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Shiv Rahasya

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4-Tyranny of the Asur

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Tyranny of the Asur
Shiv Rahasya-4 in Om Namah Shivaya Group [10/21/09]

In his rank ambition, Shoorpadm sent his son, Baanukopan, to capture Indra Lok and to make Devendra and his consort as his prisoners. The army of the Asur took over and plundered Indra Lok. Unable to bear the torture, Devendra and his consort flew away from Dev Lok in the guise of parrots and dwelt in Shiyaalee, in Southern India, but Indra's son, Jayant, was brought to Mahendra Puree and was imprisoned there. The disguised Indra and his consort were offering prayers to Shiv to save them from the onslaught of the Asur and restore them back to their kingdom.

After a while, leaving his consort under the protection of Mahaa Shasht, Indra proceeded along with other Devtaa to Mount Kailaash, to request Shiv to protect them from the ruthless tyranny of the Asur. During his absence, Ajaamukhee, the sister of Shoorpadm, by the exercise of her black art tried to abduct Indraanee forcibly and took her to Shoorpadm. But she herself got wounded in the attempt; and the news of the inglorious treatment meted out to Ajaamukhee by Mahaa Shasht infuriated further the power-mad Shoorpadm, who in his wounded pride, used his whip on the Devtaa more mercilessly than before.

Meanwhile, Sage Agastya, at the command of Shiv, was proceeding South, with a Kamandal of water from the Aakaash Gangaa. On the way, Kraunchan, an Asur who had assumed the shape of a mountain, tried to entice the Rishi from his path. Aware of the trick of the Asur, the Rishi cursed him to remain in the shape of the mountain till he came to perish at the hands of Lord Kaarttikeya.

After that Agastya Jee continued his journey and, crossing the Vindhyaachal in due time, entered Southern India. One day, here, when his attention was somewhere else, the water of his Kamandal got spilt on the ground by the mischievous pranks of a crow. Annoyed at this, the Rishi tapped the crow on the head. To his surprise, he saw before him Lord Ganesh. By his grace, the water that was spilt became the source of the river Kaaveree, which flowed, among other places, alongside the garden in which Indra and his consort were doing Tapas for Shiv's grace./font>

Subsequently, Agastya Jee killed two sons of Ajaamukhee. It came about thus, that these two sons, Ilval and Vaataapi by name, used to kill Braahman and others by inviting the passers-by in the forest for a feast in their house. On each of such occasions, Vaataapi would be cut to pieces, cooked and served as meat for the guests. When the guests had finished their dinner, Ilval would call for his brother Vaataapi and the latter would come out alive and whole, piercing the abdomen of the guest who had eaten him, thus killing the guest. The Asur brothers would then feast on the unsuspecting, murdered guests. But Agastya Muni who had sensed this cruel trick in time, gently rubbed his abdomen, murmuring "Vaataapi Jeernobhava" (let Vaataapi be digested), and the Asur thus perished, unable to do anything. Agastya then turned his wrath on his brother Ilval and killed him also.

Devtaa imprisoned by Shoorpadm and his brothers were in the meanwhile undergoing agonies of torture. As days passed, the persecution was becoming more and more atrocious. Unable to bear their sufferings any longer, the Devtaa, led by Brahmaa, Vishnu and Indra, started on a journey to Mount Kailaash to make a supplication to Shiv for immediate relief and protection.



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