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9-Bhavishya Puraan

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9-Bhavishya Puraan-Index

Bhavishya Puraan is the 9th Puraan in the row of 18 Puraan. According to Naarad Puraan, it is divided in five sections - (1) Braahm Parv; (2) Vaishnav Parv; (3) Shaiv Parv; Saur Parv; and (5) Pratisarg Parv. Braahm Parv tells about the greatness of Brahmaa, the second and the third ones describe about Dharm, liberation, and worship to God Vishnu and Shiv for family prosperity and liberation. The fourth one tells more about Soorya and the fifth one, Pratisarg Parv, deals detailed description of the ings and other Divine personalities of Kali Yug. It gives an account of Raajaa Vikramaaditya also. The last section of Pratisarg Parv is called Bhavishyottar Puraan.

But what we see today in today's Bhavishya Puraan that it is divided in four main Parv (sections) - Braahm, Madhyam, Pratisarg, and Uttar. Then Madhyam Parv is divided in three and Pratisarg Parv is divided in four Khand. All these Khand contain 485 Adhyaaya (chapters) and 14,500 Shlok (verses). All material given here has been adapted from "Sankshipt Bhavishya Puraan, Motaa Type", 4th ed, Gita Press, Gorakhpur, UP; Samvat 2060.

This Puraan is in the form of dialog, when Maharshi Ved Vyaas' disciple Sumantu, Vashishth Jee, Paraashar, Jaimini, Yaagyavalkya, Gautam etc went to Raajaa Shataaneek's court. Shataaneek was the descendent of Paandav. There Maharshi Sumantu told this to Raajaa Shataaneek.

This Puraan is a very high standard book with regard to its subject matter, writing style and the poetic style. It includes religion, good conduct, ethics, fasts, Teerth, Dharm, good moral actions, Vrat (fasts and vows), Teerth (holy places), Daan (charity), astrology, and topics related Aayurved (Indian traditional medicines). This Puraan tells us about Soorya Dev (Sun). It is divided in 4 parts

1-Braahm Parv
Its most part is devoted to Soorya Dev and his worship.

2-Madhyam Parv
Soorya Dev related stories are also equally interesting in Braahm Parv and Madhyam Parv. Its another attraction is its Madhyam Parv that describes the total Karm Kaand (about action). All Vrat and Daan (charity) have been extensively described in this Parv. They are never described anywhere else, in any Puraan or in any Dharm book (religious book), so extensively.

3-Pratisarg Parv
Stories under Vetaal-Vikram dialog are the part of 23 Chapters  of 2nd Khand, of Pratisarg Parv. They are so interesting and enchanting that they appear in Brihat Kathaa also written by Gunaadhyaaya; "Brihat Kathaa Manjaree" written by Kshemendra; and "Kathaa Saritsaagar" written by Somdev. The same stories, they are 25 in all, are best known as Vetaal Panch-Vinshati in Sanskrit or Vetaal Pachcheesee in Hindi language.  Satya Naaraayan Kathaa is also a part of this Puraan - from 24th to 29th Chapter (6 Chapters) of 2nd Khand of Pratisarg Parv. Aalhaa-Oodal's story is also based on this Puraan. Its another attraction is that the description of future Bhaarat Varsh (India) is given here in 3rd and 4th Khand of Pratisarg Parv. It describes Harshvardhan, Alaa-uddeen, Muhammad Tuglak, Taimoor Lang, Baabar, Akbar etc kings.

4-Uttar Parv
It is full of the description of 180 kinds of fasting related to various religious occasions of the form of gods and goddesses. It describes about 85 kinds of Daan (donations). Thus the existing Uttar Parv of Bhavishya Puraan does not seem to be the part of original Bhavishya Puraan, because it does not match with related subject matter; and it alone adds up almost 8,500 verses to the Bhavishya Puraan contents described above. This part of the Uttar Parv could be the part of some other Puraan which was added to it.



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