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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 18:  Sarg 42

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Sarg 42-Directions to Westward Party

Then Sugreev went to his father-in-law and Taaraa's father Sushen. He greeted him and said to the great sage Maareech's son Archismaan who is like Indra and Garud in valor and the other son of Sage Maareech Archishmaalyaa - "You take 200,000 (2 lakh) Vaanar under the leadership of Sushen and go to search Vaidehee in west, Sauraashtra and Chandrachitraa (present day Mathuraa) Desh. Search for Her in Kukshi Desh where beetle nut, Bakul and Uddaalk trees grow. There you will search Her in dry lands, waters, forests, mountains etc.

Further, you will find a sea (Arabian Sea) in which many sharks and crocodiles live in. Near that sea, you will find a forest where Ketakee, Tamaal, Kaarikel (coconut) trees grow. After that you will find Murachee and Jataapur cities. Next you go to Avantee (this Avantee is another Avantee), Anglepaa and Alakshitaa.

After this you will arrive at the mouth of River Indus (Sindhu). Near it is Hem Giri Parvat (Som Giri Parvat) which has numerous summits and on which there are many huge tall trees. Here live flying lions who take Timi named Matsya (fish or sharks) and elephant seals on the trees. You will search this mountain thoroughly.

After this you will find Pariyaatra Parvat (it may perhaps belong to one of Sulemaan Range now in Pakistan). It is 100 Yojan wide. Other living beings cannot see that Parvat. 240 million (24 crore) Gandharv (not the celestial ones but the humans) live on that Parvat. (In India Gaandhaar Desh is the present Khaandaahaar Pradesh in Afghanistan - the cultural ties the two lands are age old). They live very affectionately. You should not go there, nor you should pluck any fruit there, because those Gandharv guard them very well. Stay in your own form then you will not get frightened from them.

Next you will find a Parvat, Vajra Parvat, which is 100 Yojan long and 100 Yojan wide. Check its caves very well. On the fourth part of this sea, there is a  Chakravaan named Parvat. Vishwakarmaa built a wheel here which has 1,000 Aaraa (spokes). (It may not be just a wheel, but a machine of weaponry of 1,000 parts). Vishnu killed Panchjan and Hayagreev Raakshas and brought Paanchjanya conch and His Sudarshan Chakra (Divine disc with 1,000 Arey) from here only. This Parvat has many caves, you should search Seetaa there.

After 64 Yojan of the distance from here, in the same sea, you will find a Varaah named Parvat with its gold summits. Near that you will see Praagjyotish city, built in completely gold,  where lives a Raakshas named Narak (this is not the same buffalo-demon Narak who was killed by Devee Durgaa). All kinds of wild animals should be roaring all around. Further to this city, you will find a gold mountain named Megh on which there are thousands of waterfalls. Devtaa performed Indra's Abhishek here. 

After that you will see a range of 60,000 gold mountains. When sunshine falls on them they look very beautiful. In the middle of them, there is Meru Parvat (or Saavarni Meru) which is considered the king of mountains. Soorya Dev gave it a Var previously that "whoever will stay on you in day or night, he will surely be of gold." Vishwaa Dev (13 of them), Vasu (8 of them), Marut (7 of them) and Aaditya (the other Sun in other galaxies - 12 of them) come there to worship Soorya Dev in the evening. After accepting their Poojaa Soorya Dev goes to Astaachal Parvat to take rest. And he vanishes from all beings for the day. On the same Parvat, near Soorya's resting place, there is a shiny palace built by Vishwakarmaa in which there are many rooms on upper floor. This palace is of Varun.

Between Meru Parvat and Astaachal Parvat there is a gigantic 10-leaved palm tree which is completely golden. You search Seetaa here properly. There lives Maharshi Meru Saavarni also who is like Brahmaa. Greet him and ask him also about Seetaa. Do not go beyond this point because further to this is all dark and I also do not know the way beyond this point. That is why you go up to Astaachal Parvat and come back within one month. Whoever Vaanar will not come back within one month, he will get death punishment. My father-in-law is also going with you, so obey him and all Vaanar went in west direction.





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