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5-Pancham Ansh

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12-Ushaa and Aniruddh

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Ushaa and Aniruddh
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 395-

Ushaa and Aniruddh

Paraashar Jee said - "Maitreya Jee, I have already told you about Rukminee's son Pradyumn. Satyabhaamaa also gave birth to Bhaanu and Bhaanumerik etc sons. Rohinee gave birth to Deeptimaan and Taamrapaksh etc sons. Jaambvatee gave birth to mighty son Saamb etc sons. Naagnjitee (Satyaa) gave birth to Bhadravind etc sons. Shaivyaa (Mitravindaa) gave birth to Sangraamjit etc sons. Maadree (princess of Madra) had Vrik etc sons. Lakshmanaa had Gaatravaan etc sons and Kaalindee had Shrut etc sons. In the same way 8 Ayut, 8 thousand, 800 (88,800) sons from other women. Among all of them Pradyumn was the eldest. Pradyumn had Aniruddh and Aniruddh had Vajra. Aniruddh married Raajaa Bali's granddaughter and Baanaasur's daughter Ushaa. In that marriage a severe fight occurred between Hari and Shankar. Krishn cut Baanaasur's thousand arms."

Maitreya Jee asked - "Hey Brahman, Why the fight occurred between Hari and Mahaadev Jee for Ushaa: and why did He cut Baanaasur's thousand arms?" Paraashar Jee said - "Once Baanaasur's daughter saw Shiv and Paarvatee enjoying themselves, so she also had a desire to enjoy with her husband in the same way. Paarvatee Jee said - "You don't worry too much. You will also enjoy with your husband soon." Ushaa asked about as who will be the husband and when he will meet her? Paarvatee Jee said - "Whoever will copulate with you in dream in the night of Vaishaakh Shukla Dwaadashee (12th day of bright fortnight of Vaishaakh Maas), he will be your husband."

Now it happened so, that what Paarvatee Jee said to her proved true. She also got attracted to him and started saying after waking up, "Where did you go?" Kubhaand was Baanaasur's minister, and he had a daughter named Chitralekhaa who was Ushaa's very good friend. Chitralekhaa asked her what she was saying, but Ushaa wouldn't say a word about her dream because of her shyness. Chitralekhaa assured her that she wouldn't say anything to anybody about it, then only Ushaa told about her dream as well as about the dialog with Paarvatee Jee and asked her to do something about it.

Chitralekhaa said - "Although it is difficult to know and search such a man, but I will surely do something for you. You just wait for 7-8 days. Then she went inside her house and tried to find the way ton search him. After 7-8 days she came out with many sketches of Devtaa, Gandharv, Daitya, human beings etc. Later she concentrated on human beings only and especially on Andhak and Yaadav families. Seeing the sketches of Raam and Krishn Ushaa got very shy, and seeing Pradyumn she lowered her eyes, but when she saw Aniruddh's sketch, she shouted - "Yes, This is the one."

Chitralekhaa said to Ushaa - "Pleased with you Devee has decided this husband for you. His name is Aniruddh and he is well known for his beauty. If you have got this husband, it means you have got everything. But it is very difficult even to enter that well secured Dwaarakaa, still I will try my best to bring him to you. Just keep it secret, I will come back soon, please bear with me." and she went to Dwaarakaa.

Fight Between Krishn and Baanaasur

Paraashar Jee said - "Once Baanaasur worshipped Shiv Jee and said - What do I do of these thousand arms without war? Will there be any war when these arms will used?" Shankar Jee said - "When your peacock marked flag will break, at the same time that war which will give you pleasure, will break. Baanaasur came back to his house and at a later time, he was very happy to see the flag broken.

At the same time Chitralekhaa brought Aniruddh to Ushaa with the help of her Yog power. The guards of Ushaa's palace got the clue that some man is enjoying Ushaa's company, so they reported it to Baanaasur. Baanaasur ordered them to fight with him, but Aniruddh killed all of them only with an iron rod. Hearing this Baanaasur himself came to fight with him riding on his chariot, although he fought with all his might but still he got defeated. Then he started using his Maayaa (illusion) and tied him with Naag Paash.

At the same time Naarad Jee reported Yaadav about Aniruddh. Hearing Naarad Jee that Chitralekhaa has abducted him and by her Yog Power, Yaadav got convinced that Devtaa have not stolen him. [Otherwise they were thinking that Devtaa had stolen him because Krishn brought Paarijaat tree from Swarg.]

So Krishn, Pradyumn and Balaraam came to Shonit Pur and all had a face to face fight with Shiv's Paarshad (Gan). After killing them they came closer to the capital. Then came to fight with them Maaheshwar named Jwar (fever) with three heads and three legs which threw ashes on Krishn. This was about to make Him unconscious that His Vaishnav Jwar fought with Maaheshwar Jwar and threw it out from His body. Maaheshwar Jwar got afflicted with the hit of Krishn's Vaishnav Jwar. Seeing it afflicted, Brahmaa Jee said to Krishn - "Please forgive it." Krishn said - "All right, I forgave it" and absorbed His Vaishnav Jwar. Vaishnav Jwar said - Who will remember my fight they all will be without Jwar." and it went away.

Krishn started fighting now with Shiv, Kaartikeya and Baanaasur. It was a severe fight. Tri-Lok trembled with weapons used in this fight. Then Govind used Jrambhak Astra which caused Mahaadev Yawning. Seeing him in such condition other Daitya ran away. Shankar sat down in the rear part of his chariot and could not fight with Krishn. Later his ride got destroyed by Garud and he himself got afflicted by Pradyumn's arrows. Kaartikeya also had to go back.

Then came Baanaasur on a chariot drawn by Nandeeshwar himself. Seeing him coming like this Balraam Jee shot many arrows which scattered Baanaasur's army. Then Krishn Himself engaged in fight with Baanaasur. Both used their weapon up to their capacity. Then Krishn intended to kill him so He took His Chakra (Divine disc) in His hand, at the same time Daity's Kul Devee Kotaree appeared naked in front of Him. Seeing her like that, Krishn closed His eyes and released His Chakra to cut Baanaasur's thousand arms. The Chakra cut his all arms except two. Then Shankar knew that Krishn wanted to release His Chakra again to kill him after cutting his arms.

So he came to Krishn and said - "Hey Krishn, I know that you are the Lord of the Universe. I have given him the Var of being fearless, do not make it a lie. He is not your culprit. He has become so proud only because of my favor to him. Because I gave him Var that is why I ask for your forgiveness." Krishn got pleased with Shankar Jee and said - "If you have given him this Var that he should live, then I hold my Chakra back. Whatever you gave, I also gave to him. Consider me as yourself so you may go now, I also go."

Krishn went to Aniruddh, His Naag Paash got cut only by the wind created by Garud's wings. Then He asked Aniruddh, Ushaa, Balaraam and Pradyumn to ride on Garud and came back to Dwaarakaa.



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