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Budh (Mercury)

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Budh (Mercury)
Read   Sudyumn   before reading this. 
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There is a saying in Tamil meaning "we may get Gold, but do not get Wednesday". So auspicious is Wednesday controlled by planet Budh. If a birth takes place in the early morning of Budh, the effect of Budh could better be seen on those while growing up.

Birth of Budh
Budh is the son of Chandramaa from Taaraa, the wife of Dev Guru Brihaspati. This is the more told story.

Dev Guru Brihaspati had three wives by name Mamataa, Shubhaa and Taaraa. It appears Taaraa was more beautiful than Brihaspati's other wives. Once Moon God arranged a Raajsooya Yagya and invited all Devtaa. For his bad period (!) Dev Guru took Taaraa also with him and attended the function. Seeing Taaraa's beauty Candramaa got attracted to her. He abducted her. In spite of all warnings he did not return Taaraa. Finally Brahmaa Jee had to interfere and Chandramaa returned Taaraa. But when she was returned she was pregnant with the child of Chandramaa. When Brihaspati came to know about this, he asked Taaraa as whose child it was but Taaraa did not speak anything because of embarrassment. All others also asked her but she would not speak. Brahmaa Jee then asked her in private, then she told him that it was of Chandramaa. When the child was born he was very beautiful and shiny. Both Chanramaa and Brihaspati claimed him as their own. But Brahmaa gave him to Chandramaa and named Budh. The story goes on to say that Taaraa, was attracted towards Chandramaa since the time he came to Brihaspati in academic pursuit. However, Rohinee, wife of Chandramaa, brought up Budh.

On account of this Budh was not liked by Brihaspati and Budh did not like Chandramaa, his real father either on account of the incidents involved. So Budh always felt bad of Chandramaa and considered his enemy.

The story of Budh is told in Atharv Ved as Budh was born to Taaraa and Chandramaa. In addition to Atharv Ved, Matsya Puraan and Bhaagvat Puraan also speak about the birth and history of Budh in the above manner.

Budh's Children
Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/1 tells the story about Budh's family. Sudyumn, the son of Vaivaswat Manu turned into a beautiful woman after entering a pleasure garden of Shiv and Paarvatee, because whoever entered that garden would change into a woman, so when Sudyumn went there with his soldiers, they all turned into women (although later Sudyumn was given the opportunity to pass his life as male and  female for alternate months). In his new female form, he was referred to as Ilaa. Once Budh saw her in her Ilaa form was drawn towards her. They got married and both were blessed with a son named Pururavaa. Hearing the description ofbeauty of Pururavaa, Urvahee Apsaraa got attracted to him, married him nd bore him six sons. Kaurav and Paandav were born in his lineage - Chandra Vansh.

Brahm Vaivart Puraan says that Budh married Kuber's daughter Chitraa. This relation resulted in a son named Chaitra.

Budh did penance for Brahmaa and attained a position in the galaxy as a planet.

Story From Vishnu Dharmottar Puraan
Vishnu Dharmottara Puraan provides a different story about Budh. King Kashyap had three wives Aditi, Diti and Danu. Raajaa was the son born to Danu. Raajaa loved Vaarunee, daughter of Varun. As a token of love, Raajaa transferred all his powers to Vaarunee. Making use of these powers, Vaarunee dissolved herself in water. However, Raajaa also followed her and dissolved himself in water with her.

During that time, Chandramaa churned the water for children. While the churning was in progress, Vishnu showed His reflection in water, resulting in transformation of water into divine luster. Then Brihaspati's wife Taaraa hands over this luster to Chandramaa's wife Rohinee. Budh is said to have born out of this luster.
[This is the story from a website  and seems best to tell kids as how Budh was born]

Budh's Astrology
Budh is a planet which attributes to a wavering nature in people. This is more visible in those people if Budh is in the ascendant of the person's horoscope. Also if ascendant falls on the Budh's houses Mithun (Gemini) and Kanni, this wavering is clearly visible. The degree of wavering depends on the strength of Budh. Wavering will be for the good if placed along with auspicious planets. It will be other way if Budh is placed with inauspicious planets.

Budh is endorsed with razor sharp intellect, which made Brahmaa to give him the name Budh. This planet gives knowledge, astrological knowledge, and efficiency in work, sense of humor, literary ability and mathematical prowess. If in a horoscope if Budh is well placed or in exaltation 95% of the cases the person is found extra intelligent. For those people who are masters in any field where extra intelligence is required, one can see Budh well placed in their horoscopes. Many people are taken to learning of Astrology in the Budha Dashaa (Period)  itself or in any Budh Antar-Dashaa (Sub-period) of any other planet Dashaa. For normal intelligence the well positioning of Guru, Sun, Venus etc is sufficient. Persons with Budh, even in debilitation, will have normal intelligence.

Budh standing alone is better comparing to be posited with other planets. When posited with good planets he behaves better and with bad planets he behaves sometimes well, sometimes bad, because of his wavering nature).

In spite of all his hatred to Chandramaa, being his father Chandramaa has given him position near to him. Soorya (Sun) too allotted with a position close to him.

Budh Dashaa is a pretty long period in life span- for a period of 17 years. If Budh is well placed, during its period or Bhukthi period (Sub-Period) extra intelligence is shown by people. If Budh is placed in bad position all sorts of problems are seen. Budh's God is Mahaa Vishnu since He he has His luster. Worshipping Budh and praying to Mahaa Vishnu can ease the complicated problems arising out of Budh.

Budh Stotra and His Gaayatree Mantra
The following is Budh Mantra
Priyangu Kalikaa Shyaamam Roopen Apratimam Shubham
Saumyam Saumya Gunobhedam ramaa Budham Pranamaamyaham

And this is his Gayatri Mantra
Om Gaj Dhwajaaya Vidmahe Sukh Hastaaya Dheemahi, Tanno Buddh: Prachodayaat"



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