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Sarg 3-Kuber Goes to Lankaa

When Vishravaa grew a little, he started doing Tapasyaa. Noticing him good in Indriya controlling and being truthful, Bharadwaaj Muni married his daughter to him. Bharadwaaj Muni's daughter gave birth to a son who was as qualitative as Vishravaa Muni himself. Even Brahmaa Jee came himself for his naming ceremony. He said - "Because of being Vishravaa's son, his name will be Vaishravan." Vaishravan's childhood passed in knowledge discussions. then thinking that Braahman's ultimate goal is Tapasyaa, he starting doing Tapasyaa.

For some time he lived on water, then he lived without eating anything for some time. Thus he did Tapasyaa for 1,000 years. Brahmaa Jee got very pleased with his Tapasyaa. He asked him to ask for any Var. Vaishravan said - "Hey Pitaamaha, If you are pleased with me then I want to be a Lokpaal and protect other Lokpaal." Brahma Jee said -"Be it so. We have already appointed three Lokpaal - "Yam, Varun and Indra - now we wanted to appoint a fourth Lokpaal. So we can give that position to you now. We make you the Swaamee of beauty and treasure and give Pushpak Vimaan for riding. Be happy." And Brahmaa Jee went away.

Now the Swaamee of treasure went to his father Vishravaa and said - "Hey Pitaa Jee, I have got the desired Var from Brahmaa Jee, but He has not told me any place to live. You tell me that." Hearing his son, Vishravaa Muni said - "On the shore of southern sea, there is a Trikoot named Parvat. There is Lankaa Nagaree habited there - more beautiful than Amaraavatee. Vishwakarmaa built it for Raakshas, but because Vishnu's fear, Raakshas are now living in Rasaatal. Enclosed with a gold boundary wall, full of many weapons, full of ruby and pearl etc gems-studded houses, Lankaa Nagaree is empty now. Nobody will be hurt if you live there. Therefore you may go there and live."

So Vaishravan made Lankaa his house and with his permission hundreds of Raakshas came there to live. Vaishravan became their Swaamee. Sometimes he used to go to see his father riding on his Pushpak Vimaan.

Sarg 4-Origin of Raakshas

Raam said - "Hey Muni, I have heard that the Raakshas have born from Vishravaa, but you said that Raakshas were already there even before Muni Vishravaa went to live there in Lankaa. Were those Raakshas more powerful than Raavan and Kumbhkarn? How were they born and why did they run away to Paataal fearing from Vishnu? Kindly enlighten me on this topic."

Agastya Muni said - "Hey Purushottam, First water appeared, then appeared a lotus flower from that water, and then appeared Brahmaa Jee sitting on that lotus flower. Brahmaa Jee created this world from Tattwa (element). To guard water He created some living beings. Those hungry and thirsty living beings asked Brahmaa Jee as what they should do? Brahmaa Jee told them to guard water. Hearing this some living beings said, "Rakshaam", means they will guard the water; while some said, "Yakshaam", means "we want to eat food". Brahmaa Jee said - "Among you whoever have said "Rakshaam" will be called Raakshas; and whoever have said "Yakshaam" will be called Yaksh."

As Brahmaa Jee said these words two very powerful Raakshas appeared, named Heti and Praheti. Praheti was of religious nature so he went to do Tapasyaa. Heti married to Bhayaa, Kaal's sister, who was very frightful for others. After some time Bhayaa gave birth to a very gracious child named Vidyutkesh.

When Vidyutkesh grew up, Heti married him to Sandhyaa's daughter Katankataa. After some time Katankataa gave birth to a son on Mandaraachal Parvat, but because of having the desire for her husband, she left her child on the Parvat and went back to her husband.

That gracious child started making sounds like clouds. By chance Shankar Jee and Paarvatee Jee were passing by. They saw a crying child, so they kindly blessed him with long age as his mother's and gave him a Vimaan to go around. Paarvatee Jee also gave him a Varadaan - "From today Raakshas women will conceive as they will have their husband and the children will be of as long age as their mother's." And both went away. Now this Raakshas-Putra Sukesh wandered around fearlessly after getting the Var.

Sarg 5-Sukesh's Marriage and Children

There was a Graameen named Gandharv who was as gracious as Vishwaavaash. He also got Var from Brahmaa Jee. He married his daughter Dev-Vatee to Sukesh. Dev-Vatee was well-known for her beauty in all three Lok. Because of the effect of Var Sukesh was living happily and in luxury. Dev-Vatee was also very happy to have Sukesh as her husband. Sukesh was also feeling lucky to have Dev-Vatee as his wife.

After some time Dev-Vatee had three Agni-like gracious sons - Maalyavaan, Sumaalee, and Maalee. They all were very powerful, mighty and graceful like Rudra. They grew up soon. When they came to know that their father had a Var, they went to Sumeru Parvat for Tap. All the three did Tap with truth, simplicity and controlling their Indriyaan and shook all the Lok.

Pleased with their Tapasyaa, Brahmaa Jee came there and asked them to ask for a var. The three brothers said - "If you are pleased with us, then grant us the Var that we can win all our enemies and nobody can win us, and we live long." Brahmaa Jee granted them this Var and went away to His Lok.

Now after getting this Var, they got mad and started troubling all Devtaa and Daitya. All started crying because of their torturing. One day they all three ordered Vishwakarmaa to built a house for them like Mahaadev's house. So Vishwakarmaa built a place like Amaraavatee for their living.

Vishwakarmaa said - "There is a Trikoot named Parvat on the shore of southern sea and near that Parvat is Suvail Parvat. There I have built a 30 Yojan wide and 100 Yojan long Lankaa Nagaree (city). That Nagar is all made of gold. Its houses, boundary wall, gates all are made of gold. So you all can live there as Indra lives in his Indra Puree. No enemy can harm you here because it is very difficult to approach there." So those three brothers started living there along with thousands of Raakshas. They got very happy to see its beauty. Its boundary wall was very strong.

Hey Raam, At that time, there lived a Gandharv woman named Narmadaa. She married her three daughters, as beautiful as moon, to those three brothers in Uttaraa-Phaalgunee Nakshatra. Maalyavaan's wife was very beautiful, so she had her name Sundaree. She had eight sons - (1) Vajramushti, (2) Viroopaaksh, (3) Durmukh, (4) Suptaghn, (5) Yagyakop, (6) Matt and (7) Unmatt; and one beautiful daughter named Analaa.

Sumaalee'e wife was Ketumatee. She was dearer to her husband than his own life. She had 10 sons - (1) Prahast, (2) Akampan, (3) Vikat, (4) Kalikaamukh, (5) Dhoomraaksh, (6) Dand, (7) Supaarshwa, (8) Sanhaadi, (9) Bhaaskarn, and (10) Praghas, and 4 daughters - Raakaa, Pushpotkataa, Kaikasee, and Kumbheenasee.

Maalee's wife Vasudhaa was also very beautiful and well-known for her lotus flower petal-like eyes. She had three sons - Anal, Har and Sampaati. They all were the ministers of Vibheeshan. So these three Raakshas used to trouble Devtaa, Naag, Rishi and Yaksh etc and destroy Rishi's Yagya.







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