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Chapter 61

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61-Children of Krishn, Killing of Rukmee in Aniruddh's Marriage

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Krishn produced 10 sons each from His each wife. They were all like Shree Krishn in beauty, power etc. Princesses used to see Him every day, so they thought that they were the most loved wives. They themselves were attracted to Krishn, but they could not attract Krishn to them. Brahmaa Jee etc great Devtaa also could not know the real Swaroop of whichever Bhagavaan or the way to attain Him, they got the same Bhagavaan as their husband. His each wife had hundreds of maid-servants, still when He came in their palace they served Him with their own hands, like washing feet, massaging feet, making bed, giving Him a bath etc. 

Among these wives, eight wives were the chief wives (Pat-Raanee) whose marriage to Krishn I have described before.
(1) Rukminee had 10 sons - Pradyumn, Chaarudeshn, Sudeshn, Chaarudeh, Suchaaru, Chaarugupt, Bhadrachaaru, Chaaruchandra, Vichaaru, Chaaru.
(2) Satyabhaamaa also had 10 sons - Bhaanu, Subhaanu, Swarbhaanu, Prabhaanu, Bhaanumaan, Chandrabhaanu, Brihadbhaanu, Atibhaanu, Shreebhaanu, Pratibhaanu.
(3) Jaambvatee also had 10 sons - Saamb, Sumitra, Purujit, Shatjit, Sahastrajit, Vijay, Chitraketu, Vasumaan, Dravid, and Kratu. They all were very dear to Krishn.
(4) Naagnjitee Satyaa also had 10 sons - Veer, Chandra, Ashwasen, Chitragu, Vegvaan, Vrish, Aam, Shanku, Vasu, and Kunti.
(5) Kaalindee also had 10 sons - Shrut, Kavi, Vrish, Veer Subaahu, Bhadra, Shaanti, Darsh, Paurnmaas and the youngest one Somak.
(6) Madra Desh Princess Lakshmanaa also had 10 sons - Praghosh, Gaatravaan, Sinh, Bal, Prabal, Oordhwag, Mahaashakti, Sah, Oj, Aparaajit.
(7) Mitrvrindaa's sons were - Vrik, Harsh, Anil, Gridhra, Vardhan, Annaad, Mahaarsh, Paavan, Vanhi, Kshudhi.
(8) Bhadraa's 10 sons were - Sangraamjit, Brihatsen, Shoor, Praharan, Arijit, Jaya, Subhadra, Vaam, Aayu, Atyak.

Besides these eight wives Bhagavaan had Rohinee etc 16,100 more wives. They also had 10 sons each. Rukminee's son Pradyumn was married to Rukmee's daughter Rukmvatee, besides Maayaavatee Rati. Aniruddh was born to Rukmvatee. Since Krishn had more than 16,000 wives, so the number of His sons, grandsons, great-grandsons were in tens of millions.

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavaan, Shree Krishn insulted Rukmee in the battleground, so he must have been looking for an opportunity to take revenge with Him. Then how did he marry his daughter to Pradyumn Jee?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pradyumn was the Avataar of Kaam Dev. Seeing his beauty Rukmvatee herself chose him as her husband in her Swayamvar. Pradyumn alone won all the kings present there and brought Rukmvatee. Although Rukmee was still angry with Krishn, but to please his sister Rukminee he married his daughter to Her son. Besides the 10 sons, Rukminee had a very beautiful daughter also, Chaarumatee who was married to Kritvarmaa's son Balee.

Besides, to please Rukminee again, Rukmee married his granddaughter Rochanaa to Rukminee's grandson and his own daughter's son Aniruddh. Although Rukmee knew that this marriage was not according to Dharm, but still because of his love to Rukminee he did so. Bhagavaan Krishn, Balaraam Jee, Rukminee, Pradyumn, Saamb etc came to Bhojkat city to attend Aniruddh's marriage. Marriage was performed without any important event. 

Then King of Kaling etc kings said to Rukmee - "Can you win Balaraam in Chausar?" So Rukmee invited Balaraam Jee to play Chausar (a kind of dice game) with him. He came to play Chausar with him and the game started. First Balaraam Jee put 100 Mohar (gold coin) on stake, then 1,000 Mohar on stake, and then 10,000 Mohar on stake. Rukmee won all of them. The Kaling King started laughing at this. Balaraam Jee could not tolerate his laugh. After this Rukmee put 100,000 Mohar on stake. This time Balaraam Jee won it, but Rukmee argued that he won that money. At this Balaraam Jee got very angry. This time Rukmee put 100 billion Mohar on stake. This time also Balaraam Jee won them, but Rukmee again argued that he won that money. Aakaashvaanee (Divine voice) also said that Balaraam Jee had won that money, but Rukmee didn't pay any attention to that and said to Balaraam Jee - "You are only a Gwaal Baal, what do you know about the Chausar game? Arrows and Chausar game are only for kings not for you." At this Balaraam Jee picked a thick stick (Mudgad - like a baseball bat) and killed Rukmee with it then and there only. He devoured other kings also. Krishn did not comment on Rukmee's killings."



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