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Shiv Rahasya

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Shiv Rahasya Puraan is a Shaiv Up-Puraan. It is acclaimed 7,000 years old. It is one of the few works of the acclaimed saint Ribhu who was taught by Shiv himself. Ribhu Geetaa is an acclaimed A-Dwait or no-dual song at the heart of this Puraan. It is a voluminous text published in the Canarese script in 30 volumes in 1950. Its manuscripts are found at various places but their textual variations have not been critically studied. Raman Maharshi held Ribhu Geetaa in esteem.

1. Introduction

2. Daksh Yagya

3. Nandee's Curse

4. Tyranny of Asur

5. Kaarttikeya

6. Shadow of War

7. Out of Asur

8. Surpadm's Downfall

9. Marriages

10. Esoteric Significance-1

11. Esoteric Significance-2

12. Esoteric Significance-3

13. Ribhu Geetaa

Skand and a Girl



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