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[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]

Mercury is the smallest and fastest planet in the solar system. It is also the closest planet to the Sun. It is named after the Roman messenger god Mercury, the fastest Roman god. The planet Mercury was known by ancient people thousands of years ago. It has no moons. In Indian mythology he is the son of Chandramaa (Moon) and Brihaspati's wife Taaraa. On Prithvi he has his own family line through his son Pururavaa.

Swaroop of Mercury
Mercury has an excellent body. It is dominated by all three Dosh such as Vaat, Pitta and Kaph. Mercury has a body in which the three Dhaatu (Tri-Dosh) Vaat-Pitta-Kaph are in equilibrium. Is bald, has a light skinned dark complexion (light brownish or brownish yellow color), has beautiful eyes, wears green robes, is emaciated and skinny. is always interested in pleasures, laughter and other mental enjoyments. poetry, activities, sculpture and arts too interests him. Has a cultured speech and is fortunate, cultured and speaks sweetly, His words are clear and happy. Has a fully pure intellect, is dedicated to study of scriptures. Has a fickle nature and has a soft and medium attractive appearance and is mindful of former favors.
--Naarad Puraan - Mercury has a body in which the three Dhaatu (Tri-Dosh) Vaat Pitta Kaph are in equilibrium, is interested in laughter and has a cultured speech. It is interesting to note that Mercury has a balanced body and mind, but at the same time it is easy to twilite that balance and influence Mars. This is the very reason Mercury becoming malefic when conjunct with Mars. Mercury is related to laughter (Haasya) more than any other planet.
--Meenaraja Horaa - Mercury has an attractive appearance, is fortunate, cultured, speaks sweetly, is dedicated to study of scriptures, is mindful of former favors, is light skinned, good body, carries a thick stick if Mercury is strong. This is the kind of person created if Mercury is strong.
--Sphujidhwaja Horaa - Mercury has a fully pure intellect, is bald, has a dark complexion, has beautiful eyes, is interested in poetry, activities, sculpture and arts, pleasures, laughter and other mental enjoyments, wears green robes, is emaciated, skinny, immoral in nature, his words are clear and happy, has a fickle nature and has a soft and medium appearance. Mercury is a kind of person who loses his own nature since he accepts and adopts the nature of others - i.e. his nature gets easily influenced by others.
--Paraashar Horaa - O Vipra! Mercury has an excellent body, has a cultured speech and is always interested in laughter. It is dominated by all three Dosh such as Vaat, Pitta and Kaph.

Characteristics of Mercury
Although Mercury is a neuter planet, it will not really make you neuter, since other matters and planets are involved. But yes in extreme case it may do so. In most of the cases it will make one unhappy from children and married life if attached to 7H or 5H etc. My mom is Sagittarius and has Mercury in 5th house, combust by Sun. Now Mercury in 5th house is bad and can give no children. But again, her exalted 9L (9th Lord Sun) is also there. So Sun would give at least one child. True, she has only one child, that is me. Now Sun is a male planet and exalted, so, I am a male. And Sun gave her the child, it is clear seeing the chart. And that is proved because I was born when she was running Sun AD in 1982.

But in the next Mercury Antar-Dashaa, she was separated from me and could not even see me until the Mercury Antar-dashaa was over. She recently passed another Mercury Antar-Dashaa and throughout that Antar-Dashaa, she was so tense about me for something or the other. And I also could not visit her often for some time. But since this Antar-Dashaa was under Sun Mahaa-Dashaa, it could not harm much. So see how neuter is working here :-)

And so it is possible that emerald is making you away from relationships, since Mercury joins Venus and aspects 7th House, physical separation in relationships is also possible since Mercury is Asc Lord placed in Asc itself. I am also a Virgo and deep green clothes and peridot sometimes gives me trouble about relationship, but sometimes it does not. Same peridot I wear once, it gives immediate problems. I take it off, wear some days later, it does not do any harm to relationship. Same about deep green clothes... Sometimes even with deep green clothes, the troubles on relationship were too much to tolerate. Colors work tremendous for me.

That is why though emerald be good for your skin, health and career, for love and progenic happiness, I do not suggest it. Because if the emerald discourages you not to have a relationship, it is not a good solution. And in this kind of "Solution", you must face the bad side of it in the later part of life.
[From Tanvir's file]

There is a better way to describe the nature of Mercury as I understand it: Relations are ruled by planets Venus (love from the heart) and Mars (sexual desire). Now Mercury is the rational mind which is overruled mostly in relational matters by the feelings produced by Venus and Mars. Mercury can logically come to a conclusion that a particular relation may not be very beneficial for somebody. But in order to keep the person out of that relation it has to be very powerful, because it has to overrule the desires for love from Venus and Mars at that particular time. And believe me, it was truly the right thing to do at that time.
Life with the kids has calmed down since somewhat, because they are growing older, taking over responsibility for their own lives, although 3 out of 4 still live with me.

A Raaj Yog in a chart shows that action and opportunity meet. And this is always so in my life. When certain action is needed, the opportunity is presenting itself in a very spontaneous way and I know from inside that I must follow the lead.

Mercury is very weak being in 12th from 2nd in Lagna. I think strengthening it with Pannaa should help, do not know why it is not. Make sure that the stone is of a good quality etc. Pannaa should be worn in small finger and not in ring finger since the Ring finger is for the Sun which is in his 12th house. His 12th house is excessively strong showing a lot of foreign travels also; marriage in foreign is also not impossible. He can also chant or listen to Mantras of Budh that should be good.

From Mercury is to be ascertained all about learning, eloquence, proficiency in arts, praise by learned people, maternal uncle, dexterity in speech, aptness for acquiring knowledge, expertise in ways of worship, intelligence, religious acts relating to Lord Shiva, truthfulness, oyster, spots of recreation and enjoyment, skill in mechanical arts, kinsmen, heir apparent, friends, sister's sons and daughters etc.
(Phala Deepika by Mantreshwara, Ch. 2, Sl. 2)

Mercury in the 1st House (Asc)
The native will be educated, will have early marriage and will be a devout listener of the recitation of religious scriptures. He will like to travel to many places.. He will be inclined towards Mantras and Tantras and will have the power to free people from the influence of evil spirits. He will be soft spoken, learned, of a forgivable nature and kind hearted. He will go on pilgrimages in his 27th year and will have enormous gains of wealth and will attain distinction in academic pursuits.

If Mercury is in conjunction with or in the house of a malefic planet (Sun, Moon, Saturn), the native will suffer from diseases (possibly skin diseases), bilious troubles and jaundice.

If Mercury is associated with or in the house of a benefic, the native will maintain good health. His body will glitter like gold on account of good health, he will take interest in the study of astrology. He will have a defective limb, will be antagonistic towards gentlemen and will suffer from eye diseases. In his 17th year he will have inimical relations with his brothers and will be deceitful.

If Mercury is in his sign of exaltation (Virgo) or in his own sign (Gemini or Virgo), he will have happiness from the side of his brothers. He will go to heaven after his death.

If Mercury is associated with or aspected by a malefic or is in his sign of debilitation (Pisces), the native will go to hell after his death. He will be deprived of the comforts of bed (sexual pleasures) and will be a devotee of evil Gods.

If Mercury is in conjunction with malefic like Saturn, the native will suffer the loss of sight in his left eye. But if Mercury is in conjunction with the Lord of the 6th House or a debilitated planet, there will be no eye trouble but he will be sinful and incur expenditure on undeserving persons.

If Mercury is associated with a benefic, he will definitely give wealth and a good stock of grains and will be religious minded. He will be well versed in the use of arms and in arithmetic, will be happy and gain proficiency in logic and will have a stout body.
(Brighu Sutras, Mercury in the 1st House)

In astrology Budh (Mercury) is considered the Number One enemy of Moon, while the Moon does not consider him so.
--So if placement of Budh is in Kark (Cancer) Raashi which is Moon's own Raashi, Budh will have least power and thus the native's intelligence could be low. It is a general statement.
--If a person has strong Budh in Lagna, all his intelligence is found wavering in nature. This is by observation.

Auspicious Activities :
Generally favorable for all lighthearted activities; Especially good for travel, exploring nature, Sightseeing; Sexual activity; All types of artistic work; Healing and rejuvenation practices; Commencing educational ventures; Excellent for socializing; Changing residence; Good for all activities requiring communication; Good for setting up altars, religious items and performing spiritual initiations; Good for advertising and sales activity; Taking a new name.

Inauspicious Activities :
Unfavorable for marriage ceremonies (Vedic texts reveal that Shiva married Paarvatee when Moon was transiting through this Nakshatra (Mrigshiraa), and consequently their marriage went through many upheavals); Bad for hard and harsh actions of any kind; Not favorable for confrontations or making long-term important decisions of a serious nature.

From Mercury is to be ascertained all about learning, eloquence, proficiency in arts, praise by learned people, maternal uncle, dexterity in speech, aptness for acquiring knowledge, expertise in ways of worship, intelligence, religious acts relating to Lord Shiva, truthfulness, oyster, spots of recreation and enjoyment, skill in mechanical arts, kinsmen, heir apparent, friends, sister's sons and daughters etc
[Phaala Deepika by Mantreswara, Ch. 2]

If Mercury is in the 2nd house, the native will have a good number of children, he will be talkative, well versed in Shaastra, determined, contented, wealthy and full of good qualities. He will attain distinction in academic pursuits in his 15th year and will have enormous financial gains.

If Mercury is associated with a malefic, or is in the house of a malefic or- is in his sign of debilitation (Pisces), the native will remain uneducated. He will also suffer from windy troubles. If Mercury is associated with or aspected by a benefic, the native will be wealthy and educated.

If Mercury is associated with or aspected by Jupiter the native will be very proficient in mathematics and will be an authority on this subject.
[Brighu Sutras, Mercury in the 2nd house]
--When Mercury is with Malefics (Mars and Saturn) or Pakshless (indifferent) will be Malefic.

Mercury and Skin Disease
Sri Jagganath Bhasin says - Lagna is considered body as whole. Lagna in its broad sense includes the Sun Lagna and Moon Lagna. If Mercury is afflicted while located in Lagna, it can be said with certainty that it would bring about trouble in Skin, the reason being that Mercury in the Lagna assumes a wider role which sin has in body. The disease called Leucoderma arises from affliction if Mercury satisfies the above condition ie when it is suffering in any of the three Lagna - Birth Lagna, Sun Lagna, and Moon Lagna.

Some others say, that Mercury stands for skin of the body, more particularly in cases when it is (a) the Lord of the Ascendant, or (2) in the Sun Ascendant or (3) in the Moon Lagna. In any of these positions, if Mercury is afflicted by the planets that are the significators of disease ie by Saturn or Raahu, one suffers from skin troubles such as Leucoderma.

Mercury is the indicator of life as it allows air to get into the lungs after birth of a baby. Mercury stimulates the nervous system as soon as the baby comes out of womb and sends impulse to all the organs of the body to initiate actions which, as a result, causes a tremendous thrill into the body that makes the baby cry. Mercury is the only causative as well as the remedial factor of all the diseases.

Mercury helps keeping the normal function of lower abdomen for the absorption of food nutrients and elimination of waste products, thus stimulates the immune system to maintain normalcy within the body. To maintain a perfect immune system into our body, Mercury acts as a balancing factor which firstly controls inflow of oxygen into the body and secondly as a result, bile secretion remain in optimum level and finally keeps secretion of phlegm normal to facilitate respiratory system. Mercury has direct impact on the grey-matter and CNS (Central Nervous System) of our head. Mercury controls our heart and lungs ie. the entire respiratory system, lower-abdomen, skin and the nervous system of our body. Mercury is responsible for the basic cause of skin disease. Besides skin, Mercury has direct control over the maturation and action of white blood cells or leucocytes in our body. Mercury, while in affliction may cause imbalance in the production of leucocytes (white blood cell) which as a result may cause Leucoderma (white disease) in the skin and even may cause leukemia (abnormal high count of leucocytes) which is commonly known as blood cancer.



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