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Bhaumaasur or Narakaasur-1
From Bhaagvat Puraan 10/u8; See also Bhaumaasur-2

This story comes in Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u8. Bhaumaasur or Narakaasur was the son of Prithvi. Who was his father? How he was born? He was born at the time when Vishnu was taking out Prithvi from the water. Hiranyaaksh had taken Prithvi inside the water and kept it there. When Brahmaa Jee was asked to create people, he said to Vishnu - "Prithvi is inside the water, where my creation will live?" Hearing this Vishnu took Varaah Avataar (Boar Incarnation) and took out the Prithvi out of the water. So when He was bringing the Prithvi out of the water balancing it on His large mouth, at that time Bhaumaasur was born from Prithvi through the touch of Varah Bhagavaan's hair to Prithvi's body. Prithvi asked a Var from Vishnu that her son should be killed by his mother only.

Bhaumaasur was very mighty, and as he grew he started troubling people, saints, Devtaa Yaksh etc. He had taken Indra's mother Aditi's earrings and Varun's Chhatra (royal umbrella).

When Krishn was living in Dwaarakaa, after the Mahaabhaarat war, Indra came to Him and complained about Bhaumaasur's atrocities and prayed to kill him. Krishn remembered His ride Garud, took Satyabhaamaa along and came to Praagjyotishpur where he was living. His city was very well secured. First it was surrounded by mountains, then by weapons, then there was a moat filled with water and after that there was fire around. After that there was gas, and after that there were 10,000 knots network guarded by Mur Daitya. Krishn broke mountains with His Gadaa, broke the weapons with His arrows, destroyed fire, water and gas boundaries through His Chakra and cut all knots. There were some large machines also which He broke with the sound of His Shankh and broke the boundary wall of the city with His Gadaa. It was surrounded by seven walls and a very mighty Raakshas Mur used to guard it. So first Krishn killed Mur Daitya, broke the seven walls of his city and then entered Praagjyotish Pur.

Hearing that Mur had been killed by Krishn, his seven sons (Taamra, Antariksh, Shravan, Vibhaavasu, Vasu, Nabhaswaan, and Arun) came to fight with Krishn, but Krishn killed them all.

Bhaumaasur had five heads. He was sleeping inside the water. When he saw that all his army was killed, he himself came out of the water to fight with Krishn. Krishn fought with him for long, then Krishn cut his necks with His Chakra. After this Prithvi came to Krishn, she put Vaijayantee Maalaa in His neck, returned Aditi's earrings and Varun's Chhatra (royal Umbrella) to Him. She presented Him a Mahaa Mani (large gem) also. She prayed to Him and then said to Him - "Bhagavan, Bhaumaasur's son Bhagadatt is very frightened, please make him fearless." Krishn made him fearless and entered the city.

There He found 16,000 princesses imprisoned. As He freed them all of them selected Him as their husband. He sent them to Dwaarakaa and married them in an auspicious Muhoort. He took 50 four-tusk elephants and innumerable wealth also from his palace.



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