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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 19:  Sarg 43-44

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Sarg 43-Directions to Northward Party

Now Sugreev came to Shatbali and said - "Hey Soorya Putra, You go to north, to Himaalaya, with 100,000 Vaanar and the son of Yam Raaj. If you succeeded in Ram's work then we will be free from His obligation. Our duty is that even if somebody has not done anything for us and he has come to us, and he has some wish to be fulfilled then we should certainly fulfill it. And if somebody has done something for us, his wish should be fulfilled considering it as our Dharm. So you should search for Seetaa sincerely, because Raam is respectable to us and does good to everybody. The rivers and mountains may be impassable to you.

First you go to the provinces of Mlechchh's (see the side bar "Mlechchh"), Pulind's, Shoorsen's: Prasthal, Bhaarat, and Kuru; and also Madrak Desh and near them, Kaamboj, and Yavan, and Shak and Darad Desh. Then you go to to Himvaan Parvat and Lodhra, Devadaar, Padmak and sandal Van to search Raavan. Then go to Som Aashram where Devtaa and Gandharv live on the very high peak of Kaal Parvat. Near it is Sudarshan Parvat, you go there also. Then you will see Devsakhaa Parvat where bird community lives.

After leaving Devsakhaa Parvat, you will see a flat land - about 100 Yojan long - where nobody lives, nor there are any trees, no mountains, no rivers etc. But after crossing this you will see Kailaash Parvat. You will be happy to see it. Vishwakarmaa has built a gold palace here for Kuber. Kuber lives there with Guhyak (Yaksh). There is a huge pond near this palace. It is beautified with various types of lotus flowers and swans. Apsaraa adore that place. Spo search this place also for Raavan and Vaidehee.

Enter the caves of Kraunch Giri (Parvat) [the birth place of Kaartikeya: the son of Shiv-Paarvatee and Gangaa] carefully because it is very difficult to go here. There live gracious Mahaatmaa (sages). They are like Devtaa. Even then you search for them here.

Although there is no tree on Kaam Parvat, and only birds live on Maanas Parvat, and nobody else then Devtaa and Asur can go there, still you will search for them there. Further to this you will see Mainaak Parvat (see the side bar "Mainaak Parvat"). Maya Daanav has his dwelling place there. This is the dwelling place of horse-faced females, namely Kimpurush.

On crossing this you will come to a place where live many Tapaswee, Siddh, Vaikhaanas, and Baalkhilya. You greet them and ask them about Seetaa. There is a Vaikhaanas Lake also which is laden by golden lotuses. There you will see many swans and Kuber's elephant named Saarvbhaum. When that elephant goes over that lake, the whole sky becomes Moonless, quiet and cloudless. 

After that you will come to Shailodaa River where there grow Keechak named bamboos on its both banks. These bamboos help Tapaswee to go from one bank to another bank of the river. Near this you will see Kuru Desh. Here you will see blue lotuses all around. There are many rivers there. The sand dunes of these rivers are of incomparable pearls and jewels. Endless are the birds there and eternal are the fruits and flowers of that mountain.

Other mountains also produce such materials which is apt for clothes for males and females. Very diversified food stuff grow there in Uttar Kuru Desh (see "Uttar Kuru Desh" in side bar). Its females are also very pretty and beautiful. Sound of singing and playing musical instruments also echo there. Nobody looks unhappy there. Nobody does any bad Karm there.

Further to this, Hey Vaanar, you will see the Northern  sea, in the middle of which you will see gigantic golden Som Giri Parvat. (see "Northern Sea" in side bar). All those who have gone to Indra's sphere and Brahmaa's sphere can always see it. Here there is no Sun, but it is illuminated by its own light. There live Cosmic-souled God Vishnu (see "Cosmic-souled" in side bar), Shambhoo (Ekaadash Rudra, means 11 Rudra) and the God of gods Brahmaa.

You cannot traverse beyond Kuru (see "Beyond Kuru" in side bar) to north. Even others, like Daitya, Daanav, Gandhrav, Yaksh etc cannot go there although they have extra-ordinary capabilities. So you just do Darshan of that mountain and come back quickly. And I do not know the realms beyond this point. Search Seetaa in all the regions I have told you and in the regions which I have not told you also.

Please search Seetaa sincerely. When Raam's work will be done, I will give you many good things. You don't worry about anything. I will take care of your families and your all enemies will be dead. So they all went to north.

Sarg 44-Raam Gives His Ring to Hanumaan

Sugreev believed that Raam's work will be done by Pavansut (son of Pavan) Hanumaan only, so he specifically (see "specifically" in side bar) said to Hanumaan - "Hey Hanumaan, nobody can stop you going anywhere - on land where homogenous enemies obstruct each other, or in skies where there is no foothold and only birds and clouds fly, or in wild blue yonder where only celestial bodies can go, or in waters where there is no underwater movement for earthly beings, or in thew abodes of immortals where immortals will not allow mortals like us to enter their realm.  All the worlds are known to you - celestials', Gandhrv's, Naag's, humans', gods', mountains, oceans...

You have all the qualities of your father Vaayu - speed, grace, smallness, hugeness. I don't see any other brave Vaanar like you, so you decide your way to find Seetaa. You have might, wisdom, knowledge [everything to find Seetaa]."

Hearing this Raam thought that "Sugreev knows that only Hanumaan can do this work, he has seen his intelligence before also." So seeing Sugreev's trust on Hanumaan Raam also trusted him, so He gave His ring to Hanumaan on which His name was engraved, so that Seetaa can trust him that he has come from Raam only. (see the note on Ring here). Hanumaan took that ring, touched it to his head, bowed to Raam's feet and started his journey. Raam said - "We depend on you, Hanumaan, bring Seetaa's news soon."





Mlechchh were living in north-west Indian land, and they were not bothering to Hindu. In fact they were the people who ate beef, spoke odd languages and did not follow Aryan traditions.



Mainaak Parvat
This mainaak is diffetrent from that Mainaak which rose from the ocean to shelter hanumaan while crossing the sea.


Uttar Kuru Desh
It is the same Desh which was given by Raam to His one of His sons.


Northern Sea
The north of Himaalaya is referred to as Northern Ocean. It is held that Himaalaya ranges emerged from the Northern Ocean where Baali used to do Sandhyaa everyday.


Here Cosmic souled is referred to Vishnu, as He was the only one who has shown His Vishwa Roop (cosmic aspect) in Mahaabhaarat.


Beyond Kuru
Here we have the glimpse of Arctic Region with the Aurora Borealis. It may be noted that Uttar Kuru people might have been the real people as they are mentioned in Aitareya Braahman viii-14.

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