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Chapter 20

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20-Different Creations of Brahmaa Jee

Shaunak Jee said - "Hey Soot Jee, After getting Prithvi back, what ways did Manu use to increase population? Vidur Jee was a great devotee of Krishn that is why he abandoned his elder brother knowing that he and his son Duryodhan insulted Krishn. He was the son of Maharshi Krishn Dwaipaayan, and was not less than him in any way. What more did he ask from Maitreya Jee? They must have talked about Hari a lot, Hey Soot Jee, please tell us those stories."

Soot Jee said - "Hearing Varaah Avataar's story Vidur Jee got very satisfied, he asked Maitreya Jee - "How Brahmaa Jee increased the population after producing the ten Rishi? How Mareechi etc Rishi produced children? Did they do this with the help of their wives or independently or living together? Now please tell me this."

Maitreya Jee said - "Whose Gati is difficult to know, He Himself, peoples' destiny and Kaal, these three created Kshobh in three Gun Prakriti and produced Mahat-Tattwa. Then three types of Ahankaar - Vaikaarik (Saatwik), Raajas and Taamas -  appeared from Rajo Gunee Mahat-Tattwa. It produced Aakaash etc several 5-elements classes. They could not create the world single-handed, therefore they created a golden colored egg with the help of Bhagavaan's power. This egg lay unconscious in its Cause-Jal for more than 1,000 Divine years. Then Shree Hari entered it, and a lotus which was the Aashraya (container or resting place) of all the living beings, appeared from His navel. Brahmaa Jee appeared from that lotus.

When Naaraayan entered the heart of Brahmaa Jee, then Brahmaa Jee started creating the worlds like previous Kalp. First of all he created five types of A-Vidyaa (Taamistra, Andh-Taamistra, Tam, Moh, and Mahaa-Moh). Brahmaa Jee did not like his Tamo Gunee body so he abandoned it. Yaksh and Raakshas took it and said "eat it" (Khaao) and "don't protect it" (Rakshaa Mat Karo)  because they were hungry. But Brahmaa Jee shouted - "Fools, you are my children. You don't eat me, protect me." So among them whosoever said "eat it" (Khaao) were called Yaksh and whosoever said "don't protect it" (Rakshaa Mat Karo) were called Raakshas

Then Brahmaa Jee created chief Devtaa inspired by Sato Gun. He abandoned that body also after producing Devtaa, and Devtaa took that very bright body. Then he created lusty Asur from his thighs. They were very lusty so they rushed towards Brahmaa Jee to fulfill their desire. Seeing them coming to him, first Brahmaa Jee smiled but then ran away in fear from them and went to Shree Hari for help saying - "I produced these people with your order only, but these people are sinners and are troubling me only." Bhagavaan advised him to leave that body so he abandoned that body also. His abandoned body got converted into a very beautiful woman - Sandhyaa. Seeing that beautiful woman Asur got attracted to her and got that woman.

Then Brahmaa Jee created Gandharv and Apsaraa and abandoned that body also which was converted into Jyotsnaa (Chandrikaa or Chaandanee or moonlight). Vishwaavasu etc Gandharv took that body. After that he created Bhoot Pishaach from his Tandraa (sleep) but seeing them without clothes he closed his eyes. His that body got converted into yawn and that yawn-body was taken by Bhoot Pishaach. It is called Nidraa (sleep) too which brings weakness in human beings' body parts at the time of sleep. Then with the feeling of Tej he created Saadhya Gan and Pitri Gan, so Pitri took that invisible body. That is why Pandit offer Kavya (Pind) to Pitri Gan and Havya to Saadhya Gan. He created some others people also.

Once he saw his own face and considering it very handsome produced Kinnar and Kimpurush. Brahmaa Jee left that body also and Kinnar and Kimpurush took his that shadow body. Therefore they all sing praises of Brahmaa Jee with their wives in the morning. Once Brahmaa Jee lay down and spread his arms and legs worrying about not growing the population. But he left that body in anger. In anger his hair fell, they became Ahi and Sarp and Naag).

Once he felt very satisfied then he produced many Manu from his Man (mind). He left that human-body for them. Seeing Manu, all who were born before them, were very happy and prayed Brahmaa Jee for this saying that this was his very best creation, because all types of Karm, Agnihotra etc could be performed by them and they would also be able to take their share of food. Then Brahmaa Jee produced Rishi Muni from his Tap, knowledge, Yog and Samaadhi and gave everybody a part of his Tap.



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