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Sarg 6-Devtaa Complaint of the Raakshas

Troubled with these Raakshas, Maalyavaan, Sumaalee and Maalee, Devtaa went to Mahaadev Jee, and said joining their palms together - "Hey Prabho, Sukesh's sons - Maalyavaan, Sumaalee and Maalee are very hyper and troubling to Rishi and Muni etc. We had to leave Swarg because of them and now it has become their entertainment center. We have come to ask for your protection, please kill them and bring peace to our land."

Mahaadev Jee said - "Hey Devtaa Gan, Their father Sukesh had got Var from us, so we are unable to kill them. You go to Vishnu. Only He can relieve you from this trouble." Hearing this all Devtaa went to Vishnu. They prayed Him in several ways and said - "Hey Bhagavan, After getting Var from Brahmaa, Raakshas of Lankaa have got very powerful, and are troubling us. You are very kind to people, please protect us by killing them."

Vishnu, who always made Devtaa fearless, said to them - "I know Sukesh and his three sons very well. They have got Var from Shankar Jee, but you don't worry, I will kill them for sure. You may go to your places fearless," Hearing this all Devtaa came back to their places praying Vishnu.

When Maalyavaan got the news of Devtaa's approach to Vishnu, he got very angry and said to his brothers - "These evil Devtaa couldn't find any other way to kill us except to go to Vishnu and make Him promise for that. Vishnu is very mighty and Maayaavee (Maayaa knower). He has killed Durdaant, Hiranyakashyap, Kaalnemi, Yamalaarjun, Shumbh and Nishumbh etc Raakshas. So He has taken vow to kill us also. Now do whatever you think proper."

Maalee and Sumaalee said - "Brother, We have won Tri-Lok with the power of our Tapasyaa, why should we be afraid now from Vishnu? Besides we have no enmity with Him, so let us kill all Devtaa one by one." So they collected their army, riding on lions, elephants, pigs etc animals, started towards Devtaa. Seeing their army it seemed as if they will eat the whole world.

But as they came out of Lankaa, they noticed bad omens - vultures started circling around over them, crows and jackals started crying, storm came in the sea, Prithvi started shaking. But in the pride of their might, they didn't care for these omens and continued on their journey.

Their army chief was Maalee and Maalyavaan was going in front of the army leading them. When this army came to Dev Nagaree, then Bhagvaan Vishnu came out to face them. The hands which took lotus flower, took now bow and arrow. He was riding on His Garud carrying Shankh (Conch), Chakra, Gadaa. His Garud brought Him in the battlefield so fast that weapons fell from Raakshas' hands. But they soon got alert and surrounded Vishnu.

Sarg 7-Vishnu Kills Maalee

Raakshas started showering their weapons on Vishnu. They were showering them from sky so the whole sky was covered with arrows. Vishnu also showered arrows from His bow. many Raakshas got hurt and started running away. At that time Vishnu blew His Paanchjanya Shankh (conch). Hearing its sound many Raakshas got frightened. Thousands of Raakshas died with Vishnu's arrows, and thousand of them fell into the sea while running away.

Seeing his army running away, Sumaalee started showering arrows again on Vishnu. he covered Him from all around. Then the running Raakshas got courage, they came back and started fighting again. Maalee and Sumaalee ran to Vishnu. Vishnu killed Sumaalee's Saarathee and horses. then Sumaalee ran towards Him on foot and showered arrows. Vishnu also did the same. Maalee's Saarathee and chariot were also destroyed.

Then Maalee ran carrying his Gadaa which he hit on Garud's head. Garud was hurt and he ran backward carrying Vishnu. Seeing Vishnu running away from the battlefield, Raakshas made a loud noise of happiness. At this Vishnu sat on Garud facing towards his tail and threw His Chakra and Maalee's head got cut from his body. Considering Maalee dead, Maalyavaan and Sumaalee ran to Lankaa. Garud also came back to battlefield, so Vishnu also could kill the remaining running Raakshas also.

Sarg 8-Raakshas Leave Lankaa

When Vishnu was killing running Raakshas, Maalyavaan came and stood in front of Vishnu and said - "Vishnu, Aren't you ashamed of killing running Raakshas? This will not bring you any glory. If you want to show your bravery, then come and fight with me, I am standing here." Seeing Maalyavaan standing before Him, Vishnu said - "Maalyavaan, Because of your evil actions we Devtaa have decided to kill you. That is why even if you go to Rasaatal, we will kill you."

Maalyavaan threw a power on Vishnu's chest. It entered His chest, but He pulled it out and threw back on Maalyavaan. It broke Maalyavaan's armor and he fell on the ground unconscious. But soon he stood up as healthy as ever in front of Bhagvaan. Then he threw his trident on Vishnu and hit His chest with his fist. He hit Garud also, but Garud shook his wings and pushed him aside. Seeing Maalyavaan in this condition, Maalee ran away to Lankaa. Maalyavaan also became restless, so he also ran away to Lankaa."

Agastya Muni further said - "Hey Raam, Many warriors were killed in this great terrible war. [and since Raakshas could not defeat Bhagavaan] They all ran away to Paataal along with their wives abandoning Lankaa. All this account is of those inhabitants who were living before Vaishravan (Kuber). Whatever Raakshas you killed, were not of Katankataa Vansh. The previous Raakshas were more powerful than Raavan. They could not be killed by anybody else than Vishnu Bhagavaan Himself.

You are the incarnation of Naaraayan and have come on Prithvi to kill the descendents of Pulastya Rishi. As and when Dharm decreases on Prithvi you incarnate on Prithvi to protect Dharm. Hey Raam, Now I tell you about Pulastya Vansh, its descendent Raavan and his sons. So after Maalyavaan and Sumaalee had left for Paataal, Vaishravan (Kuber) made Lankaa as his capital and started living there comfortably.







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