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5-Pancham Ansh

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9-Balaraam Goes to Brij

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Balaraam Goes to Brij
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 377-379

Muchukund Goes to Tapasyaa

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Maitreya Jee, When Muchukund prayed Bhagavaan like this, Bhagavaan said - You go to your assigned Divine Lok. You will get all kinds of prosperity by my grace. After enjoying Divine pleasures, you will born in a great family. You will remember your previous life, and after that you will get Moksh." Muchukund greeted Krishn and came out of the cave. He found that people had become very short. He knew that Kali Yug had come, so he went to Gandhmaadan Parvat where Nar and Naaraayan lived for doing Tapasyaa. Thus after killing the enemy, Krishn came back to Mathuraa, controlled Kaalyavan's army and handed it over to Ugrasen. After that Yadu Vansh became free from enemies' attacks.

Balaraam Goes to Brij

After all this was over, Balaraam went to Gokul with the intention to see his relations. Balaraam greeted Gop and Gopee with affection like before. Some Gopee embraced him, some Gop and Gopee had fun talks with him. One Gopee asked - "Whose nature is very volatile in love matters, is that Krishn all right?" Another one asked - "Does He remember our sweet songs? Will He come even once to see His mother? Talk something else, we have nothing to do with Him. When He can live without us, we can also live without Him." Another one said - "We abandoned everything - mother, father, husband, family members, but He proved to be very unfaithful to us. Still Balaraam Jee, Tell us the truth, does He ever talk about coming here? It seems that now Krishn has started liking urban women, He doesn't like us any more." Then some Gopee started addressing Balaraam as Krishn, Daamodar and laughed heartily. Balaraam delivered Krishn's message to them.

Balaraam and Yamunaa

Paraashar Jee said - "Seeing Balaraam Jee wandering in Brij forests with Gop and Gopee, Varun said to Vaarunee - "Hey Madirey, Who loves you very much, you go for the pleasure of the same Anant Dev." So Vaarunee went to Vrindaa Van and stayed there under a Kadamb tree. As Balaraam was roaming around, he smelled Vaarunee so he desired to drink it. At the same moment, he saw a stream of Vaarunee flowing out of a Kadamb tree, he got very happy to see that and all drank that Madiraa (liquor) from that stream.

It was very hot there, so after a while he called Yamunaa - "Yamunaa, Come here, I want to take bath." Yamunaa thought that he was not in his senses, so she did not go to him. Balaraam got angry at this, he picked his plough and pulled her with its tip and said - "O Sinner, You did not come to me, but now you try to go somewhere else if you can." At this Yamunaa left her own path, and filled the space where Balaraam was.

Then she assumed the form of a human being and spoke to him with tears in her eyes - "Hey Keeper of the Pestle, Be pleased with me and free me." Balaraam Jee said - "You are ignoring me? I will splinter you in thousands of pieces with this plough." Then Yamunaa started flowing in that part only and Balaraam Jee freed her. He took bath in Yamunaa. Lakshmee Jee came there and presented him a beautiful earring, never fading lotus flower garland and two blue cloths. He stayed there for two months, then came back to Dwaarakaa Puree. There he married Raajaa Raivat's daughter Revatee and had two sons from her - Nishath and Ulmuk



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