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Shiv Rahasya

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From Shiv Rahasya-1 "Om Namah Shivaya" Group [10/18/09]

The teachings of the Ved and the Upanishad are beyond the grasp of the average intellect. Vyaas Jee who codified the Ved has therefore given the truths of the Ved in a homely style in the Puraan for the easy understanding of the common man. The Puraan are like the magnifying glasses which reveal the subtle truths in a graspable manner, and they appeal easily to the sentiments of man. Of the 18 Puraan, the Skand Puraan is the biggest. 18 Puraan totaling nearly 400 000 verses and Skand Puraan itself contains nearly 100 000 verses, only highly matured souls can understand the greatness of this Puraan. This Puraan mainly deals with Knowledge portion of the Ved.

Two versions of Skand Puraan are available - one divided into Khand, and the other divided into Sanhitaa. The Khand version gives only a brief account of Lord Skandís Avataar and the destruction of Taarakaasur at his hands; while the Sanhitaa version, however, contains a detailed account of the Divine advent and the glorious deeds of Skand - the need for the Lordís advent, his auspicious Avataar, his childhood plays, the commanding of the Dev army against the Asur and their destruction, his marriage with Vallee ( Ichchaa Shakti) and Daivayanaai (Kriyaa Shakti ), etc. There is a work called Kaand Puraanam in Tamil, composed by Saint Kachiyappaa Sivachariar, in verses, based on the Sanhitaa version Skand Puraan and under the orders of Lord Skand who also gave the first line for the work.

The advent of the Lord was for the purpose of punishing the wicked and protecting the good. The great Asur Surapadm was tyrannizing the Devtaa. He was defeated in battle by the Lord and the Devtaa were released from his control. This happened on the eve of the sixth day after Deepaavalee, which is the day of Skand Shashthee. This day is celebrated in a grand manner in all temples of Lord Skand. To devotees and spiritual seekers, the period of six days of Skand Shashthee is an occasion for observance of strict Vrat, performance of grand worships and communion with the Lord in the self within. Glory to Lord Skand, the bestower of Divine Wisdom.

Shiv Rahasya Khand of the Skand Puraan deals with the Avataar and Leelaa of Skand - the son of Shiv.



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