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1-Raajaa Priyavrat and His Children

Raajaa Pareekshit asked - "Raajaa Priyavrat was a very pious and God-loving person, how he got indulged in Grihasth Aashram? And how he got Parampad even after living in Grihasth?"

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Naarad Jee taught him a lot of spiritual knowledge, so when he was about to go to Brahm practice, his father Manu asked him to rule the kingdom, but Priyavrat had already offered his Indriyaan and their activities to Vaasudev, so he did not want to accept that. At this Brahmaa Jee came there with his four Ved and Mareechi etc Paarshad. Naarad Jee was already there. So Manu, Naarad Jee and Priyavrat all stood up in his respect. Brahmaa Jee said - "You should not disobey Shree Hari, not only you but we all should obey Him. A wise man who has already controlled his Indriyaan, Grihasth Aashram cannot move him." Priyavrat bowed him and accepted his order. Manu handed over his kingdom to Priyavrat and went to forest for Tap.

Priyavrat married Barhishmatee, the daughter of Vishwakarmaa Prajaapati. She gave birth to ten sons and one daughter named Oorjswatee who was younger to her brothers. His sons' names were - Aagneedhra, Idhmjivhaa, Yagyabaahu, Mahaaveer, Hiranyaretaa, Ghratprishth, Savan, Medhaatithi, Veetihotra, and Kavi. These are the names of Agni too. Among them Kavi, Mahaaveer and Savan were Brahmchaaree. Priyavrat's second wife gave birth to three sons - Uttam, Taamas, and Raivat. These three became the Swaamee of their own named Manvantar. After his three sons had adopted for Brahmcharya, Priyavrat ruled for 11 Arbud years (1 Arbud = 100 million years, so 11 Arbud years = 1,100 million years). see Paraardh in  Measurement of Time on Prithvi  for traditional numbering system

Once Priyavrat noticed that the Sun was shining only on half Prithvi. while Half of the Prithvi remained in dark. He didn't like it. He thought that he would make the night as day. He rode on a Sun's chariot like chariot and circled the Prithvi seven times. The path on which his chariot drove, later became seven seas, and because of these seven seas seven islands were formed on Prithvi. These seven islands were - Jamboo Dweep (island), Pluksh Dweep, Shaalmalee Dweep, Kush Dweep, Kraunch Dweep, Shaak Dweep, and Pushkar Dweep. Every next island was double the size of its previous island and seven seas were like seven moats around the seven islands and in measurement they were equal to their inner island.

These seven seas were filled with salty water, sugarcane juice, liquor, Ghee, milk, buttermilk and sweet water consecutively, each one is around the separate island. Then he assigned these seven islands to his seven sons declaring them as their kings. He married his daughter Oorjswatee to Shukraachaarya Jee. She gave birth to a daughter named Devayaanee.

The following is famous about Priyavrat - "Who can describe the Karm of Priyavrat except Hari? While he was trying to remove darkness from Prithvi he created seven seas from his chariot's wheels. He divided earth among Dweep (islands) for the convenience of people and fixed their borders by rivers, mountains and forests. He was the devotee of Naarad Jee. He considered all kinds of pleasures like Narak."

2-Aagneedhra, His Son Naabhi, and Naabhi's Son Rishabh

When Priyavrat had gone for Tapasyaa, Raaja Aagneedhra ruled on Jamboo Dweep. Once, with the desire to have a son, he went to Mandaraachal Parvat for Tap. There Dev girls used to play around. There Aagneedhra prayed Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee knew his desire, so he sent an Apsaraa named Poorvchitti in that valley. Raajaa Aagneedhra was very clever in attracting women so he attracted her also through his talks. She enjoyed Jamboo Dweep for several thousands of years. Then she gave birth to nine sons - Naabhi, Kimpurush, Harivarsh, Ilaavrat, Ramyak, Hiranyamaya, Kuru, Bhadraashwa, Ketumaal in nine years and returned to Brahmaa Jee. Aagneedhra divided his Jamboo Dweep in nine Varsh (division) and gave one each to each of his nine sons. Later when he went to Par-Lok, Naabhi etc nine brothers married to Meru's daughters named - Meru Devi, Pratiroopa, Ugradanshtri, Lataa, Ramyaa, Shyaamaa, Naaree, Bhadraa, and Devaveeti.

3-Raaja Naabhi

Naabhi did not have any child, so he did a Yagya with the desire of a son. At the end of the Yagya Shree Hari appeared. Then all the Braahman prayed to Him and asked for a son like Him for Raaja Naabhi. Shree Hari said - "Although it is very difficult to have a son like me, because only I am like me, but I will not let Braahman lie because they are my mouth. Therefore I will come as my Ansh Avataar in Naabhi's house. He appeared in Naabhi's palace as Rishabh.

4-Rishabh's Ruling Period

Because that child had all the qualities a man should have, Naabhi named him as Rishabh. Naabhi was very happy seeing the son of his liking. Then he left his kingdom to Rishabh and went to Badrik Aashram for Tap and got Parampad. Later Rishabh went to Gurukul for a short period then married Indra's daughter Jayantee and produced 100 sons like Himself.

Among them, Bharat was the most qualitative so people called this Ajnaabh Khand as Bhaarat Varsh. Younger to him were the nine brothers - Kushaavart, Ilaavart, Brahmaavart, Malay, Ketu, Bhadrasen, Indrasprak, Vidarbh, Keekat who were older and better among the remaining 99 brothers. Younger to them were, Kavi, Hari, Antariksha, Prabuddha, Pipplaayan, Aavirhotra, Drumil, Chamas, and Karbhaajan. They were the followers of Bhaagvat Dharm. [ Bhaagvat Dharm's description is in Skandh 11]  Other 81 sons were also very religious.

5-Rishabh Jee's Sermon to His Sons

Rishabh Jee was very religious so he advised and guided his sons. He told them many religious and spiritual things. [this chapter is good for religious information] Rishabh Jee handed over his kingdom to Bharat and got out of Brahmaavart. He left everything there only, even his clothes. He took Maun Vrat (not talking to anybody) and started behaving like a dumb. He used to roam here and there. People used to hit him with stones, dust etc but he did not pay any any attention to them. Because he was very handsome he looked like a Grahasth (family man). Many Siddhi came to serve Him but He did not accept them.

6-Rishabh Jee Leaves His Body

Rishabh Jee roamed around for a long time, then one day he was in Kutakuchal forest in Kutak Karnaatak Desh, a storm caused a firebreak in bamboo trees and his physical body was burnt in it.

When A-Dharm will increase in Kali Yug, then only the King of Arhat, Konk, Venk and Kutak kingdoms will tell the account of Rishabh Jee to his people and spread more A-Dharm. People will not follow Shaastra Karm. They will not take bath, will not do Aachman etc, will accept other Paakhand Dharm and insult Ved, Brahmaa and Shree Hari. They will fall in Narak (Hell) by choosing these activities themselves."



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