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Chapter 62-63

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62-Ushaa Aniruddh Milan

Pareekshit said - "We have heard that Aniruddh Jee married to Baanaasur's daughter Ushaa and in this regard there was a great fight between Krishn and Shankar Jee. I want to hear that story." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, You have already heard the story of Mahaatmaa Bali who gave the whole Prithvi to Vaaman Bhagavaan in alms. He had 100 sons. Among them the eldest one was Baanaasur. He was a great devotee of Shiv. He was very much respected in his society. He was very intelligent also. At one time he ruled in Shonitpur. With the grace of Bhagavaan Shankar, Indra etc Devtaa used to serve him. He had 1,000 arms. One day when Shiv was dancing his Taandav dance, he pleased him by playing instruments with all his 1,000 hands. Bhagavaan Shankar got very pleased and told him to ask for any Var. Baanaasur said - "Prabhu, You live here guarding my city."

One day in his pride, Baanaasur touched Shiv's feet with his crown's top edge and said - "I bow you. You can fulfill any desire of anybody. You have given me 1,000 arms but they seem to me like a useless load, because I do not see any brave person, other than you, with whom I can fight. Once I felt an itch for fight, so I went to Diggaj (very very brave people), but they also ran away. At that time I broke several mountains with my arms."  Shiv Jee got angry hearing this, he said - "When your flag will fall down after a break, then you will fight with a warrior like yourself and he will destroy your pride." Baanaasur's mind was not in senses, so he got very happy to hear this, went to his home and started to wait for that fight in which he was going to be defeated.

Baanaasur had a beautiful daughter named Ushaa. When she was still a maiden, she dreamed that she was in love with Aniruddh. Surprisingly she had never heard and never seen Aniruddh before. After a while Aniruddh disappeared from her dream. When she did not find him in the dream, she started calling him "Dear, where are you?" and she woke up. Finding herself amidst her friends she felt embarrassed. Baanaasur's counselor's name was Kumbhaand. He also had a beautiful daughter named Chitralekhaa. Ushaa and Chitralekhaa were good friends. Chitralekhaa asked Ushaa - "You are not yet married, then who are you looking for?"

Ushaa said - "I have seen a very handsome young boy. His complexion is a bit dark. Eyes are like lotus petals. He has yellow Peetaambar on his body and he is very attractive. He was kissing me and in a minute he disappeared. I am looking for the same boy." Chitralekhaa said - "If this boy exists anywhere in three Lok and you can recognize him, then I can bring him to you. You just recognize him and I will bring him to you wherever he is." And she then drew many sketches of many boys' faces from many Devtaa, Gandharv, Siddh, Chaaran, Pannag, Daitya, human beings etc. Among human beings she drew sketches of Vrishni Vanshee Vasudev Jee's father Shoor, Vasudev Jee, Balaraam Jee, and Krishn etc. As Ushaa saw the sketch of Pradyumn, she felt shy, but when she saw Aniruddh's sketch she smiled and said - "He is the one, he is the one."

Chitralekhaa was a Yoginee. She knew that he was the grandson of Shree Krishn. So she went to Dwaarakaa Puree by skyway in the night itself, and brought sleeping Aniruddh to Shonitpur. Ushaa got very happy to see him and now both lived in her palace. Her palace was so much secured that no man could even peep in it. Now Ushaa used to serve him in various ways and Aniruddh forgot himself and did not know the time scale. Now some signs of meeting a man started appearing on Ushaa's body and they could not be hidden in any way. She looked happier these days. Guards understood that she must have had the relationship with a man. They went to Baanaasur and told everything and said - "Raajan, Although we guard her palace day and night and nobody can see your daughter from anywhere, but the signs are not good and we are unable to make out any reason for them."

Baanaasur got very sad hearing this, he immediately went to Ushaa's palace and saw Aniruddh sitting there. Aniruddh was the son of Kaamdev Avataar Pradyumn. Nobody could be compared to him in beauty. At that time he was playing Chausar with Ushaa. When Aniruddh saw Baanaasur, coming with weapons, he also picked up an iron rod to face him. He hit them with that rod. Soldiers got devoured and ran away from the palace. When Baanaasur saw that Aniruddh was killing his army, then he tied him with Naag Paash in anger. When Ushaa heard that her father has tied her lover, she started crying.

63-Baanaasur Fights with Shree Krishn

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Four months of rainy season passed but Aniruddh Jee was nowhere to be found. His family members were very much worried about his whereabouts. One day Naarad Jee told them everything about Aniruddh. Then Yadu Vanshee attacked Shonitpur. Now along with Krishn and Balaraam, Pradyumn, Saatyaki, Gad, Saamb, Saaran, Nand, Upnand, Bhadra etc surrounded Baanaasur's capital with their 12 Akshauhinee army. When Baanaasur saw that Yadu army was breaking his boundary walls, destroying his gardens etc then he also came out with his 12 Akshauhinee army.

Bhagavaan Shankar, along with His son Kaartikeya and Gan was also with Baanaasur and they fought with Krishn and Balaraam. Shankar Jee fought with Krishn, Kaartikeya fought with Pradyumn, Kumbhaand and Koopkarn fought with Balaraam Jee, Baanaasur's son fought with Saamb, and Baanaasur himself fought with Saatyaki. Brahmaa etc great Devtaa, Siddh, Muni came to see this fight on their Vimaan (airplanes). Krishn pushed back Shankar Jee's followers - Bhoot, Pret, Daakinee, Betaal, Vinaayak, Pishaach etc. Shankar Jee also aimed his weapons at Krishn, but Krishn pacified them all. Krishn pacified Brahm Astra with Brahm Astra, Paravat Astra with Vaayavya Astra, Parjanya Astra with Aagneya Astra, and Paashupat Astra with Naaraayan Astra. After this Krishn used Jrambhan Astra (it makes people yawning continuously) to confuse Shankar Jee. Shankar Jee started yawning, and Krishn paid attention to Baanaasur's army and started killing it.

Pradyumn hurt Kaartikeya Jee badly with his arrows, so he left the battleground and ran away on his ride Mayoor (peacock). Balaraam Jee hurt Kumbhaand and Koopkarn with His Moosal (pestle). Thus Baanaasur's whole army got destroyed. When Baanaasur found his army destroyed, he got very angry and ran towards Krishn. He took 500 bows with his 1,000 hands and aimed two arrows together from each bow, but Krishn broke all his bows and hurt his Saarathee and horses, and blew His Shankh.

There was a Dharm-Maataa (not real mother, but Baanaasur regarded her as his mother) of Baanaasur, she came outside naked and stood in front of Krishn to protect her loving son. Krishn moved His face on the other side so that He does not see her. In the meantime Baanaasur managed to escape to his city

When Shiv Jee's Bhoot Gan ran away from there, then a three-headed and three-feet Jwar, released by Shankar Jee, came towards Krishn burning all directions. Krishn released His own Jwar, so both Vaishnav and Maaheshwar Jwar started fighting each other, but at last Maaheshwar Jwar was defeated and asked the shelter from Krishn. Krishn said - "Trishiraa, I am very pleased with you. Now you be fearless. Who will remember our dialog in this world he will not fear from you." Then Maaheshwar Jwar went away.

In the meantime Baanaasur came again carrying various kinds of weapons in his all 1,000 hands and started attacking Krishn, so Krishn started destroying his arms. Then Shankar Jee came to Krishn and prayed and said - "We all sing your praises to get Mukti from this world. Baanaasur is my dear devotee and servant. I have made him fearless, as you are kind on his great-grandfather Prahlaad, so be kind on him too." Hearing this Krishn said - "I obey you and make him fearless. I have cut his arms only in accordance with that request. I know that Baanaasur is the son of Daitya Raaj Bali, that is why I cannot kill him. Because I have given him Var that I shall not kill any Daitya born in his Vansh. To destroy his pride I have only cut his arms. His large army was unbearable to Earth, so I have killed it too. Now he has four arms remaining, they will be there for ever. He will be the chief among your Paarshad and he does not need to fear from anybody.

Then Baanaasur came and bowed to Krishn, and brought Ushaa with Aniruddh there on a chariot. With the permission of Mahaadev Jee he sent them to Dwaarakaa with one Akshauhinee army. Hearing this Dwaarakaa people got very happy. They decorated the city in various ways and welcomed them. 

Who remembers the fight of Krishn and Shankar Jee in the morning he never gets defeated."



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