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(1) Mur Daitya
[From   Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u8]

Mur Daitya was the guard of Bhaumaasur or Narakaasur's city Praagjyotish Pur. Bhaumaasur had taken Aditi's earrings, Indra's Mani Parvat, Varun's Chhatra (royal umbrella), and imprisoned 16,100 princesses, so once Indra came to Dwaarakaa to Krishn to tell this. Krishn rode on His Garud along with Satyabhaamaa and went to Bhaumaasur's capital Praagjyotish Pur to take all these things back.

Mur Daitya was Narakaasur's guard, so Krishn had to kill him first during this fight before He could enter Praagjyotish Pur. Mur Daitya had five heads. He had seven sons - Taamra, Antariksh, Shravan, Vibhaavasu, Vasu, Nabhswaan, and Arun. When Krishn had killed Mur Daitya, they got angry with Krishn, so they appointed a Peeth named Daitya as their army chief and came to fight with Krishn, but Krishn killed all of them.

He was the same Mur Daitya who once lived in Manipur. He had a daughter - Kaamkantakataa. Kaamkantakaa was also very brave. When she heard that Krishn had killed her father and brothers, she also came out of the city and started fighting with Krishn. Then Devee explained her - "He is your would be father-in-law, so do not fight with Him." Then only she stopped fighting with Him and waited for His son to come and marry her. Later, on Krishn's advice Bheem's son Ghatotkach married her and had a son named Barbareek from her.

(2) Mur Daitya
[From  Padm Puraan, 5/4]

There is one Mur Daitya mentioned in Padm Puraan, Uttar Khand, in referenced to Ekaadashee. "Krishn said - "In olden times, there lived a Daitya named Mur in Sat Yug. He had won even Indra. All Devtaa started wandering on Prithvi, so Indra went to Mahaadev Jee and told his plight. Mahaadev Jee sent him to Vishnu, so all Devtaa went to Vishnu and prayed Him. Vishnu asked - "What type of Daanav is this? How are his form and might, and where does he live?" Indra said - "In earlier times there was an Asur in Brahmaa's family. His son was Mur. He lived in Chandraavatee city. He has defeated all Devtaa and has created a new Indra and Agni, Varun etc ." Hearing this Hari got very angry. He went to Chandraavatee Puree. He killed many Daitya with His Chakra. Then He came to Badarik Aashram and slept there in one of the caves, named Sinhaavatee which had only one door.

Mur was still looking for Hari to kill Him, so he followed Him and entered the cave. He got very happy to see Hari sleeping there. As he proceeded to kill Hari that a maiden appeared from Hari's body. Her one sound "Hummm" killed the Daitya. Hari woke up and said - "This Daanav was very terrible, who has killed him?" The maiden said - "I have killed him by your grace only." Hari got very happy to hear this so He asked her to ask for any Var. In fact that maiden was Ekaadashee in person. She said - "If you are pleased with me, then I should be the foremost among all Teerth, remover of all obstacles, and giver of all Siddhi. Who keep fast on this day they should attain all kinds of Siddhi and who keep complete fast, Nakt or Ek-Bhukt, you give them wealth, Dharm, and Moksh." Vishnu said , "So be it."



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