraayan knew about this, He came out with Lakshmee Jee to pay respect to them. When Sankaadik Muni saw Bhagavaan they prayed Him."

16-Fall of Jaya and Vijaya

Brahmaa Jee further said - "When Sanakaadi Muni prayed Bhagavaan, then pleased with their prayer He said - "Hey Muni,  These Jaya and Vijaya are my Paarshad. They have misbehaved with you so they should be punished. I respect Braahman and they have no right to insult you. I consider it my own insult, so I beg you for your happiness. Because of serving people like you the dust of my feet has become so holy that by touching it only every sin is destroyed, and because of serving you I have got such a good nature that in spite of being indifferent, Lakshmee doesn't leave me even for one moment. But please do me a favor that their term is over soon" 

Since Sanakaadi Muni were very angry at Jaya and Vijaya, they did not get satisfied hearing Hari's sweet voice. They said - "You are the highest. You are worshipped by everybody. But you said that "Please do me a favor", we did not understand this. You favor to everybody then how anyone else can favor you? In spite of being the Lord of all you are so polite to everybody, this is your greatness. So whatever punishment you want to give them you can give; or if you don't want to give any that is also up to you. Or if you give the punishment to us, that is also accepted to us."

Bhagavaan said - "You don't worry now. Whatever has happened has happened because of my inspiration only. They will be born in Daitya Yoni but they will soon complete their punishment term and will come back to me."  Sanakaadi Muni went away from there. Then Bhagavaan told His Paarshad - "You also don't worry, you will be all right. I can do anything but I do not want to make Braahman's statement lie. that is why I had to accept it. Once you did not allow Lakshmee Jee to enter my Lok, then Lakshmee also gave Shaap to you. You will be pious after finishing your term." Bhagavaan came back to His place and Jaya and Vijaya started falling down, then Vaikunth people got very sad. So my dear sons, The same Paarshad are now in Diti's womb. And because of that this whole light has got dim. Only Hari will do us good, we cannot do anything. So just wait."

17-Birth of Hiranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyap

Maitreya Jee said - "So Hey Vidur Jee, After knowing the cause of the darkness Devtaa went away. Diti always feared that her sons will do harm, so she kept them in her womb for 100 years. After 100 years she gave birth to twins. As they were born, many bad omens occurred. They started growing very fast and they grew so much so fast that their golden Mukut (crowns) touched the sky and their body covered all directions.

Kashyap Jee named them as Hiranyakashyap (he came first in the womb) and Hiranyaaksh (he came first out of the womb). Hiranyakashyap did a lots of Tap and he got Var from Brahmaa Jee not to be killed by anybody, any time, any where. He had controlled all three Lok along with Lokpaal. Hiranyakashyap used to love his younger brother very much and Hiranyaaksh also obeyed his elder brother.

Hiranyaaksh was also very powerful and brave. One day Hiranyaaksh arrived in Swarg Lok with the desire of fighting. Seeing him everybody hid, so he jumped into the sea just to play around. There Varun's people also hid fearing him. For several years he was fooling around in the waters but when he didn't find anybody there, he went to Varun's capital Vibhaavaree Nagaree. There he asked about the Swaamee of Paataal Lok and all the water creatures and asked Varun Jee to have a fight with him. Varun Jee got very angry at this, but he told Hiranyaaksh calmly that he was no more interested in fighting, so he should go and try Shree Hari. Only He could help him."

18-Fight of Hiranyaaksh With Varaah Bhagavaan 

Hearing this from Varun Jee Hiranyaaksh got very happy that he would be able to kill Hari. He started searching for Shree Hari. He asked His whereabouts from Naarad Jee and arrived in Rasaatal. There he saw a Varaah carrying the Prithvi up. He could not understand that how a Varaah came into the sea. So he thought that where did this wild animal come from? Then he asked Him - "Where are you taking this Prithvi? Leave it alone. Brahmaa Jee has given this to us. You cannot take it when I am there. You know only Maayaa, you are not at all powerful. Today I will make my brothers fearless by killing you." But Varaah did not pay any attention to this because He had Prithvi on His teeth, and brought the Prithvi up out of the water. Seeing this Hiranyaaksh followed Him and said - "Are you not ashamed of running away?" Hari established Prithvi on water. At the same time Brahmaa Jee prayed Him.

Hari said to Hiranyaaksh - "You are right, we are really wild animals and are always on look out for the animals like you. You are the leader of your community, so come and make your community comfortable by killing me. Do not delay any more. Who does not fulfill his vow he is not worth sitting with civilized people." Hiranyaaksh came in anger and hit Him with his Gadaa. Brahmaa Jee and Rishi also came to see their fight. Brahmaa Jee noticed that because of his Var, it was very difficult to kill him, so he said to Hari - "Hey Dev, This wicked Daitya has become very powerful after getting Var from me. Use your Yog Maayaa to kill him before he troubles other people. Establish peace by killing him."

When Hiranyaash did Tap and got Var from Brahmaa Jee - any idea? All know about HIranyakashyap's Tap and Var but not of Hiranyaaksh.

19-Hiranyaaksh Vadh

Hari heard Brahmaa's prayer and request, so He hit Hiranyaaksh with His Gadaa but it fell down after hitting Hiranyaaksh's Gadaa. Hiranyaaksh didn't hit Him in turn, Hari praised him for his this action. But then He remembered His Chakra (Divine disc) and it came in His hands immediately, but then He started playing with His Paarshad. Seeing Chakra in Hari's hand Hiranyaaksh got very angry and hit Him with his Gadaa. After a long fight Shree Hari Killed him. Brahmaa Jee and other Rishi admired Hiranyaaksh's death. They said - "Who else can get such death like him? This Asur died looking at the face of Shree Hari. These Hiranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyap are His own Paarshad. They have got this kind of life because of Shaap. After a few lives they will again get their own status." Devtaa also prayed Him and Bhagavaan went to His Dhaam."

Vidur Jee got very happy to hear this story. When Graah (crocodile) caught elephant, he meditated on Hari and his wives started crying, then He got kind to him and saved him. Who hears the story of Varaah Avataar his all sins, even Brahm Hatyaa like sins, are washed away.

Sattwa is seeing Unity in Diversity, and Rajas is seeing Diversity in Unity
So we should develop the habit of visualizing unity in diversity, and not diversity in the unity that is divine. God is everywhere and in everyone. The whole universe is inhabited by Him.



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