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Chapter 59-60

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59-Killing of Bhaumaasur and Marriage of Krishn to 16,100 Princesses

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavan, How Shree Krishn killed Bhaumaasur who had imprisoned those women? Tell me this story of Shaarng bow bearer Shree Krishn." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Bhaumaasur had taken the Chhatra (royal umbrella) of Varun, earrings of mother Aditi, and Mani Parvat of Devtaa located on Meru Parvat. So Raajaa Indra came to Dwaarakaa and told everything about Bhaumaasur (Narakaasur). Krishn rode on His Garud with His beloved wife Satyabhaamaa and went to Bhaumaasur's capital Praag Jyotishpur. It was difficult to enter that city. First it was surrounded by mountains, then by weapons, then there was a moat filled with water and after that there was fire around. After that there was gas, and after that there were 10,000 knots network guarded by Mur Daitya. Krishn broke mountains with His Gadaa, broke the weapons with His arrows, destroyed fire, water and gas boundaries through His Chakra and cut all knots. There were some large machines which He broke with the sound of His Shankh and broke the boundary wall of the city with His Gadaa.

The sound of Paanchjanya Shankh was terrible and very loud. Hearing that Mur Daitya woke up and came out, he had five heads. He was sleeping inside the water. He was shining like Pralaya Soorya. He was so frightening that it was not easy to look at him. He picked his Trishool and ran towards Krishn Jee, but in a few minutes He cut his necks with His Chakra. Mur Daitya had seven sons - Taamra, Antariksh, Shravan, Vibhaavasu, Vasu, Nabhaswaan, and Arun. They got angry on their father's death, they appointed Peeth named Daitya as their army chief and came to fight, but all of them were killed by Krishn. When Prithvi's son Bhaumaasur saw that his all army has been killed, then he himself came out of the city. He saw Krishn sitting on Garud with His wife Satyabhaamaa in the sky so he started fighting with Him. He used that power also which failed even Indra's Vajra. But nothing hurt Krishn or Garud, rather Krishn cut his neck through His Chakra.

Now Prithvi came to Bhagavaan in her personified form and she put Vaijayantee Maalaa in Krishn's neck and returned Aditi's ear-rings and Varun's Chhatra (royal umbrella) to Krishn. She gave one Mahaa Mani too to Him. Then she prayed Him and said - "Prabhu, Bhaumaasur's son Bhagadatt is very frightened, I have brought him to you. Please protect him." Krishn made him fearless and entered Bhaumaasur's palace. There He found 16,100 princesses from various kingdoms. As they saw Him they selected Him as their husband. Then Krishn gave them beautiful dresses and jewelry and sent them to Dwaarakaa. He sent lots of wealth, chariots, horses and 64 elephants with four tusks born in the lineage of Airaavat elephant also to Dwaarakaa.

After that Krishn went to the palace of Dev Raaj Indra in Amaraavatee. There Dev Raaj Indra along with His wife Indraanee welcomed and worshipped Krishn and Satyabhaamaa Jee. Bhagavaan gave him the ear-rings of Aditi. While returning from there, to fulfill the wish of Satyabhaamaa, Krishn dug out the Kalp Vriksh (tree) from Swarg Lok and kept it on Garud and brought it to Dwaarakaa after defeating Indra and other Devtaa. He planted it in the garden of Satyabhaamaa's palace. Her palace became more beautiful with this tree. Some flying insects which flew on its flowers, also came there along with it from Swarg. See, when Indra wanted Krishn to serve his purpose then he bowed onto His feet and when his purpose was served, then he wanted to fight with Him. It is so bad.

Then Bhagavaan married all princesses together in different forms at the same time. It is no wonder for Him. His all wives had all kinds of comforts and luxuries like an ordinary Grihasth. Brahmaa etc Devtaa cannot know His Swaroop and the way to achieve Him, but these women got the same Bhagavaan as their husband. Although all had hundreds of maid-servants, but when Shree Krishn came to their palace they all of them did His all kinds of work with their own hands.

60-Dialog Between Krishn and Rukminee

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, One day Shree Krishn was sitting on the bed of Rukminee Jee, and Rukminee Jee, Bheeshmak's daughter, was serving Him with her friends. Rukminee took the Chamar from her friend's hands and started shaking it over Bhagavaan Herself. When Bhagavaan saw this that She was still faithful to Him, He said - "Many great kings wanted to marry you, and your father and brothers also wanted you to marry them, then why did you choose me who is not equal to you in any way. See, we have come here in sea because we fear Jaraasandh, and we don't have even any kingdom. What is our path, we don't know. We don't know worldly behavior, because we don't know how to attract women. You have chosen me hearing my fake praise. But still there is time, if you wish you may choose any other Kshatriya, so that you can fulfill your all kinds of desires. You know that Shishupaal, Shaalv, your elder brother Rukmee, Jaraasandh etc all opposed me, because they were blind for their wealth and strength, so just to destroy their pride I kidnapped you. Certainly we are indifferent. We are not greedy of women, children and wealth."

For a moment Rukminee got proud of being the dearest wife of Shree Krishn because she was never separated from Him, even for a moment. To pacify only this pride Krishn got silent. Rukminee never heard this kind of language before, so she got scared, her hair got loose, Chamar fell down from Her hand, She bent her head and started weeping. Krishn realized that His beloved is not understanding the seriousness of this joke and because of intensive love she is feeling like that, so four-armed Bhagavaan immediately got down from the bed and lifted Rukminee in His arms, tied Her hair, wiped Her face which was wet with tears, and hugged Her. Then He said - "O Vidarbh Princess, Don't feel bad, and don't be angry with me. I know that you love me, but I just joked to hear your loving words. I wanted to see that how do you look when I say all this to you. This is a good pastime for a Grihasth that they can cut jokes sometimes and pass time."

When Bhagavaan explained thus to Rukminee then only she got assured that now He would not leave her, so She looked at Him and said - "You are right. I am not worthy of Anant Bhagavaan who is full of qualities. I cannot stand with you. You are the Swaamee of the three Lok and three Gun, all Devtaa serve you. I am only the combination of three Gun and only the full of desires A-Gyaanee people serve me. And this is also right that you are secretly living here in sea because of mighty kings, but king does not mean the king of Prithvi only, but it means the three Gun in the form of king, and you fear only those kings [who have those three Gun]. There is no doubt that you are enemy of kings. But who are those kings? They are these Indriyaan. And this is also right that you don't have a throne, because the people who serve your feet, they have abandoned even the kingship considering it as A-Gyaan (ignorance, or darkness).

This is also right that your path is not clear because the Rishi Muni, who always meditate upon your feet, even their path is not clear to ordinary people. I have chosen you because you are the soul of the Universe. I have left Brahmaa and Indra because the Kaal, which is created by you, can destroy even their hopes and wishes. You say that your followers get only pains. King Ang, Prithu, Bharat, Yayaati etc went to forest in the hope to attain you, did they feel any pains? You say that "you marry someone else". You have all the Gun, great saints praise your feet always, Lakshmee Jee always serve them. If somebody gets the sweet smell of those feet then he must be a fool to disrespect them and marry to those people who are born, get sick and die. I don't care if I have to go through various Yoni, but I wish that I should always remember you."

Krishn said - "Princess, You said it rightly. I instigated you only to hear these words. You are my dear beloved. I tried to misguide you, but you did not move from your good intentions. I don't see my any other wife who loves me like you, because when you had not seen me, heard only my praise, you sent the Braahman with your message. At the time of your kidnapping, Balaraam Jee was about to kill your brother, and in Aniruddh's marriage, at the time of playing Chausar (a kind of dice game), he killed him. You tolerated all this because you never wanted to get separated from me." Thus Krishn was doing all kinds of Leelaa while He was on Earth."



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