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13-Skand Puraan

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13-Skand Puraan-Index

Skand Puraan is the 13th Puraan in the row of 18 Puraan. Skand is another name of Bhagavaan Kaarttikeya. Bhagvaan Kaarttikeya is the son of Shiv and Gangaa, but later Gangaa gave his mother's status to Paarvatee. He has six mouths, that is why his other names are Shanmukh, Shadmukh, Shadaanan. Yet his other names include Kumaar. The narrations here are taken from Kalyaan's "Sankshipt Skand Puraanaank" (No 279), special publication of 25th year, published by Kalyaan Kaaryaalaya, Gita Press, Gorakhpur.

This Puraan is the longest among all the Puraan, contains 81,000 Shlok (verses). Some say that it contains 100,000 Shlok - so it is as large as Mahaabhaarat itself. It is about Tatpurush Kalp. The Gita Press Edition is divided into six Khand (sections).

This Puraan was originally taught by Shiv to his consort Paarvatee. It contains many stories. It gives a detailed description of Bhaarat Varsh of those days. In addition to the various forms of Shiv Ling and the meditation thereof, the now famous Satya Naaraayan Vrat is also described.

Synopsis of Skand Puraan

(1) Maaheshwar Khand - Shiv

(2) Vaishnav Khand - Varaah Avataar, importance of Ayodhyaa and Badaree Naath; Vaishaakh, Kaarttik and Maagh Maas); Bhaagvat Puraan

(3) Braahm Khand - Raam; importance of Raameshwaram.

(4) Kaashee Khand - Dhanvantari,

(5) Aavantya Khand -

(6) Naagar Khand -

Shiv Rahasya - This Upa-Puraan gives about Skand's activities.

Himvat Khand (or Nepaal Mahaatmya) - Gokarneshwar Temples



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