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2-Madhyam Parv

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Index-Madhyam Parv

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Index of 2-Madhyam Parv

Madhyam Parv discusses all Karm Kaand - Daan, Vrat and Daan related issues. No Puraan or Dharm Shaastra describes Vrat and Daan in such a detailed way as this, nor an any individual independent Vrat book describes them like this Hemaadri, "Vrat Kalpdrum", "Vrat Ratnaakar", "Vratraaj" etc later literature on Vrat chiefly are based upon Bhavishya Puraan only. Madhyam Parv is divided in three parts.

Index to 2-Madhyam Parv, Pratham Bhaag (1st Part)

1. Universe, Poot Karm, and Yagya
Grihasth Aashram;  Creation and Geography;  Braahman and their 26 faults;  How to listen to Puraan?;  Building a Building, planting a garden;  How to make Dev idol?   Yagya Kund;  Pacifying planets; Worshipping Fire God;  Pots used in Yagya.

Index to 2-Madhyam Parv, Dwiteeya Bhaag (2nd and 3rd Part)

2. Yagya
How to do Yagya?;  Time, Months and Festivals;  Vaastu Shaastra;   Pratishthaa of idol and ponds etc;  Pratishthaa of Garden and Ponds;  Bad omens and ways to pacify them.



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