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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 20:  Sarg 44-47

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Sarg 45-Vaanar are on Their Way

Sugreev ordered all Vaanar to go. So all Vaanar spread like Tiddee in the sky and on land. Sugreev specifically told Angad's troop to search Seetaa sincerely because he considered them the best monkeys. Raam lived there on Prashravan Parvat with Lakshman waiting for the time (one month) to be over.

So Shatbali went to North in Himvaan regions; Angad and Hanumaan went to South; Sushen went to West and Vinataa went to East. Sugreev was very satisfied to his heart content by assigning this work properly according to their capabilities, but he felt more happy to initiate Raam's work. Vaanar talked on the way all kinds of things. Somebody said , "I will kill Raavan and bring Seetaa along with me." Somebody said - "I will go to Paataal and bring sad Seetaa from there." etc etc.

Sarg 46-How Sugreev Knew About All the Land

After all Vaanar had left, Raam said to Sugreev - "Hey Sugreev, How did you know about all these directions of the globe of the world? Tell me that." Sugreev said - "Hey Raam, I tell you all. When Dundubhee (see "Dundubhee and Maayaavee" in side bar) named Raakshas came to fight with Baali in the form of a buffalo, and when he ran away from here in fear, Baali followed him, and when he went on Malaya Parvat, I was also with him.

And when he entered the cave, Baali also followed him, while I stayed there for one year. When Baali did not come out and I saw blood flowing out of the cave, I kept a large boulder on the mouth of the cave and came back to Kishkindhaa. I started living with Taaraa along with Roomaa, but Baali came back after killing that Dundubhee Raakshas. Although I gave his kingdom back to him, still he was angry and ran to beat me.

I also ran and he followed me. At that time I saw this whole land. Somewhere I found it clean, somewhere I saw it burning. When I went to east then I saw many Parvat, ponds, rivers, caves etc. The earth is like a circle of a fire ball or like a cow hoof print. 

I saw Ksheer Saagar too where Apsaraa live. Since Baali was following me, so I ran very fast. I went to South from East, and then went to West crossing Vindhyaachal etc forests. I saw magnificent Astaachal Parvat. Then I turned to North through a long way. I went to Himvaan, Meru Parvat, Uttar sea but I couldn't stay anywhere.

At that time Hanumaan told me that Matang Muni has given Shaap to Baali, "Baali or his any Vaanar of that side will come to my forest, he will certainly be destroyed, and if Baali came there then his head will break into hundred pieces." So we came to this place to live and never moved from here."

Sarg 47-Vaanar Start Coming Back

So all Vaanar got busy in their work. In daytime they searched Seetaa - on river banks, in vacant lands, on mountains, in caves etc; and in the night they came to stay somewhere. Wherever they ate fruits they slept on those trees in the night. As the one month period was over Vaanar started coming back to Kishkindhaa. They didn't find Seetaa in east, so Vinataa came back; Shatbali came back from north empty handed; Sushen didn't find Her in west so he also came back within time. 

They told since Seetaa had gone to South, Hanumaan should be able to find about Her.




Sugreev said this specifically to Hanumaan that Raam is the cosmic God in human form. [Narasinh Puraan] 





Dudubhee and Maayaavee
Here Sugreev is referring to Dundubhee but it seems that he is mixing up both brothers - Maayaavee and Dundubhee. As Maayaavee was killed by Baali in a cave while Dundubhee was killed on Rishyamook Parvat.



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