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3-Vishnu Puraan

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3-Vishnu Puraan-Index

Vishnu Puraan is the 3rd Puraan in the row of 18 Puraan. It has been told by Paraashar Muni to his disciple Maitreya Muni.  It contains 23,000 Shlok (verses). It is said that this Puraan had 18,000 Shlok, but now only 5,500 Shlok are available. Since the source of this write-up does not give Shlok, it is difficult to estimate the correct number of Shlok.

Since there is a reference in it to the Maurya dynasty it may be possible that this was composed in the 1st or 2nd century AD. The narrator himself states thus: "Vyaas an adept in the composition of Puraan' composed this Puraan Sanhitaa with Aakhyaan, Upaakhyaan, Geet and Kalp Nirnaya. A Soot named Romharshan was Vyaas' chief disciple. The broad-minded Vyaas Jee gave this Sanhita to that Soot. Romharshan had six disciples named Sumati, Agnivarchas, Maitreya. Sarhsapiyana, Akritavran, and Saavarni. Of these Akritavran, Saavarni and Sarirsapayana born in the Kashyap Gotra have composed Puraan Sanhitaa. There is yet another Sanhitaa, composed by Romharshan, which was the basis of the Sanhitaa of his three disciples. I have composed Vishnu Puraan basing on the above four Sanhitaa."

It contains the stories of various devotees; a description of Varnaashram; the six Ang of the Ved; a description of the age of Kali; description of Shwet-Varaah Kalp, Vishnu Dharmottar.

Its some main stories are given here. Many of these stories can be found in other Puraan also. In fact Bhaagvat Puraan covers most of these stories. All material has been adapted from "Sankshipt Vishnu Puraan", Gita Press, Gorakhpur, UP.

If a man gives as gift a book of Vishnu Puraan on the Full Moon day in the month of Aashaadh (July) with Jal Dhenu he will attain Vishnu Pad.

It is divided in five Ansh (books or parts) with chapters in them.

1.  Pratham Ansh

2. Dwiteeya Ansh

3. Triteeya Ansh

4. Chaturth Ansh

5. Pancham Ansh
Its Pancham Ansh is more or less like 10th Skandh of Bhaagvat Puraan. It is wholly devoted to the account of Krishn's life.

6. Shashth Ansh



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