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5-Pancham Ansh

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11-Narakaasur Vadh

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Narakaasur Vadh
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 385-395

Narakaasur Vadh

Paraashar Jee said - "Maitreya Jee, Once when Bhagavaan was in Dwaarakaa Puree, Indra came to Him on his Gaj Raaj Airaavat and told Him about the atrocities of Narakaasur and said - "You have killed several Raakshas even when you are in human form. Arisht, Dhenuk, Keshee etc all have been killed. Kans, Kuvalayaapeed, Pootanaa also have been killed. Now this Prithvi's son Narakaasur lives in Praagjyotishpur. He is troubling everybody. He has imprisoned many princesses and Asur girls. He has taken Varun's umbrella (Chhatra) which makes rains, Mani Parvat of Mandaraachal Mountain, both earrings of my mother Aditi and now he wants to take this Airaavat elephant also. Now you do whatever you think to do proper." Krishn got up from His seat, remembered His ride Garud and headed towards Praagjyotishpur on his back along with Satyabhaamaa. Indra also went away to his Dev Lok.

Up to 100 Yojan around Praagjyotish was surrounded by sharp wires made by Mur Daitya. Krishn cut those wires with His Divine disc. As Mur Daitya came to face Him, Krishn killed him along with his 1,000 sons and entered Praagjyotishpur. There He fought with Narakaasur. He killed him and his thousands of Daitya by His Sudarshan Chakra (Divine disc). As Narakaasur was killed, Prithvi came to Krishn with Aditi's earrings and said to Him - "Hey Naath, When you took out me from water assuming Varaah form, at the same time my this son was born to me by your touch only, thus only you gave me this son, and now you yourself have taken him away. Take these earrings and protect his children. Be pleased with him and pardon all his faults."

Krishn said - "Be it so." Then He took various types of gems from Narakaasur's palace; He saw 16,000 maidens there, and 6,000 elephants with four tusks each and 2,100,000 (21 Lakh) Kaamboj horses. Krishn sent all of them to Dwaarakaa. He kept Varun's umbrella and Mani Parvat on Garud's back and proceeded to Swarg Lok to give Aditi's earrings back to her."

Paarijaat Haran

Paraashar Jee further said - "Garud came at the gate of Swarg carrying Krishn, Satyabhaamaa, Varun's umbrella and Mani Parvat. Krishn blew His conch at the gate. Hearing that sound all Devtaa came out to welcome Him. He went to Aditi's house to give her earrings and told her about the killing of Narakaasur. Aditi prayed Him. Hearing her prayer, Krishn said smiling - "You are our mother, be pleased with us and give us blessings." Aditi said - "May your all wishes be fulfilled, you be invincible from everybody in Mrityu Lok."

Then Sakra's (Indra) wife Shachee greeted Aditi repeatedly along with Satyabhaamaa and said - "Please be happy with us." Aditi said - "You will never be old or deformed." Paraashar Jee said - Then Indra worshipped Krishn, but Indraanee didn't offer Kalp Vriksh (tree) flowers to Satyabhaamaa considering her a human being. Krishn and Satyabhaamaa visited Indra's gardens including Paarijaat tree which appeared at the time of Saagar Manthan. Seeing that tree, Satyabhaamaa got very happy, she said to Krishn - "Hey Krishn, Why don't we take this tree to Dwaarakaa? If you say that "you are very dear to me" and if it is true then take this tree to plant it in the gardens of my palace. You have said this to me many times that "you are dearer to me than Jaambvatee and Rukminee". I will adorn my hair with these flowers." So Krishn kept that tree on Garud.

Seeing this the guards of Nandan Van said - "Hey Govind, This Paarijaat tree is the property of Indra's wife Shachee, do not take it. This was given to Indra at the time of Saagar Manthan, then he gave it to Shachee. Devtaa made it appear for Shachee only at the time of Saagar Manthan. You cannot go without any trouble taking it. Even Indra continues to look at which Shachee, you are wishing for that Shachee's property foolishly. Hey Krishn, Dev Raaj will use his Vajra to take revenge for taking this tree. Therefore there is no use to develop enmity with all Devtaa, because if the result of any action is not good, wise people do not consider it good."

Satyabhaamaa said to guards angrily - "Shachee and Indra are not the only owners of this Paarijaat tree. If this came out at the time of Saagar Manthan, then it belongs to everybody. How Indra alone can take it? As everybody enjoys Vaarunee (liquor), Chandramaa and Lakshmee, in the same way this tree also belongs everyone. If Shachee is proud of her husband's powers then tell her that Satyabhaamaa is taking that tree. Go and tell my words to her that if she thinks that she is very dear to her husband then let her stop my husband to take this tree from here. I know your husband Sakra and I also know that he is the Lord of all Devtaa, still I, a human being, am taking this tree."

The guards immediately went to Shachee and told as Satyabhaamaa told them. to tell her. Hearing that Shachee instigated Indra so he headed to fight with Hari with his Devtaa army. When Govind saw Indra got ready to fight, He blew His conch and shot numerous arrows. Devtaa also used their many weapons, but Govind destroyed all of them immediately. After a brief fight Indra took out his Vajra in his hand and Govind took His Chakra. Hari caught Indra's Vajra and said - "Just wait." As Indra lost his Vajra and his elephant Airaavat got wounded, he ran away from battlefield.

Seeing him running away, Satyabhaamaa said to Indra - "Hey Lord of Tri-Lok, You are the husband of Shachee. It does not look nice to you running away from the battlefield like this. You don't run away. Shachee will soon come to you adorned with Paarijaat flowers. But how she will adorn herself with those flowers? Do not worry, you take this tree. Proud with the power of her husband Shachee did not treat me with respect in her house. I also did all this just to show my husband's strength. I don't need to take other's property."

When Satyabhaamaa said this then Indra came back and said - "Please do not be angry, I am your well wisher, therefore do not extend any quarrels with me. Who is the cause of creating, sustaining and destroying the whole Universe, I have no hesitation of being defeated from Him. Who can win Him?"

Krishn Marries 16,100 Princesses

Paraashar Jee said - "When Indra prayed like this, Krishn said in His deep voice - "Hey Lord of Tri-Lok, You are the Lord of the whole world. Take this tree to its place (Nandan Van). I took it only by the desire of Satyabhaamaa, and take your Vajra back too, because that is also yours." Indra said - "Why do you delude me saying, "I am a human." I know only this Sa-Gun Roop of yours, I do not know your subtle form. You take this Paarijaat tree to Dwaarakaa Puree. When you will leave Mrityu Lok, it will also not live there. Please forgive me for this action."

Then Hari went to Bhoo Lok saying "As you wish". He planted that tree in the gardens of Satyabhaamaa's palace. Coming near to which people remember their previous lives, by whose flowers the land fragranced for three Yojan (21-24 miles), when Yaadav saw their faces near that tree, they saw their bodies as non-human. Krishn distributed Narakaasur's wealth among His brothers and friends and married the girls brought from there in auspicious time. They were 16,100 in number. Krishn assumed the same number of forms to marry them so the girls thought that Krishn Himself was marrying her. In the same way He lived in everybody's palace separately.



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