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8-Agni Puraan

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Agni Puraan is the 8th Puraan in the row of 18 Puraan. It contains 15,400 Shlok (verses) divided among 383 Adhyaaya (chapters). This description has been taken from "Agni Puraan: Mool Sanskrit kaa Hindi Anuvaad" published by Gita Press, Gorakhpur, Samvat 2061. (No 1362). 846 p.

Although this Puraan is the translation of Sanskrit Puraan, Shlok by Shlok, still, I don't know why at some places there is some incoherency. I am sorry about that, but I have also not made any attempt to correct it at those places, because I am not the authority to do that. This book contains 383 chapters, many are technical. These technical chapters are not given here but their title and page numbers are given in a very small font, so that one can know what to expect in those pages.

List of Covered Chapters
List of Chapters Not Given

This Puraan was told by Agni Dev himself to Vashishth Jee that is why it is called Agni Puraan. According to Padm Puraan all Puraan are said to be another form of Vishnu. Agni Puraan  is thus called the left foot of Vishnu  (Swarg Khand 62/4). At many places Maharshi Pushkar Jee told this to Parashuraam Jee.

It contains the knowledge of "beyond this world"; stories of Vishnu's Avataar; Raamaayan in nutshell; description of Krishn's lineage with the name of "Hari Vansh"; abridged Mahaabhaarat; description of the Creation; method of taking bath, doing Sandhyaa, Poojaa, and Hom; method of Deekshaa (making a disciple); 48 Sanskaar of Deekshaa; fruits of constructing temple; characteristics of idols of various Devtaa; method of establishing the new idol of a Devtaa; and various Mantra of Devtaa. Besides, it contains importance of Teerth (holy places); astrology; how to win wars; magic etc six Karm; Mantra; medicines; description of Soorya and Chandra Vansh etc.



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