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Chandramaa (Moon)-1

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Chandramaa (Moon)-1
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There are two Chandramaa - One is Rishi and and another is Devtaa, Moon

Birth of Chandramaa
Chandramaa is said to be the son of Atri Rishi and Anasooyaa; and the Avataar (incarnation) of Brahmaa Jee. Its story goes like this --

Once Atri Muni and Anasooyaa did a severe Tap with the desire of a son. Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh got very pleased with them and all appeared before them together. Atri Rishi got very happy to see all of them but got surprised too. He said - "I was meditating on Bhagavaan but how come that you all came before me? The trio said - "Whoever you were meditating on that is we three. We are very pleased with your Tapasyaa, so ask what do you want to ask for?"

Atri Rishi said - "I have a desire to have a son like you." The trio granted his wish and went away. Later he had three sons - A son was born from Atri's eyes, his name was Chandramaa (Brahmaa Jee's Avataar). Brahmaa Jee appointed him as the king of Braahman, medicines and constellations. His two other sons are Dattaatreya (Vishnu's Avataar), and Durvaasaa Muni (Mahaadev's Avataar).

Another story says that he came out at the time of Saagar Manthan, although there is never any evidence of his coming out from the Saagar Manthan. But it is said that when he came out from the Saagar Manthan, Shiv kept him on his head. Thus he is the brother of Lakshmee Jee.

Chandramaa's Children
See also   Brihaspati and Chandramaa for Chandramaa's other children (Budh)

Budh - Chandramaa's son is Budh from Brihaspati's wife Taaraa. Read its story in detail here.

Abhimanyu - Mahaabhaarat says that when Chandramaa was asked to send his son on Earth to help Krishn, he clearly refused, but then on pursuing he sent Abhimanyu and declared that since he cannot live without him for long, his son should be returned to him soon. He set his age 16 years. Abhimanyu was killed on the 13th day of MBH war at the age of 16 years. Another view is that Chandramaa's son is Varchas and Varchas' son is Abhimanyu.

Bhadraa - It seems that Chandramaa had a daughter also named Bhadraa. "Dowson' Classic Dictionary of Hindu Mythology" says that Deerghtamaa who was in Angiraa's family line, was married to Som's daughter Bhadraa. Bhadraa, the daughter of Som, came to be regarded as unrivalled in beauty, so her father Som married her to Utathya thinking him the fittest of husbands for her. Now Varun Dev, who had formerly been enamored of her, carried her off from Utathya's hermitage, when she had plunged into the Yamunaa for a bath. Abducting her thus, Varun took her to his own abode. Utathya then sent Naarad Jee to bring his wife back from Varun's house, but he would not give her up to him. Utathya got very angry at this and drank up all the sea, but still Varun Dev would not let her go. So Naarad Jee came back to Utathya and cheerlessly said, "O great ascetic, Varun has driven me out from his house, seizing me by the throat. He is unwilling to send you back your spouse. Do as you please." Hearing these words of Naarad Jee, Utathya became very angry. Endued with wealth of penances, he solidified the waters and drank them off, aided by his energy. Varun became very sad at this, still he did not give up Utathya's wife.

Then Utathya, that foremost of regenerate persons, filled with wrath, commanded Earth, saying, "O Earth, Do show land where there are at present the six hundred thousand lakes." At these words of the Rishi, the Ocean receded from the spot indicated, and land appeared which was exceedingly sterile. Then he addressed to the countries and to the river: -- "Hey Saraswatee River, disappear into the deserts, and let this land, deserted by thee, become impure." After Utathya had made countries dried up, Varun submitted himself to Utathya and brought back his wife Bhadraa to him. The sage was pleased to get back his wife, and released both the world and Varun from their sufferings.

Chandra Vansh   see    Sudyumn

Chandramaa and Taaraa (Wife of Brihaspati)
Read this story  Brihaspati, Taaraa and Chandramaa

Chandramaa's Guru was Devtaa's Guru Brihaspati. When he used to come to Brihaspati, Taaraa fell in love with him because of his beauty. So a war started between both of them. In this war Asur's Guru favored Chandramaa and Devtaa favored their Guru Brihaspati. As the battle was due to desire (Kaam) for Taaraa, it is known as Taaraa-Kaamyam. Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, feared the war might abolish the world. Hence, he came down and stopped the war. He took Taaraa away from Chandra, and gave her back to Brihaspati. As a result of this love affair a son was born to Taaraa - Budha, a very intelligent child. Chandra claimed to be the father of Budha, but Taaraa kept silent. Budha himself got angry over this tussle and asked his mother to tell the truth. Then only Taaraa said that Chandra was the father of Budha.

Chandramaa and Ganesh Jee
Read this story   Here

According to this story one should not look at the Shukla Paksh Chaturthee Moon. Ganesh Jee cursed him - "You would never be permanently whole and whoever, anybody, will look at you knowingly or unknowingly on that night (Shukla Paksh Chaturthee day) would attract scandals and unfounded allegations. It is said that Krishn saw it once and was blamed for stealing Syaamantak Mani. He had to remove this blame by finding it and giving it back to Satraajit.

Chandramaa Helps Indra
Read this in detail at -   Ahalyaa-Indra Incident

Once Indra was mad about materialistic pleasures that he asked Soorya Dev and Chandramaa that who was the most beautiful woman of the world. When Soorya Dev could not tell him, Chandramaa told him that Muni Gautam's wife Ahalyaa was the most beautiful woman in the world. So Indra asked him to crow at 2.00 am in the voice of the rooster to give a wake up call to Muni, so that he can go to take bath in Gangaa River and he can safely go to Ahalyaa. Chandramaa did so. When Gautam Rishi came to know about this, through Gangaa, he punished Chandramaa with his wet Dhotee and made marks on his body.

It is believed even now Indra come and clean sanctum after Poojaa at Sucheendram Temple near Naagarkovil. Since Indra comes to clean the sanctum hence the name Suchee Indram.

Chandramaa in Astrology
Chandramaa is a planet in astrology, although in general it is a moon of the planet Earth. It revolves around it in 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes. Thus he transits in all the 12 Signs in these days. Hindu calendar is according to Moon and thus 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes make up one month. In astrology Chandramaa represents mind, mother, emotions etc, while the Sun represents father. Many predictions are made by making chart beginning Chandramaa in the 1st House, that is called Chandra Kundalee (Moon Chart or Raashi Chart). As in West, astrologers tell the Raashi (Sign) by Sun, while Indian astrology tells the Raashi from Moon.

Chandramaa's Shlok and His Gaayatree Mantra
This Shlok if recited 108 times daily can confer longevity and fortune. This is the Mool Shlok of the Moon. All the difficulties in your life will be erased if you propitiate the Moon.
Dadhi Shankh Tushaaraabham Ksheero Daarnav Sambhavam
Namaami Shashinam Somam Shambhormukut Bhooshanam

The followings are Chandramaa Gayatri Mantra
(1) Om Ksheer Putraaya Vidmahe Amrit Tattwaaya Dheemahi Tanno Chandra Prachodayaat
(2) Om Padm Dhwajaaya Vidmahe Hem Roopaaya Dheemahi Tanno Chandra Prachoayaat



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