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5-Pancham Ansh

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10-Rukminee Haran

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Rukminee Haran
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 380-

Rukminee Haran

Paraashar Jee said - "Maitreya Jee, There was a king named Bheeshmak in Vidarbh Desh, Kundinpur. He had a son named Rukmee and a daughter named Rukminee. Krishn wanted to marry Rukminee, and Rukminee wanted to marry Krishn, but Rukmee didn't want to marry Rukminee to Krishn. Bheeshmak decided to give Rukminee to Shishupaal at the advice of Jaraasandh, so Jaraasandh etc kings came to Kundinpur to attend Rukminee's marriage. Balaraam and Krishn also came to see Chedi Raaj's marriage ceremony.

One day before Rukminee's marriage to Shishupaal, Krishn authorized Balaraam to take charge of enemies and abducted Rukminee. Paundrak, Dantavakra, Vidoorath, Shishupaal, Jaraasandh tried to kill Krishn but all of them got defeated by Balaraam. Then Rukmee vowed that he could not enter Kundinpur until I kill Krishn, but Krishn just defeated him and he fell down on the ground. Thus after defeating Rukmee, Krishn married Rukminee got in Raakshas Vivaah according to Ved. They had a son born from the part of Kaam Dev. He was Pradyumn. Shambaraasur abducted him, but later Pradyumn killed Shambaraasur.

Abduction of Pradyumn and Shambaraasur Vadh

Maitreya Jee said - "Hey Muni, How did Shambaraasur abduct Pradyumn Jee, then how did he kill him? I wish to hear this whole account." Paraashar Jee said - "Shambaraasur came to know that Pradyumn was going to kill him, so he abducted him on the 6th day of his birth. He threw him in Lavan Sea which is full of crocodiles. There a fish swallowed him but he did not die there by its digestive fire. Later some fisherman caught that fish and brought it to palace. Shambaraasur had a wife for name sake only, Maayaavatee. She was in charge of the whole kitchen. As she cut the fish, a beautiful baby came out of its stomach.

"Who is this boy? and how has he entered this fish's stomach?" Thinking thus she asked Naarad Jee. Naarad Jee said - "He is the son of Vishnu Bhagavaan Himself. Shambaraasur had thrown him in the sea stealing from his birth room. In the sea, he was swallowed by a fish, and now he has come to your house. You bring him up now without any fear." Hearing this  Maayaa brought him up with love from the very beginning. When he became young, Maayaa expressed her sexual love to him. She loved him so much that she taught him all kinds of Maayaa (illusions). Once Pradyumn said to her - "Why do you show me your love feelings other than the motherly love?" Maayaavatee said - "You are not my son, you are Bhagavaan Vishnu's son. Kaalshambar threw you in sea after abducting. I have got you from the stomach of a fish. Hey Kaant, Your mother must be weeping for you."

Hearing this Pradyumn challenged Shambaraasur. He killed Shambar's all army, won his seven Maayaa, used his eighth Maayaa to kill Shambar and flew to his father's house in an airplane with Maayaavatee. As he descended in the palace, Krishn's queens thought that Krishn Himself had come, but Rukminee thought "He is certainly a young son of a fortunate woman. If my son Pradyumn had been alive he would also be of same age. Hey Vats, Tell me the truth, whose son are you? What I am feeling seeing you that you are Hari's son."

At the same time Naarad Jee came there with Krishn. He said to Rukminee - "Hey Shubhey, He is your son only. He is coming here after killing Shambaraasur who abducted him in his infanthood. This Maayaa is your son's wife, she is not Shambaraasur's wife. Listen to her story. In earlier times, when Kaam Dev was burned, she waited for his rebirth and attracted Shambaraasur with her beauty. The same Kaam Dev has incarnated as your son, and this beautiful woman is Rati. She is your duaghter-in-law, do not doubt it in any way."

Hearing this Rukminee and Krishn got very happy. Dwaarakaa's all people got very surprised to see Rukminee's son back after such a long time."

Rukmee's Vadh

Paraashar Jee said - "Rukminee had Chaarudeshn, Sudeshn, Veeryavaan, Chaarudeh, Sushen, Chaarugupt, Bhadrachaaru, Chaaruvind, Suchaaru and Chaaru, and a daughter named Chaarumatee besides Pradyumn. Krishn had seven wives more besides Rukminee - Kaalindee, Mitravrindaa, Satyaa (Daughter of Nagnjit), Rohinee (Jaambvaan's daughter), Bhadraa (Madra's king's daughter), Satyabhaamaa (Satraajit's daughter), and Lakshmanaa. He had 16,000 wives more besides these eight wives.

Pradyumn accepted Rukmee's daughter, and Rukmee's daughter also accepted Pradyumn, so they got married. Then they had a son named Aniruddh. Krishn arranged Rukmee's grand-daughter for Aniruddh and Rukmee also agreed to give his grand-daughter to Aniruddh in spite of enmity with Krishn. So to perform the marriage of Aniruddh, Krishn, Balaraam and other Yaadav went to Bhojkat (Rukmee's capital). When the marriage ceremonies were over, Kaling's king said to Rukmee - "Balabhadra doesn't know the dice game, but he is very fond of it, then why not we should not win him in dice game only?"

Rukmee was still proud of his might, so he agreed upon that. Thus they arranged for dice game. Rukmee won 1,000 Nishk from Balaraam in the first throw. He won 1,000 Nishk again in the second throw also. At this Balraam put 10,000 Nishk on stake and Rukmee won that one also. Kaling Raaj laughed at this defeat of Balaraam. Rukmee said - "I have defeated this Balaraam who does not know how to play. He used to insult others in vain."

Balaraam got very angry hearing this, so he put 10 million (1 Crore) Nishk on stake. Rukmee threw the dice. This time Balaraam won so he spoke loudly, "I won, I won". Rukmee also shouted - "Don't tell lie, this time also I have won. You did mention about this hand, but I did not accept it, so if you have won this, I have also won it." The then a Divine voice said - "This hand is won by Balaraam, Rukmee is lying. Because even if he did not agree for it, but he did throw the dice." Balaraam killed Rukmee with the dices he was playing with. Then he broke the teeth of Kaling Raaj. Then he uprooted a gold pillar and killed several kings with it. Other people ran away in fear. Seeing Rukmee killed, Krishn did not say a word with the fear of Rukminee and Balaraam. Then Krishn came back to Dwaarakaa along with His wife and Aniruddh.



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