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Shiv Rahasya

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2-Daksh Yagya

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2-Daksh Yagya
Shiv Rahasya-2  in Om Namah Shivaya Group [10/1/09]

Brahmaa Jee had a son by name Daksh. On hearing from his father about the immense benefits of doing Tapas, Daksh went to the mountains and did rigorous Tapas for Shiv Jee. Much pleased with his penance, Shiv granted him many boons. Because of these boons Daksh Jee became the King of Devtaa and the three worlds. Also, he was the most fortunate recipient of another boon - that Paarvatee herself was to be his daughter.

In one of the discussions between Shiv and Paarvatee, Paarvatee Jee asserted herself very much and gave herself airs of too much self-importance. As a corrective to this bumptiousness, she was ordained to take a human birth and return later on to Mount Kailaash. So Paarvatee Devee came down to earth and laid down as a child in a pond. While wandering in the forest, Daksh Jee saw this child in the lotus pond, took her home and brought her up as his own daughter. She was known as Dakshaayanee and, as the years grew, she cultivated extreme devotion for Shiv Jee; and expressed her resolve to marry only Shiv. Daksh was highly pleased.

Shiv Jee in the guise of a hunter met Dakshaayanee alone, and assured her that he would marry her very soon. On hearing this news, the girl's parents made arrangements to celebrate the marriage in a grand and befitting manner. But the Lord Shiv, instead of undergoing the prescribed ceremonies of marriage, entered the wedding hall abruptly and carried away Dakshaayanee in the presence of Daksh and other Devtaa who had assembled there to grace the occasion. This action of Shiv infuriated Daksh, and, forgetting all that what Shiv had done for him and his greatness, Daksh began abusing Shiv and belittling his Leelaa.

Daksh had 27 daughters whom he had given in marriage to Chandra (the Moon-god). Chandra, instead of loving all the 27 wives equally, developed an intense partiality towards Rohinee. Resentful of this action of Chandra, his other wives went and complained to their father about the partiality of Chandra. Daksh on hearing this report from his dear daughters cursed Chandra to be deprived of his Kalaa (brightness). Much grieved and depressed at heart, Chandra at last made his way to Lord Shiv and prayed to be saved from the curse of Daksh. Shiv, out of compassion, retrieved him partially from the curse and saved him by wearing him on his own forehead. Hence we find changes in the phases of the Moon's gradual decrease of brightness during Krishn Paksh or the dark fortnight, and gradual increase during the Shukla Paksha or the bright fortnight. This action of Lord Shiv further infuriated Daksh.

In the meantime, Brahmaa Jee had arranged for the performance of a Yagya to offer the sacraments of the Yagya to Shiv, the Lord of all Yagya. Invitations were sent to all Devtaa as well as to Daksh Jee. The whole host of Devtaa assembled in the Yagya hall. Shiv sent his Nandee to attend the function and represent him during the Yagya. Daksh, who also came to attend the Yagya, was filled with such envy and pride that he not only condemned Brahmaa for giving the sacrament to Shiv but also went to the extent of blaspheming Shiv and treating his representative Nandee in the most contemptuous manner.

None of the Devtaa witnessing this behavior of Daksh had the courage to protest. But Nandee was touched to the quick. Enraged much at the words of Daksh, Nandee cursed him to suffer in various ways and die a violent death, and to have a goat's head in his next birth. He also berated Devtaa for their indifference, if not cowardliness, in not admonishing Daksh for his blasphemy and cursed them to undergo torture and persecution at the hands of the Asur as Surapadm, Sinhamukh and Taarak. With this curse Nandee left the hall in a rage.

After the departure of Nandee, the great sage and seer Dadheechi approached Daksh and advised him not to act in that manner towards Shiv. He told Daksh the various acts of compassion of Shiv and his Leelaa. The sage entreated him to be more devotional to him and leave off such haughtiness of spirit. But all in vain. At last Daksh decided to perform a Yagya in which he would neither invite Lord Shiv nor offer the sacrament to him.

At Kanakhal (in Haridwaar), on the banks of the Gangaa, arrangements were made for the grand Yagya of Daksh. All Devtaa were invited except Shiv. Large scale arrangements were made for receiving the visitors to the Yagyashaalaa. Dakshayaanee was with Lord Siva at Kailaash at that time. She also heard the news of this grand Yagya of her father. Against the wishes of Shiv Jee, Dakshayaani got tempted by her keen and natural desire to attend the great function. She hurried up to Kankhal, where the Yagya was in progress.

There was none to welcome her at her father's residence. And worse still, she was openly insulted by her father and his party. News of this ill-treatment meted out to Dakshayaanee reached Shiv. He summoned god Veerbhadra and ordered him to make a clean sweep of the Yagya and the participants thereof. Veerbhadra rushed to the spot in great fury and dashed to pieces all the grand arrangements made for the Yagya; and almost all the participants fell a prey to his unbounded ire. Those who begged pardon of him were let off.

While this work of destruction was going on, Shiv appeared before the Devtaa. At the request of Dakshayaani, Shiv brought back all the dead to life. After sometime, on the advice of his father Brahmaa Jee Daksh went to Vaaraanasee to do Tapas for the grace of Shiv. Shiv Jee appeared before Daksh and made him one of the leaders of his Bhoot Gan.



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