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Shachee is the daughter of Asur Pulomaa and the wife of Indra. This Asur was killed by Indra. The meaning of "Shachee" is "The Powerful and Helpful" also, and in Hindu epics, she is also described as 'The Endless Beauty'. She is known as Indraanee, Aindree, and Mahendree also, because she is Indra's or Mahendra's wife. She is known as Paulomee also as she is the daughter of Paulomaa. She is one of the seven Maatrikaa (mother goddesses). She is described as beautiful and having one thousand eyes. She is associated with lions and elephants. She has two children, one son Jayant and one daughter Jayantee.

Not much is available about Shachee. Here are two stories about her.

Indraanee and Nahush
When Indra had the Paap of killing Vritraasur, and he hid in a lotus stem for one year, Raajaa Nahush was appointed the Indra of Swarg because of his Tap. Raajaa Nahush became proud of his Indra status, so one day he demanded to have Shachee. Shachee got very sad hearing this and thought of some way to save herself. She went to Guru Brihaspati Jee and asked him some way to come out clean from this odd situation. He suggested her to accept his invitation with the condition that he should come to Indraanee's house in a Paalakee (palanquin) carried on the shoulders of Braahman.

So she accepted Raajaa Nahush's invitation on one condition that if he would come to her in a Paalakee carried on the shoulders of Braahman then only she will be his. Raajaa Nahush was blind with the pride of his Indra status and happiness of Shachee's acceptance of his offer, that he forgot what he was going to do. He accepted her condition. Immediately he called for a Paalakee and ordered Braahman to carry him to Indra's palace. Counselors advised him not to do so as it was a sin, but he didn't listen to anybody and he stayed firm on his intention. So a Paalakee came carried by Braahman. He sat in that Paalakee (palanquin) and Braahman carried him towards Indra's palace.

Braahman were Braahman not the slaves, they didn't have the habit to carry load, so they were going slowly. Raajaa Nahush was impatient to reach Indraanee's place, and under that impatience he asked Braahman to walk faster saying "Sarp, Sarp". Sarp in Sanskrit language means "go faster, go faster", but its another meaning is "snake". When Braahman could not walk faster he said it again hitting Agastya Muni with his foot. This time Agastya Muni gave him Shaap - "You are telling us "Sarp, Sarp", go and become Sarp (snake) yourself"; and Nahush became a Sarp (snake) and fell down on Prithvi.

As he was falling on Prithvi, he asked for Muni's forgiveness. Muni softened his Shaap. He said when you will catch the strongest man of Prithvi, Yudhidhthir will come to you and will answer your questions. Then you will be free from from your Shaap." So when Paandav were in their exile, Nahush caught Bheem in his coils. Yudhishthir came and answered his questions, then only he got free from his snake Yoni. (Read this story here)

Indraanee and Satyabhaamaa
From  Vishnu Puraan, 5/11

This story may be found in Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u/u8 also, although it is not in detail. When Narakaasur's (Bhaumaasur) atrocities crossed the limits, Indra went to Krishn and requested Him to kill him. Krishn called His Garud, took Satyabhaamaa along and proceeded to kill Narakaasur. He had taken Aditi's earrings and Varun Dev's royal umbrella, so Krishn killed Narakaasur, freed 16,000 princesses, took Aditi's earring and Varun's umbrella and proceeded to Indra Lok to hand over those things to Aditi and Varun. He came to Indra Lok, gave the earrings and umbrella to Indra.

Krishn and Satyabhaamaa visited Indra's Nandan Van. There Satyabhaamaa saw Paarijaat tree. Satyabhaamaa said to Krishn - "Why not we take this tree on Prithvi, I will adorn them in my hair." So Krishn immediately uprooted it and kept it on His Garud. The guards of the garden requested Krishn not to take that tree from Nandan Van as it belonged to Shachee. Hearing this Satyabhaamaa got angry and said to the guards - "Indra and Shachee are not the owners of this tree, iof this has come out of Saagar Manthan, it belongs to everybody. If Shachee is proud of her husband's powers, tell her that Satyabhaamaa is taking this tree, she can do whatever she likes."

The guards went to repot this to Shachee. Shachee instigated Indra and Indra got ready to fight with Krishn. After a brief fight, Indra lost his Vajra to Krishn's Chakra and his Airaavat was wounded, so he ran away from the battlefield. Satyabhaamaa said - "You are the husband of Shachee, it is not good for you to run away from the battlefield. Shachee will soon come and adorn you with Paarijaat flowers. She was proud of her husband's powers that is why she did not treat me well in her house, that is why I just showed my husband's powers. Take this tree, I don't need other's property, I just wanted to show my husband's powers to her, that is all."

Then Indra came back and asked for Krishn's forgiveness. krishn returned the tree to his Nandan Van, and Vajra also to him as it was his weapon. Indra gave Him Paarijaat tree to take it to Dwaarakaa and told that when He would leave Prithvi, it would also come back to Indra Lok.



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